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Another blog post today outlining some of the cinematics we’ll be seeing in the game. On the surface you wouldn’t think there’d be much to talk about. We’ve seen cinematics for quite some time now. However I did find some things of note.

For instance, the music in the first cinematic video, to me is all off.

It’s far more dramatic than it should be in my opinion. This is an upbeat moment where you’ve just defeated a boss, woken up from a coma, people have been coming by to make sure you’re okay and you even get off a joke. The music fills me with dread. Admittedly not everyone will have the same dialogue and there is some confusion since you’ve been out cold for a few days, so I sort of understand the choice but disagree with it.

The animations of the characters are far more fleshed out, which is a good thing, but I did hear one complaint saying they almost move too much. I don’t agree but can see what they’re talking about.

What I really liked was seeing the armour. Due to the demo being updated for the Korean G*Star convention (Koreans like to see higher level armours earlier in the game) we are seeing a lot more armours in game. I might try to go through some convention videos to look more closely at that later.

Anyway, that’s enough for today.



  1. I follow what your saying but I think the drama feeling they portray is to reinforce “The centaurs are attacking!” They are want to impress on the player that the threat is still present. No rest for the hero…well I guess no rest after you woke from a coma. 😉

    • It seems to me like a much happier moment, at least for the moment the threat has been pushed back and there is no imminent attack. It’s not like you leave the inn and the village is still on fire. But thats my opinion.

  2. I agree on the music. i hope that they just put them in the video of the conversation with no background music.

    Despise the stunning animations I find the conversation is quite.. (hmm i don’t know the word for this) it’s somehow not continuous(?) i feel like there’s something unnatural there. Something.., i don’t know.

    Anyway the animation and the model detail is soooo good, so beutiful! (and the pretty male character creation, haha).

    • Now that you mention it there is a bit of a pause between sentences/speakers but I don’t really see a problem with it.

  3. Conversation A, the one you embeded, is before you defeat the boss and I think the music fits you rushing off to battle. Conversation B is after you wake up and I think the music fits until the joke with the confusion of waking up and the shady looking fellow. It could probably start to transition to change the music after the joke to be more upbeat for the what comes next bit.

    My biggest problem with the cinematics is the angle they are standing at and I’m not sure how to fix it. I know the characters are facing one another but I don’t really want to watch everyone in profile the whole time, so I’m glad they didn’t do that. I think that they could face them even more towards the player since we will be focusing on one of the other as they talk. Not facing straight out because one of the characters is usually yours and I think that would break immersion more. I guess it looks like they are doing a bad job of looking at one another while a bigger angle would look more intentionally tailored to the player.

    • Ahhh yes I did embed the wrong video. Oh well. I don’t really have a problem with the angle we view them from, no more than I would have a problem with the angle a movie is being shot from or something else.

      • Oh not really the angle we view them from, just the perceived angle they view each other in. It is like watching a show where the people keep glancing at the camera. Most video media uses multiple cameras to change the perspective as the characters carry on a conversation. With a fixed camera position trying to display both characters is difficult because you are involving a third nonexistant member in their conversation. The end result is them looking away from each other to present the conversation to the player. It just seems like they aren’t really talking to one another, but I’m not sure how to fix it without redesigning the whole conversation system to use multiple cameras or watching one of their backs most of the time.

  4. Are those higher level armor sets or just showing a variety of starter types which they’ve opened up now that they’ve started showing more of character creation? So far I’ve actually liked many of the starter armors (especially the elementalist ones) quite a bit. Offering a variety of beginning sets would be a nice change from most games where everyone looks the same at the start.

    • We will probably have to start with the same 30 sets of armor, 5 races 3 weight classes 2 sexes, but the addition of the dye system should make them look a bit different even right out the gate. More choices should be available by the time you get to the racial city assuming you can afford them.

      The current demo is showing higher level armors instead of starting armor, which is explained by Eric Flannum while putting out fires on Guru.

      First, we did not add new armor to make the game look more asian. All we did was make our lower level characters wear some higher level armor because our research has shown us that in Asian markets, character appearance is extremely important (more so than in the west) and we wanted players in the demo to see some of the fancier armor. If you go back and look at concepts we’ve previously released you can find almost every single armor that we are showing at G-Star. These armors have always been planned to be in the game and none of them are replacing armors that you’ve previously seen.

      • Ah, okay. I avoid the forums these days so missed that. I expect most people will quickly get new armor anyway or modify and dye stuff they like so it won’t be that big of a deal.

    • Kaden explained this pretty well. I think it’s just cool to see them in action.

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