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I’ve been semi following the work of 38 studios for years now. The team of talent behind the copernicus project and Kingdoms of Amalur is impressive. Todd McFarlane, R.A. Salvatore, Ken Rolston of Elder Scrolls fame and others are working on an RPG and an MMO.

At first I salivated at that kind of lineup, but when the first trailers came out for KoA I kind of soured. I wasn’t particularly blown away. It was a let down and my interest definitely took a nose dive. It just looked like a low budget attempt at an RPG.

I still think it looks generic in some ways, if mostly beautiful. However I saw the two trailers released last week and the game slowly started to claw their way back up in estimation.

I don’t think it’s so much that anything has changed, but I’m starting to feel like I’m getting a handle on what the game is going for. My anticipation for the game hasn’t skyrocketed. Right now it’s at a steady even pace where I’m sure I’ll play the game but I’ll probably wait for a sale on steam.

The RPG comes out February 7th apparently. Far sooner than I expected. And hey, Claudia Black.



  1. I LOVE R.A. Salvatore times a billion and all the other powerhouse names in this studio, are great as well. But after watching every single video I am not impressed at all. Very generic in every aspect — but some videos boost that it’s original. Maybe the story is good, I don’t know.

    • Although I like salvatore he has some serious flaws with his writing that enrage me to think about.
      I thought the two videos above improved everything I had known about the game up until this point.

      • If I may inquire, what do you think Salvatore’s writing flaws are?

        • He has some ideas and he sticks to them. Repeating the same story ideas in book after book, not being able to let go of characters, unable to introduce new and interesting characters. Most of all its the reuse of the same ideas over and over. Ugh.

          • I take it you have not read the latest books — like the last 5? Because all that you say is not the case.

            And what same ideas does he reuse? Constant battles? Struggles and hardships? Magic? Such is the case in Faerun.

            • I have read some of them and am not impressed. He wrote like 15, 18 books without killing anyone and then delivers the weakest ass character deaths in history. I mean regis!? come on. And he reuses things like: Making people believe one character is dead. I don’t think theres a single major character who hasn’t had their death faked in some way.

            • Well let me just say that the latest 5 books reboot the Drizzt series entirely. I really don’t want to ruin anything if you want to pursue further in the series, but there are no fake deaths. Shit gets real. And boy, are there new characters. The Ghost King is the greatest book I have ever read — but you have to read the other books in the series, I believe, to be invested in the characters, and thusly, feel the impacted of what happens. I read the entire book in three hours, and went through a whole range of emotions. Gauntlgrym, also, is very “real” too. And not to get to “defendy”, but the companions of the hall are like your party crawling through the campaign. And as such, your going to get in some hairy circumstances that you get out of, this is the heroic shite that often occurs in those D&D games — well, at least in the games I sit down and play in. Killing off your party at the start, in addition, doesn’t seem that practical. Anyways, check out the later part of the series, and after the reboot of the series.

            • I’m not going to get into a big argument, but i’ve read the king series and I’m not really impressed. Just take cadderly, he’s “dead” but its the same kind of death cat and regis got, unearthly and unending. And look at the fake deaths! They thought ivan was dead! ffs! So done with salvatore.

  2. Seems interesting, if nothing else it may serve to past the time.
    (Very pretty world to)

    • agreed. I can see wasting some time with it, but its not gonna suck up my time like other games.

  3. It certainly doesn’t go out of the way to point out any changes or differences from the usual in fact a lot of the movie makes you think “ugh, I have to do that again?” Single player for me is mostly done, I did just do Portal 2 though that does promise a bit of coop. Possibly why SWTOR doesn’t interest me that much, I need my story to be multiplayer too.

    • single player will always have its place while most MMOs don’t provide much of a story.

  4. Claudia Black++
    Almost everything I’ve seen about the game seems generic. The ‘twist of fate’ cards might be interesting, hopefully. A lot depends on how open it is. If it tends towards The Elder Scrolls type of open world then I’ll be very interested. All the videos I’ve seen so far seem to imply a more ‘on rails’ type of game; in fact so far the impression I get is a theme park MMORPG (Everquest/WoW style) without the MMO part. Looks like a step backwards compared to games like The Witcher 2 and Skyrim.
    Speaking of Skyrim, I wish MMO games could strive more for the immersion it has. Last night I planned on just playing a few minutes with a fairly standard ‘go fetch’ quest; yet it turned out to be two hours of exploration, tense combat, grave robbing (heh), and getting completely absorbed in the game’s virtual world.

    • Perhaps its on rails, perhaps not, but i did like the idea of being able to switch classes at will or master all classes.

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