Brilliant Solutions For A Brighter Tomorrow

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You’d have to live under a rock to not know that Star Wars: The Old Republic has a release date, December 20th. For me it’s awkward timing and although I’d like to pick up the game 5 days before Christmas it might make more sense to wait.

Either way I’ll definitely be playing SWTOR even though I haven’t really blogged about it over the past few months.

I suppose I could have blogged about Huttball and how bizarre the notion is. Two factions at war coming together to play a blood sport? Any lore problems aside I’m fine with it as long as people find it fun. I read at least one blog where the author seemed to think the PvP in SWTOR looks more impressive than the PvP in Guild Wars 2. I can’t say I agree, but Huttball is definitely going to make things contentious.

I do like the recent reveal of companion customization however. Not all Mako need look alike. That was kind of a relief for me. Everyone is going to have the same companions for their story, but let’s face it, just the slightest amount of customization allows people to feel like their companions are their own. For me, every other Bioware game on some level has been about the companions.

The one thing I definitely wanted to talk about but have probably spent too much time yammering about in other posts for other classes, is the smuggler character progression video. There has been one for nearly every class. Smuggler got the short end of the stick coming out at the end or at least near it.

Watch for the Indiana Jones style take down. Could stand to lose the cape though.

Anybody check out today’s galaxy map? I found it to be pretty cool, just late and not very useful. I don’t see myself looking at it after today since there isn’t any information there I haven’t already seen and can’t find elsewhere.


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