A Festivus For The Rest Of Us

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There are plenty of festivals in Guild Wars ranging from simple weekends with added drops like Easter or St. Patricks Day to more extravagant and robust events like Wintersday or Halloween.

So how do those events translate into a game where there are essentially no quests, a larger variety of possible rewards, and jumping.

I think the first thing we’ll notice about festivals in Guild Wars 2 is the nature of the activity in question. It will probably have it’s own intricate dynamic event chain. What form that will take is a difficult question. Something that takes place only in the confines of a city? Or will it stretch out throughout a zone? Likely they wouldn’t want it to be quite that large as to not interfere with other dynamic event chains. And how complicated could it be if they only have a festival team (not the entire production crew) working on it?

For the most part I’d say these dynamic events would likely be centered around cities, much as in Guild Wars.

Arenanet tends to want to put festivals in low level areas so that beginners drawn to the game by a festival can just jump right in. However, there are now 5 starter cities for each race and I think Arenanet will avoid the extra work of decorating each city. It’s a lot of manpower being directed at something where the common sense solution is to only have one decorated area.

I think the only reason Guild Wars had multiple cities with the same festival was to ensure as many people as possible could partake without having to unlock distant cities or other campaigns.

With that in mind, I think festivals will typically center around one city at a time. Usually a starter city, as you can travel to any starter city from the very beginning of the game, and likely with racially inspired events. A norn (The Great Norn Alemoot anyone?) festival, a charr festival etc.

I see Wintersday, for instance, as being held in Divinity’s Reach (since it’s a human holiday set up by the human gods) or Halloween (seeing as how Mad King Thorn was a former king of Kryta) in Lion’s Arch.

That said I am curious to know whether we’ll have things taking us outside of the main city of a festival. Perhaps some dynamic events will be entirely replaced with festival themed events, or new ones in areas where no events previously took place. An NPC scout could be set up within the city to direct people there.

Guild Wars festivals did typically take you adventuring throughout the countryside so it seems likely, but the complications of setting up an entire dynamic event might rule that out.

It’s impossible to guess what the specific content of dynamic event chains might be, but we can guess at the rewards.

I suspect we’ll be seeing plenty of foods as they’ve already been confirmed for Guild Wars 2. Also a lot of other consumables similar to items from Guild Wars. Judging from that game we can assume there will be costumes and perhaps other micro-transactions available. If they leave out some form of hat I’m pretty sure we’ll have a riot. What about things we haven’t seen before?

I’m still wondering about that suggestion that mini-pets will play a larger role, perhaps in the form of festival rewards? Now that there is another form of reward in GW2 aside from cash, xp, and items, can we assume we’ll be getting festival karma to be traded in for specific festival rewards at festival karma vendors?

Beyond that speculation there is little I can guess at, but there are a few things I’d like to see.

I’d like a consumable item that makes it snow in the vicinity of where I’m standing. I’d like an asura IQ test festival. I’d like cartoony reindeer mini-pets. I’d like to be able to build snowmen. Some might like town clothes appropriate for a festival like 80’s sweaters. Some might like a title. Firecrackers, roman candles, cherry bombs, eggs to throw at people, drinks to splash in peoples faces.

Hard to say exactly what Arenanet is going to do with festivals but I think I’ve probably thrown enough at this wall that something will stick.



  1. There really is alot they can do, thanks to the dye system it should be super easy to got the right look, very cool on Arena-Nets part.

    • Yes, with the dye system and a nice 80s sweater, I’m going to go nuts.

  2. ANet has a lot of possibilities open for them to utilize for holiday and other such community events. I completely agree that redecorating all the main starter cities would be a little overkill. But I can see them redecorating Lion’s Arch (at least in small ways) for some of the major events that might be headquartered in another city. After all, Lion’s Arch is a city for all the races. Also, I just don’t see Mad King Thorn really caring that LA now has Asura, Charr or any of the other races living there…as long as they laugh at his bad jokes. So Halloween could still be held there in 250 years.

    Much like they do in GW, I think they could also utilize instances like they do for your personal story. Using these plus dynamic events gives them the best of both worlds with dynamic events exploring community interaction and maintaining a sense of narrative/story with the instances.

    While I also expect themed consumables and other things to go along with these events, I’m leaning towards there being some sort of karma-esque system involved whereby the players may choose what items they want. Though, that’s not to say random themed drops would be out completely.

    • Perhaps they might decorate lion’s arch once in a while, but to me it would be so much cleaner and more efficient if they just concentrated on one city at a time. I mean we all have access to each starter city from the very beginning.

  3. I am sure itll be a dynamic event where one side fights the other with snowballs till the city is taken by either the mad king and everyone killed or dwyana wins and we all get a health bonus for a while – with capture points, and places where pve’rs can donate water collected from their auto-quests out in the field to strengthen one side or the other…

    • That would actually be pretty cool and i can honestly say i hope they do that, but I doubt it. still the cities are big so you never know.

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