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Lately in Guild Wars I’ve been relegated to doing some pretty boring stuff. It all started back when the Hall of Monuments Calculator was released about 11 months ago.

So this will be kind of a long post.

The first time I looked myself up, I already had around 36 points. Very quickly I got that to around 40 and since I was helping people get their points, I figured I might as well go to 45. Upon reaching 45, I found I was accidentally still gaining points through things like War in Kryta and the opressor weapons, and finally I came to a point where all I really needed were a few minis to get to 50.

At 50 points I thought I was done. I was wrong.

I had 26 titles at this point, only 4 titles away from the God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals title which also carries over to Guild Wars 2.

Unfortunately the easiest titles appeared to be sweets, party points, booze and survivor. So I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue.

I started looking around at prices, availability, and the easiest way to get survivor.

Life of the Party is by far the easiest consumable title to get. Availability for purchase far outstretches booze or sweets. There’s always someone selling tonics or other items in Kamadan, not to mention there are more festivals giving out more party points than the other titles.

Booze is also available in Kama but I could never find affordable sweet points. This caused me to start looking at other options.

Along with doing the weekly Nicholas scavenger hunt, I quickly realized that the most productive way to work on your consumable title is to start a character in pre searing. This paid many dividends. Pre searing has a collector. He takes 25 collectible items in return for 5 gifts of the huntsmen daily. A single GOTH can return as much as 20 sweet points or 30 booze points. Worst case scenario is 10 party, booze, or sweet points for a single gift. I bought GOTH, traded dyes for GOTH, gave collectible items away in hopes of receiving GOTH as a thank you, I was a whore for GOTH.

I now have a level 18 character in Pre sear.

Booze title done, Party title done. Which leads me to believe there is some kind of crazy imbalance with sweet points compared to the other two.

I’m still working on the sweets title, but I also managed to finish off my survivor, which I was beginning to give up hope on.

I guess I’m just not good at staying alive full time. When you’re in a party with a bunch of chickens all working on their survivor title and they’d rather heal themselves than you, that means you have to first make a note of who you’ll need vengeance against later, and second look out for yourself.

I made around 500k from doing campaign books. It takes a while to finish these off unless you really apply yourself. The survivor title is something like 1.3 million xp so I had a long way to go until someone convinced me to try out the Vaettir farming in hard mode out in Jaga Moraine.

I’d only ever heard of people doing it with Shadowform or gimmicky builds and honestly didn’t see myself pulling it off. Not without dying once in a while. Then someone in vent described it as “easy”. Challenge Accepted.

I threw together an obsidian flesh build, not the one I found on youtube since it seemed to be too focused on speed with little room for error. I figured I’d have more patience if I wasn’t dying all the time, so I put in some safety measures.

Anyway, inside of a day I had the survivor title. So now I’m just farming out GOTH and GOTT from nick, doing War in Kryta quests since war supplies give sweet points (no matter what the wiki says) and waiting on Halloween. There is a repeatable quest I believe I’m about to bang my head against until I get the title.

The only other thing I’ve been up to is Hamstorm! Every time Alliance Battles comes up as the Zaishen Combat, expect to see a party of 4 people with pets shouting HAMSTORM! No it is not firestorm and hamstring.

Aside from Winds of Change content which I’ve blogged about before and will be blogging about part 2 soon, that’s about it. Pretty effing boring. To sum up, it was a bunch of farming. My own fault really, for not moving on to another game by now.



  1. Thats some dedication man… I gave up at 30 points. Personally im satisfied … Although im not a big fan of the title name ” Closer to the stars”….But ya good luck :))

    • Thanks, after 6 years i don’t look at it like dedication, more like finding things to do.

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  3. I always have such conflicting feelings about this sort of thing… on the one hand; I can’t help but feel some measure of respect for someone who has demonstrated the perseverence necessary to accomplish something along the lines of GWAMM in GW (or anything similar in other games.)
    On the other hand; I feel like slapping them full in the face and shouting, “Snap out of it!!!!” Everytime a player accomplishes something like a GWAMM title an Angel is blasted in the face with a shotgun *feathers POOF*
    Is this really the sort of thing we as players want developers spending their time on to include in a game? How much “skill” is involved? (other than the considerable skill of tolerating an interminable grind…)
    I guess I just feel like; by pursuing this sort of thing, you are contributing to perpetuating flawed game design in future games.
    Um… gratz on the title???
    I’ll give you the same advice I’ve given to young women; If it feels good and you’re happy and enjoying yourself, then carry on with what you’re doing and don’t worry about what other people say or think (including me) however, if it makes you feel cheap, or used, or just generally unpleasant then you should stop and look for something else in your life that will bring you pleasure without the negative feelings.
    Take it from someone who has lived a long time;
    Life is too short…

    • Who am I rewarding? Guild Wars isn’t getting any money out of me, and after 6 years I had *better* have some of these things done. It was my choice to continue and I got most of my titles from helping other people, Perpetuating bad game design, yeah….. No. Believe it or not game designers know when they’ve made bad games.

  4. Its the reason I stopped playing guildwars. When they first started all those years ago they stated one of their reasons was to make a game without grind; for which content was kings. Thus no leveling, no grind, just playing the game because its fun and we want to see the new contents – total success at the time. Great game, years of fun then they stopped making stuff and started GW2. They introduced masses of grind so people who didn’t move on had something to do, I stopped playing around then.
    I’ve played the game for 6 or more years and 3000 hours and I have struggled to get 30 points partly due to some of the stats like pvp not counting my earlier years but never the less I’ve always felt that I’ve been left behind especially with the GW2 stuff. I didn’t buy a grind game, and I aint starting it now just to get GW2 stuff. Of course 30 points is easy for someone whos done all the content the once, and has a few accounts (i.e masses of minipets) but it was a close call and my wife whos done the same sort of thing but only 1200 hours odd, and given me all her minipets is screwed. Whatever I guess, I just hope they dont take the grind over to gw2 or its I going to get me upset again.
    No multiple sword swinging please, unlike the Guild Wars Beyond, which is why I am scared for gw2. I am sure they wont do it… too much.

    • It’s an optional grind, like it or not. The rewards in the calculator aren’t so great that you have to get them and I have 50/50 because I chose to get it.

      • One could argue that. If its optional you need to provide an alternative? If you want people to be playing still?
        I don’t mind, I’ll just pay wow for a bit longer. To me wow/guildwars content provision over the years has proven to me Id rather the paid model which is funny as wows more grind but at least I get to grind different stuff. Here’s hoping gw2 lets me just do content. My two children are going to make that much easier than it used to be!

        • We had plenty of options to play the game without going for titles and stuff…when the game was still actively developed. Guild Wars is like Dragon Age: You buy the game, you play it and then wait to buy the next expansions; at some point when no more expansions are released, you move onto other games. Guild Wars is unlike Dragon Age: When expansion are not releasing as often as you like, you can grind for titles, play PvP, experiment with different professions/builds in hard mode etc. Grind is completely optional and will be so in Guild Wars 2.

          If a person is “grinding” in a game, it is possible that they are actually having fun. I don’t believe it either when I find my friends trying and retrying a level a hundred times in Super Meat Boy but I know that they find it to be fun.

          • I am pretty bored with gw, but playign with people is why I come back.

        • You buy the box in gw, you don’t pay a sub. That means they don’t care if you continue to play or not.

  5. It’s not your fault the other MMO’s out now suck. If you wanted to play other games you’d be better off playing Dead Island, Dues Ex, or waiting for Arkham City or Shadow of the Colossus. Good luck!

    • Rift is ok, and there are plenty of Free to play titles to check out. I wouldn’t say they all suck.

      • True its a bit extreme to say they all suck, but the other games are mediocre just enough to keep you interested in vanilla GW. Rift is decent, and runes of magic is interesting, but it just simply is a lull in mmo gaming.

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  7. Sounds like you already had the difficult titles done. Vanquishing Tyria is time consuming (though Cantha and Elona are quicker.) Cartography is a royal pain and in my opinion the hardest of all (scraping and running around.) Even capturing the elites is really time consuming. Making the money for Drunkard, Sweet Points, and Party Points is fast if you can raptor farm or vaettir farm (or both) for the many holiday events (including talk like a pirate weekend.) I made one of each and have tons of money (plus I have a Rit for farming gifts of the traveler as well) but things like Cartography will keep me far away from GWAMM. I’m done at 45.

    • Cartography becomes a breeze with the texmod cartography mod, one of the few mods gw openly accepts. I had most of those titles done before I had skill hunter or vanquishing done.

      Sweets for me is so difficult because I find it difficult to find affordable sweet stacks, at least over the past 6 months. Party Points and booze, fine you can usually find stuff at 100g per point, but the vast majority of sweets cost 500g or more per point unless its right after wintersday or something. So i’ve been just farming up goth and gott and whatever else.

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