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I haven’t really talked about any Guild Wars 2 podcasts of late because frankly, there haven’t been any. Relics Of Orr shut down in a fit of burn out and perhaps disappointment that the game hasn’t come out yet. GuildCast has done 1 episode in the past 3 months or so. GuildMag shut down due to time constraints and the main host seeking out other ventures.

Surprisingly it took quite some time for others to begin to fill the void. But as Nox pointed out, they’re beginning to do so.

I thought I’d take a time out to review and comment on the existing podcasts. Keep in mind that any sort of criticism is coming from someone too lazy and incompetent to podcast themselves and has no experience with podcasts outside listening to them. Hopefully I’ll be more constructive than destructive but usually that is not the case.

The first podcast is the oldest. I can’t really tell you anything about GuildCast that you don’t already know. Run by Shawn Schuster and Rubi Bayer from Massively, it’s a finely recorded, professional, and slightly bland podcast. They can tend to focus on emails too much and perhaps ramble a bit, but they’re generally knowledgeable (not all knowing) and a pleasant listen. The only real problem lately is their lack of episodes. They’re busy people I’m sure and I won’t deny them their right to a life outside podcasting but one can’t deny the demand for GW2 podcast episodes.

I also checked out Guild Wars Reporter, part of the MMO Reporter family, which is also pretty well done. It’s a pleasant and well recorded podcast run by someone familiar with the format. It’s actually very similar to GuildCast in a lot of respects. I find the hosts to be quite comparable. A mild mannered male host partnered up with the amicable gamer mom, and the tone is quite similar I think. Just a friendly pleasant conversation about Guild Wars 2. Probably the least rambling of the bunch but also the one with the most breaks for awkward sponsorship announcements.

Guild Wars Insider has fewer episodes than the others, just 3 with one being taken up almost entirely by an interview, so it’s much harder to review. I will say that it’s well recorded, and generally a nice listen. However, I think the host has need of a cohost. He tends to dominate the conversation and personally I would prefer more of an exchange. With Seven being the only recurring element I didn’t feel drawn back. His cohosts, Hexwise in the third and Tigerfeet in the first episode did a fine job but podcasts (at least for me) are more fun with at least 3 people. His voice reminds me of Gary Gannon.

The Lonely Asura is both the podcast with the most problems, and perhaps the one with the most potential. From day one the audio has needed work. I mean we’re talking serious ear murder here. I’m sure it’s both their greatest concern and something they’re working on, so I won’t go further into it. They do have a complimentary set of hosts that have differing opinions. This is one of the things I look for most in a podcast. The discussion can get into the nitty gritty or fly off on tangents. Neither being bad things exactly. Sometimes I find myself wondering just why I’m listening, like when one of the hosts goes out of their way to derail the topic with either troll-like behaviour or nerdish descent into specificity, but then other times I’m rewarded with interesting conversation. The hosts definitely feel like they skew a bit younger than myself, but that isn’t necessarily a criticism. They do seem to know what they’re talking about which is a definite plus.

So yeah. That’s my basic thoughts on the current Guild Wars 2 podcasts. I suppose this entire post is just subtext for what I’ve been kind of hoping for the longest time. That someone from Relics would start up the show again, and I keep hearing rumblings here and there but never anything definite. I talk with some of the people from there quite a bit so lamenting the show is natural to me. Hopefully one of the above shows can fill the gap in some way, but as they’re all in their infancy it’s going to be some time before they do.



  1. I Swung a Sword Pocast – http://ageofretribution.enjin.com/podcast

    I think that I agree with everything you say about the podcasts. Just wanted to throw up the one more link for you and mention something about The Lonely Asura. Some of them are using laptops with the built in microphones and they have mentioned that they are working to get a better alternative sometime soon, by episode 7 I think.

    • Argh, I’d heard of it too, just forgot about it. Also didn’t think they had an episode out yet. To me as a blogger this spoils the whole post! NOOOOooooooo. Anyway, listening to it now.

      Built in microphones FTL, a suitable headset doesn’t have to be expensive.

  2. Ive been listening to RoO, Guildmag, and Guildcast almost from the begging…the podcasts are all great in their own way.. Guildmag seemed to be the most nitty gritty with the small details was bummed 2 c em stop. Guildcast is the most “professional” of the three and its awesome to see them anwsering emails like that.. Even if they do get a little ridiculous at times. Relics was my fav jist because of their sense of humor abd they fit my style.. Which is why i joined the guild. When i heard Ryan wanted to end the show i was both angry and upset.. Just because i loved the podcast so much. Hoping Ryan or the other guys try and revive it. That said i did check out GW insider .. Enjoying it so far very good start.. I agree with the co host thing. Interview was awesome tho!.. Anyway sry for the long post.. Just wanted to give a shout out to all those podcasts.. Rly apprieciate them taking the time 2 make em!

    • I agree with most of what you said, sometimes I think GuildMag got dragged down by the live chat they engaged in, or their attempt to do live shows, but it was good overall. Relics was definitely the most enjoyable.

  3. I thought that Guildcast was trying to get more of the Relics people on, and that would (for me) have been the most awesome.
    I would note that they are waiting for more stuff to talk about, and the only thing they could possibly talk about is your website of late! To me, this site shows me about all the information there is, plus your thoughts. If you did much more it would just be fluff that would bore me. You’ve done a great job of the balancing act so far, and the regular posting fills in well when GW2 people decide not to share anything for the week – like last week. They should just hire you and get you to write stuff all the time and we call be happy till we actually get the game!

    • GuildCast could stand to have a few cohosts, rubi and shawn are great but I’d like to see them up against more people with varying opinions.

      Thanks for the compliments, I do my best.

  4. I miss Relics of Orr…
    There was a brief period of hope when it looked like GuildCast would simply incorporate several voices from the RoO cast, and adding them to discussions between Shawn and Rubi would have made for some interesting listening. Unfortunately that really didn’t come to pass in any meaningful or frequent way. I have no idea what actually goes into the production of a podcast but, as a grouchy old guy on a porch in central Florida I know they sure do help pass the time until GW2 is released… or… well, they did…

    • From what I can tell production on a well recorded and nice sounding episode takes a bit of time. Pretty sure that’s why most people have only two hosts or so.

  5. I had to admit that I have never listened to a single GW podcast. My shame is deep, I know.

    I’ve also heard rumblings of new ones on the horizon. Watch this space.

    • Not one? You’re missing out.

  6. Hey guys, just to comment on a couple things:
    Well written post Hunter.
    To the effect of rumblings of an RO revival, I’ll give a minor update publicly. We have intent to produce another show. More or less as a doorstop, and to try to keep that up during the lull. We don’t intend to do anything of regularity, nor announce that we’re necessarily reviving the show. It’s going to be organic. If I feel that doing the show is productive for everyone, fun, and our production method is a lasting model, we’ll keep doing shows. If we do not, I promise to raise no stinks or make no haughty announcements. Perhaps podfading is the way a podcast should go, because that’s always legit. 🙂

    Also, in defense of GC, with so little news, it would probably make the process of pulling in RO people quite difficult and unnatural feeling. If our show never does gain speed again, I wouldn’t discount this possibility. Shawn and I still talk and I still consider one of the most valuable friends I’ve made on account of GW2 podcasting. I suggest every aspiring GW2 podcaster friend up with this gent as well.

    • Well at least in the circles I travel RO is the most missed of the shows that aren’t producing. Would love to hear a new episode whenever it comes about.

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  8. I just ran across the new podcast from SSN (Sound Strategy Network) that was fresh, and fun, and a nice give and take of opinions. I definitely recommend it.

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