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Came across this forum post from Hai phan who has worked for Arenanet on Eye of the North, Utopia, and Nightfall. In it he shows off some Guild Wars 2 armour sets, with concepts from a variety of people including Phan and 3d work from Phan only, which are very impressive. He’s got even more stuff on his website as well so check that out too.

Very much an endgame set that most people will be vying for.

This is clearly the most detailed set. It looks as though you may be wearing the corpse of some vicious creature. Almost alive. I don’t doubt this will be one of the most sought after sets in the game, as long as it’s not easy to get.

The heavy armour sets.

Some far more standard sets here, all of which we’ve seen before, and a few you might see in any game really. The realism of a couple of the sets I can appreciate however. I think with the first set you can get a good idea of the variety with which you can dye your armour, and the set on the right shows off what they’re talking about when they speak of metals and cloths dying realistically instead of just super imposing colours over them. Oh and a half naked chick. I almost forgot they existed in video games.

Medium sets

Not sure what Arenanets obsession is with those one shoulder pad deals but I’m glad at least the other two sets here don’t have them. The bottom right reminds me some how of those winter jackets from the 80’s. Believe we’ve seen the top set a few times before.

Light sets

These must be starter sets, they look like they might be the sort of thing villagers would wear in any other game and I kind of like that. They look efficient, and common. That’s how you should start out in any video game.

Anyway I know we’ve seen a lot of this before but if it’s one thing I’m anticipating about Guild Wars 2 it is looking awesome.

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  1. What I’m really liking is the fact that those sets of armour cover male and female models equally. The skimpy ones are skimpy across the board.

    I know that there will probably be some sets which don’t “match” quite as well as this, but it’s nice to see a range of armours which seem to span from starter to “elite” being designed this equally.

    We have seen other sets which demonstrate this too, so I hope it will be true of most of the available armours, or at least the majority.

    • Yeah, I suppose I pick on the scantily clad aspects a little too much. Its just when I see that I feel like they’re marketing to 14 year olds, not to me. I can’t wait to go trolling through the wiki to see just how many different sets of armour there are.

  2. Im lovin the arnor sets they have planned for gw2 so far.. Much larger selection than gw1. Personally i found the armor sets in the original very bland for the most part, but there are a few exceptions. These on the other hand have an amazing flavor.. The first arnor set with the creture bones looks great, the one with the the feathers and the beak mask looks awesome also. Lovin the direction

    • A lot of the sets in the original don’t appeal to me at all, in fact I think i’ve enjoyed maybe 3 sets of male ele armour out of the 20 some available. But that isn’t the case with every profession/sex.

  3. I’ve said this many times before. Anet needs to let me buy a wardrobe for my home instance so that I can store all the armors I’m going to have to have just to play dress up with 🙂

    • Well they definitely seem to have alternative visual options in mind with the whole “town clothes” thing. You never know.

  4. I really like the first one – particularly as it appears to have some sort of tail armour, which is pretty awesome!

    • It is by far one of the best sets we’ve seen. Very imaginative, very well done. I kind of want that set.

  5. I confess that I am so shallow this mother-node of armor art has swung me towards playing an adventurer – only problem is those 3 professions were generally among my least likely prospects!
    The things I do for style… ^_^

    • Haha, I doubt that armour alone could do that for me but I won’t begrudge you for doing it.

    • The same thing happend with me. I was going 2 play a heavy class… But decided to roll a necro for the grim reaper looking armor.

  6. Awesome armor… it does make me a little sad to realize that necro armor will be radically different in guild wars 2 as the banded metal look doesn’t fit with cloth.

    • I’m sure that necro armour will still be entirely awesome in some way.

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