Sea Of Sorrows

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Patchy and Grumpy go to the fair.

In case you missed it a while back, Simon & Schuster had begun listing Ree Soesbee’s Sea of Sorrows, the next book in the Guild Wars 2 novel trilogy.

There has been talk here and there about the book, but aside from a speculative post, I’ve never talked about it.

At one point Steven Savile was pegged to write it, and the story was to involve The Inquest and Elder Dragons. Somewhere along the line Arenanet changed it’s mind and Soesbee stepped in.

Here’s a comment from the linked post above that Cheiron from Guild Wars 2 Forum kindly left.

Someone emailed him about it, and this is what he replied:
“I was indeed contacted about 3 years ago now by Will McDermott at ArenaNet to write the third Guild Wars novel – it was meant to be called The Crucible of Eternity, but about 10 months ago Arena decided they wanted to go a different direction and instead wanted a ‘zombies and pirates’ novel.”

We have since found out from Ree Soesbee herself the book is very much about the sinking of Lion’s Arch and the rise of Orr.

Anyway, I also noticed that the placeholder date is now June 26th, moved from the previous date in March of 2012. Likely, though, that this is still a placeholder, because during gamescom the author also stated she was about half way done with the novel.

I’m sure it could be published by then but we’ll see.

Check out what she has to say about it in this video, towards the end.


  1. Looks like Amazon has it listed for pre-orders already and the Kindle version is available, so I’m set.

    Now let’s cross our fingers and hope it’ll be better than the last GW2 novel.

    • Yeah but amazon will list anything for pre-order whether its going to be published or not. It irks me.

      Since Ree Soesbee is the continuity lead at arenanet I’m expecting bigger and better things. She’s a writer in her own right as well so this should be good.

      • Usually, it’s when the Kindle version is available for preorder it’s pretty reliable that it would be too. I remember for SW Fatal Alliance it never changed from the “would you like to read this on kindle, blah blah, tell the publisher, blah blah” message. Crossing my fingers in any case. The last two GW books were made available on the first day, so chances are it will be the same.

        The thing with authors being writers in their own right can sometimes mean a great book. But I’ve also known good writers turn to shit when they write game books. Like when they’re put under a really tight deadline or something. Speaking of which, I just finished Revan. Guh…. >_<

        • hah, I guess i shouldn’t be too eager to go pick it up? Revan is one of the all time great characters so I’m hoping the Guh isn’t too bad?

  2. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve always enjoyed her contributions to the race/lore blog posts and such.

    • Agreed, a lot of people seem to flip for her lore posts.

  3. I enjoy it for a game novel, mmogamerchick. They aren’t really books, they’re lore for your gaming and as such need a bit more forgiveness by the reader. Or at least that’s what I’ve come to expect. I still enjoy them, they just aren’t novels you’ll be passing on to your kids when they grow up…
    Something inside me of course says they’ll release this novel just before the release of the game so it depresses me that we are looking July next year but oh well. I guess that’s not that far off – he says starting to wish this year and 1/2 of next year away.

    • I think that depends on whether theres a gw3 that references back to previous games. If I thought my kid was into gw3 I might just pass down those books, especially GoA.

  4. While I enjoyed the first book, the second was pretty disappointing other than for the lore it had. With Ree Soesbee writing the third I have high hopes that it will be both entertaining and provide lots of lore. As I and many others have mentioned, GW has such a rich world with so much effort put into it, an ongoing series of well written books set in GW would be a must buy for me. As long is it didn’t get like D&D, where they’d let just about anyone write one. There was one guy churning out what appeared to little more than notes on actual games, with a tacked on lame story that a 12-year* old might have written. Very seldom is a book so bad I can’t even make it through more than 1 chapter. And yes, I checked several of his books just to be sure. Thank goodness for libraries!
    *No offense to 12-year olds in general, but anyone that has had to read through and/or grade middle school or even high school stories knows what I mean, except in exceptional cases. This guy would have landed towards the worse of those. *shudder*

    • Yeah if the books ended up being like EoD I wouldn’t continue to buy them. I thought it was just a monotonous series of fights, some poorly explained lore, and a romance that just did not work in any sense.

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    • Please don’t advertise your site without adding anything to the conversation.

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