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October 16, 2011 at 10:28 pm | Posted in Concept Art, Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 2 Comments
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Was just trolling through my blog reader when I stumbled across a bit of 3D art from Jake Weberg’s blog. The charr looks familiar but I think I’ve only seen the creature in a trailer.

Every time I got to make a post lately I’m hit by a heavy sense of deja vu. Have I blogged about this before? Should I blog about this again? Argh.

Also there is a statue on the blog.

I think I've seen this just not in 3d.

This looks like your typical Guild Wars 2 skelk or skale of some kind.


  1. Hmm; never seen a vulpine charr before…
    Looks kind of neat though – and gives more hope for less hulking norn!
    It could just be the camera angles, but the 2nd creature resembles a domesticated animal to me – it just gives off a ‘reptilian dog’ vibe.

    • It kind of makes me think about what the original guild wars bone hounds…. whatever they were, looked like with flesh. because this could be that.

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