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The official Winds of Change webpage.

After a summer of waiting, Winds of Change Part Two finally came out on Thursday. I immediately set about to see if the same problems that plagued part one continued.

I’m happy to say that Part Two is a much better experience. The grind of “go here, kill stuff” is an ever-present Guild Wars staple but it is softened somewhat in the 12 quests released on the 29th.

The first quest (or quest 18 here) means for you to run away from your problems instead of fighting it out, the second quest has you rush to the aid of NPCs, while the third quest has an interesting game mechanic that frustrated some, but provided a nice surprise for all.

Instantly I was having more fun here than in the first 17 quests. Cleanse this, cleanse that, benign dialogue that leads up to a sudden twist. I could be less impressed by Part One, but not by much.

Even the story in Part Two ramps up. There is more going on, there is more danger. It’s a little bit akin to our history with the White Mantle but certainly has its own momentum and justification. To be honest a lot of the story in Part Two owes its interesting turns to what was set up in Part One, despite its overlong telling. Credit where it’s due.

Quests 4 through 6 set up a subplot mystery involving the gangs of Kaineng. Just what are they up to? We don’t find out in Part Two. The fights they involve are pretty straightforward. It was nice to see enemy mobs purposefully set against one another however.

That’s followed by The Rescue Attempt, which is very reminiscent of the Tahnakai Temple mission, seeing as it takes place in the same spot in the same way, but does add a small mechanic that makes the quest more interesting if you don’t notice it.

In the end though the middle quests, while at times having interesting story, are mostly filler. The final quests involving the tengu are much more interesting. We’re finally starting to get an idea of what will happen to them before Guild Wars 2 where apparently they’ve either been kicked out of Cantha or massacred.

You get a nice readable quest item that adds a bit of credibility to the quest with Warning the Angchu, a bit of a challenge since it’s a 4 person group, and then we move into a bit of a subplot which has a somewhat surprising ending. I think I enjoyed the story here more than anywhere else in Winds of Change.

The rewards for the tengu quests are better too. Most previous quests have little but imperial commendations, ministerial commendations, or requisition forms. There isn’t even anything to turn forms in for yet, and the only new rewards are Factions weapons that had yet to have inscription slots available. Faction skins in a more usable form are great, but I’m hoping rewards end up matching War In Kryta or even improving upon them. Getting a Royal Gift with useless xp scrolls was disappointing.

I’ve recently noticed a disparity between the availability of affordable sweet points and affordable booze or party points Live Team.

I guess Part One was really just getting things out of the way. It still feels boring and grindy, but now that I’m in Part Two I feel like I’m well on my way, the foundations have been laid and I can look forward to just exactly how this mess is going to end up before Guild Wars 2.


  1. I quite liked the second part of winds of change. I almost wish I didn’t have to get my other characters through the first part to do the second part again.

    • It just plain was nowhere near as grindy, and that improved it by miles.

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