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Going from 60 to 0 after conventions can be quite a change in pace, but at least we’ve got the grawl.

The grawl were some of the first enemies introduced to the Guild Wars universe. In the original tutorial area of Ascalon they would perhaps be the 4th or 5th type of enemy you might run into.

Nothing ever really happened with them though. I can’t remember a single quest involving them. Just trash mobs.

So I’m hoping that with today’s Arenanet blog post, that their presence will mean something more than just stuff to kill. We have heard of at least one dynamic event where grawl worship an idol, pictured below, and some of the details surrounding that idol which is a good sign.

Bearing some resemblance to a grawl, is this rock face more than it seems?

You can see grawl in some of the Guild Wars 2 skill videos, particularly for ranger or warrior. They tend to hop around a bit and hoot and holler. It gives a very gorilla-like feel to them.

The blog goes over the lore behind the creatures, various race’s reactions to grawl, their beliefs and tribal structure, so check it out if you’re interested.

One thing I will comment on is that many of the old races seem stuck in the past. How is it that only the playable races seem to have moved forward? While we’ve seen and heard other races interacting in more modern environments, they seem out of place. Does it make it easier to villainize these races if they’re less technologically advanced?

What does that say about western civilization?

I suppose I should be happy that we have more races, more lore, and more interesting stories in Guild Wars 2. And I am.



  1. I would argue that there have been significant changes to many of the side races seen in classic guild wars. The Centaur are united under a single banner in Tyria, the tengu have built a giant city and the hylek have become master alchemists and integrated into the racial culture. Ogres have come out of the blazeridge mountains and begun trading with other races and the dredge have not only embraced the freedom given them by the “stoning” of the dwarves, but have begun to improve upon dwarven technology.

    While some races are still stuck in the past many more have begun to move forward. I will say that it would be interesting to see how a race like the grawl are dealt with in, say 600 years after GW2.

    • Ah ha! but i would argue we haven’t seen the tengu city so there isn’t any telling how sophisticated it is. The centaur are united but not necessarily advanced, have you seen their camps? Ogres may mix with other races but most seem pretty backwards when looked at in the books. I’m not sure we’ve seen enough of the dredge to judge how advanced they’ve become.

  2. I liked how the charr viewed grawl as slighly less evolved humans, and the humans viewed them as something more like a charr with the animal like movment. I found that part intresting.

    • Hah yeah that was funny and kind of like real life in a way.

  3. So there I was, walking at a good pace away from the docksides where the guided missile destroyer I served on had just made port. It was a beautifully sunny day in the southeast Pacific (which is to say; a perfect marriage of hell-like temperatures with a level of humidity that’s more accurately described as “rain that is just too stubborn to actually fall”)
    After weeks underway, it was always a wonderful relief to hit the shore and see some actual COLORS instead of the hopelessly monotonous gunmetal grey, and pale blue, but I had something extra in store for myself on this occassion.
    Mere minutes away from the multi-million dollar, state of the art, war machinery that was my home away from home I turned a corner and ran smack dab into the 12th century… literally. I stand at 6’4″ and back then (several decades ago) I ran at a fairly fit, linebacker worthy 240 lbs… standing in front of me, looking more than a little concerned that he was about to be run over by a white tank (dress whites required for liberty on this occasion) was a little dude that couldn’t have been more than 5 foot 2 or 3 in height, dressed in his best Sunday grass and leaves (I s*** you not) and holding about 3 spears clumped together in his right hand (not even the spears were as tall as me.)
    I was treated to a sample of the gibberish that passed as language for the island, rapid-fire style, and then presented with a facial expression that would have stood in handily for a gigantic question mark.
    In tones that conveyed my respect for my elders I replied, “Of course you’re right, spears always have the right of way.” and motioned for him to pass as I step aside. I received the universal “guy nod” (which I returned of course) and he went on his way, no doubt returning to some sort of hut constructed from mud or clay and an assortment of the local foliage.
    The point?:
    Not all cultures progress at the same rate even in RL…
    Only a fool doesn’t acknowledge that spears have the right of way…

    • I just would have like to have seen some villains at the same stage in civilization as the playable races.

      • Krait?

      • But us level 1 dudes have to have someone to chuck our 5 copper spear at, and not have our arses handed to us.

        • That’s at level 1, what about level 80?

          • *shudder*
            Oh man… you don’t EVEN want to know about what happens at level 80!

            They are just making everyone “think” the great enemy are the Dragons and the Krait… I hate to spoil the reveal but…

            *SPOILER ALERT*

            The evil faction of the Tengu known as the Sketchies are the true enemy of all that is good and holy in the world of Tyria. You see, they are trying to destroy a powerful artifact called the Opaque Mineral Form. (Some people mistakenly refer to it as The World Stone but I digress…)

            This is in fact why the Sylvari were brought into this world… to stop the Sketchies who are now squeezing helpless sylvari captives to collect their lifeforce (because everyone knows that “juicing” is a healthy way to promote longer life)

            Well, it gets WAY more complicated from there, but I’ve already said too much… just wait and see… ancient, upside down pyramids, and islands floating in the sky are just the beginning!

  4. I don’t think it is that only the player races have advanced, it is that the races that advanced are playable. After all, given the choice between a race that has developed nearly modern firearms, and one that hasn’t figured out how a forge works I don’t think many would pick the grawl. Humans and charr were at war and if the History Channel has taught me anything it is that war is a great motivation for technological advancement. The norn don’t strike me as having advanced much beyond what they have traded with the humans and charr. The sylvari are new born but capable of emulating the more advanced races, especially since the humans accept them and share their knowledge. The asura have been rebuilding and it isn’t clear how far beyond their old tech they have gone. Even with magic it would take time to fully realize their old level of development when thrown into an untamed wilderness, and needing to do so would be a good motivator for advancement as they rebuild from step one. It might be speciesism but I can’t picture centaurs being able to advance the same way a biped can. Sure they can manipulate tools and with the right level of intelligence they should be able to comprehend how the advancements work, but having a thumb is only part of the manual dexterity that allows human advancement. I feel like their extra size and decreased flexibility would make some tasks very difficult, like working on the interior of an intricate machine, or building a brick wall from the ground up.

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