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I think I enjoy the upper right image here.

A lot of the time in video games you get the impression the art direction is handed down from corporate headquarters. The company bigwigs have decided on a committee approved aesthetic and the artists at the low end of the totem pole are ordered not to deviate from the plan.

I’ve always gotten the impression it’s the opposite at Arenanet. How else to you explain the wide gap between what a corporation might find marketable and the races of Tyria like charr or asura. The artists lead at Arenanet, and the guys at the top get behind them.

As a result you see artistic pieces that not only look beautiful but are often translated straight into the game.

The Arenanet blog has a post just throwing up some landscapes for fun.



  1. The 2nd and 4th postcards were my fav.. Such amazing artistic skill at Anet.

    • I agree!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed this bit of Anet, I love seeing the artwork. What’s impressed me even more of late is that seeing some of the art in 3d; it actually looks better than the art. To be frank that must be a first for me. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I still prefer the art, but now and then I think to myself “that looks even cooler in 3d with motion”. Grats to them. I hope we see more like it in the future.

    • Their transition from art to game is unparalleled. Don’t see many games that even attempt anything similar.

  3. Hehe, I got a very Bob Ross vibe from a few on the blog, particularly the trees with the red leaves. Very beautiful and weirdly nostalgic

    • Bob Ross! imagine if he was a game artist. hah.

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