The 2nd Year Of Blogging Dangerously

October 10, 2011 at 8:56 pm | Posted in mmorpg | 36 Comments

A look behind the scenes.

This is my 799th post. Yes, that is a lot. It’s also the end of my second year as a Guild Wars 2 and other junk blogger.

At the end of my first year I had something like 100k views, and now at the end of my second I have around 250k.

My most popular posts over the course of the past year have probably been my Hall of Monuments Guide The Easy 30, my speculation that a class would be known as guardian in Guardians of Guild Wars 2, The New Mesmer where I speculate on how it will change, and Chicken Talk where I discussed The Shatner’s varying attacks and special moves.

I’ve had a lot of referrals too. Guild Wars 2 Guru has sent this way over 7500 people, though I’m sure some more than once. Twitter, Kill Ten Rats, GuildMag, and Online Welten round out the top 5. I don’t even speak german but and online-welten make up a large proportion of people being sent here. Guten tag! Massively, with just a couple of commenters here and there has referred over 600 people here. I have no account with Facebook, no presence, yet over 400 people found me that way.

Weird to think about how people find you.

Which brings me to search terms. After my first year, I complained bitterly that none of the search terms used to find my blog had anything to do with the content. Bugs Bunny, Daredevil, whatever. This year I can say that has shifted immensely to relevant results. My top search terms were Guild Wars 2 mesmer, Guild Wars 2, and Hunters Insight. In fact you’d have to leave the top ten results to find more general terms like fire elemental or Felecia Day.

Of course if that’s how people find me, where do I send them? Mostly to my own image gallery. This map of tyria is the top image of the last year. Aside from that I send them to or numerous other exceptional blogs on my sidebar. The only non blog in the top clicks being

Hopefully I’ve been provocative enough to stimulate thought and even a comment or two. It really is one of the best parts about blogging. I try to respond to most of my comments, only relenting when there doesn’t seem to be much more to add. I have the most comments on my blog, with somewhere around 2500 of the 5300 total. I can’t say who has the most of all time, but over the past few months that has been Archer Avatar, Melski, and Yarr. Thanks guys.

My most commented post over the past year was probably my April Fools post.

Along with commenters though come spam. Aksimet has protected this blog from over 9000 spam comments. Uhm, I just typed that out without realizing. Awesome.

The other parts of my blogging experience over the past year aren’t really measurable. I’ve made friends and had a lot of fun. I’ve attempted to improve my writing. I think I understand games more than I did in my first year.

And all over a game that hasn’t even come out yet. No pressure Arenanet.

It’s true I thought the game would be out by now. Many people did. But that’s not why I started this blog two years ago. I remember wanting to be part of a community surrounding Guild Wars, but never really found anything that appealed to me. Forums can be big and impersonal, not to mention filled with trolls. Fan driven community websites often depend on the devotion of the people involved, falling apart when their zealotry wears thin.

I saw what blogs could do. I saw other people blogging about other games and I just knew that that was something I could do.

And now there are loads of us. So many I can’t even really keep up with them all. So many posting about things I want to comment on. Most of these first two years have been pretty lonely as a Guild Wars 2 blogger. At first it was pretty much just me, nox, ravious, then tiger, then others. Now there are around 2 dozen solid bloggers.

Welcome to the club guys.



  1. Glad to be part of it!

    • Glad to have you here.

  2. Congratz! Love what your doing.. Enjoy reading your posts…find them very entertaining to read esp when im bored! Keep it up! Heres hoping for another year of blogging 🙂

    • Thanks, I certainly plan on blogging the hell out of the game when it comes out.

  3. Happy Blogirthday, lets hope for many more to come.;D

    • That’s the plan and thanks.

  4. Congratulations!

    • NO U! 😛

  5. Thank you for your work on the blog, I added your RSS feed to RSSOwl for a single purpose at least to start with which was to have a single decent point of contact for all things Guildwars 2. You’ve done a great job of it, finding me all the news and rumours and as a bonus you’ve often found the best bits in the massive heaps of news that gets dumped on us every now and then. Hope you’ve enjoyed your break the past few weeks! I’ve come to enjoy your thoughts on GW2 aswell and everyone elses here too, I do hope I run into you in GW2.

    • Cool. As far as the run-up to guild wars 2 goes thats exactly what i’ve been trying to do. Be the place people can read about the game without trolling through massive amounts of information, without diving into minute detail, and getting some relevant opinions on all of it.

    • I came to write pretty much exactly what Melski has written… so, seconded.

  6. Congrats and happy bday.

    • Thank you sir.

  7. Gratz on the success! I think your blog is my favorite dedicated GW2 blog on the web, so keep it up! 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m glad to hear it. I appreciate the praise.

  8. Niiiice, happy blog birthday! Looking forward to reading your blog posts in the years to come. Especially when GW2 comes out, hehe.

    • And you as well dorothy. Guild Wars 2 from your perspective should be a great read.

  9. Congrats on another awesome year of blogging. You and Tiger were a huge influence on me starting my blog and I look forward to another year of fun, informative posts from you.

    • Well I’m glad to be an influence to another blogger, keep up the good work shongaqu.

  10. Congrats on the 2 year mark and good job sticking with it. I still drop in at least once a week to see whats new.

    • Awesome matt. Have you worked on your HoM at all? can’t remember how much i’ve seen you over the past year.

  11. Grats on two years, hunter! I always depend on you for my GW2 news/editorials!

    • Thanks Mogsy! I’ve been missing your posts but I have some idea what you’ve been playing because I’m playing the same thing.

  12. Thanks for sticking around. It’s so easy to lose focus during this topsy turvy hype and anticipation rollercoaster.

    Next year in Guild Wars 2!

    • I’m hoping by “next year” you actually mean in a few months, I hope we don’t have to wait another year for this game.

      • But of course! (I mean, gosh, really, I hope so.)

  13. I only comment as often as I do because your posts are thought inspiring, and because I don’t always agree with some part or another of a view expressed. (It’s always more interesting to me to hear thoughts from another perspective than your own – especially if they differ greatly – it stretches the mind and helps one refine their own views on the subject.)
    No matter what, I always enjoying reading your thoughtful style of writing, and seeing what particular slant you take on a subject. Well done sir. Cheers to your continued success.

    • It’s always great to get not only an opposing view but one that makes sense which is why I’m glad there are a few of those types around here. Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  14. Congrats on two years!
    I’d like to thank you for not only having an interesting blog, but also for sticking with it. Over the past two years I’ve added quite a few quality MMO blogs to my bookmarks, but more than half of them are no longer active, or they are gone completely. About 25% are lucky to see anything new once a week, more often they only have a few new items each month. I know blogging actually takes a lot more effort than many realize, let alone keeping things up to date as to the game(s) being covered. Plus you take the time to respond to comments, which I wish more bloggers would do, as the comments and your responses often expand a bit more on the topic or add some very interesting related ideas!

    • Yeah if it’s one thing I personally don’t like is deciding to read someones blog and then seeing them fold up after a month. I put off starting the blog for months because I wasn’t sure I wanted to make the commitment.

  15. Congrats on the two year mark. I may not read much discussions about GW2 information, but when I do, I read them here. 🙂

    • Well I’m glad to hear it. I like the place to be a go to location.

  16. “I don’t even speak german but and online-welten make up a large proportion of people being sent here. Guten tag!”

    Grüße zurück aus Deutschland! Can’t actually remember linking to you that many times, and the fact that we are 5th sounds a little strange to me because we usually only cover interviews and not the rest of blogging. Seems like you had some great interviews then. 😉

    • Oh I meant the forums, I think I’ve only been linked once or something from the main site. But I get linked from the forums regularly.

  17. Belated Congratulations I’d say – those are fine numbers and really reflect the quality of blogs one can find here! I’m glad we could help you with getting some refers!

    In the end it’s about you having fun blogging, and I’m sure you do! Keep it up!

    • Appreciated Dutch, GuildMag is going to be really big once gw2 is released.

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