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Airships like these are one of the things I think about when I hear "Steampunk".

We started seeing concept art of airships quite some time ago. It was a bit confusing because at the time we had clearly been told that if there were a focus on an alternative setting in Guild Wars 2, it would be underwater, not in the air.

So at first we weren’t even 100% sure they were airships. I remember that some people posited that they were submarines, and who knows, maybe we’ll see some of those too.

Later even more concept art surfaced and we knew there would be airships but we just weren’t sure why.

With the gamescom trailer clearly showing airships over Lion’s Arch, we know they’ll be in game.

The question is, for what purpose?

We know we won’t be piloting vehicles. They’ve said specifically we’re not driving anything. So what possible use could airships have?

It seems to me, to be somewhat obvious. Hopefully this doesn’t spoil anything for anyone.

The scene we see during the trailer shows several airships over Lion’s Arch all headed presumably out to sea in the same direction. From interviews we know that the airships are of charr and asura construction. So some cooperation was required. Why would a bunch of cooperating allies head en masse to the same place via airship? If they’re trying to cross the Sea of Sorrows and avoid pirate zombies, airships would probably help.

Seems like that’s how we’ll invade Orr.

I’m sure many have come to the same conclusion. That airships will most likely play more of a story role than an in-game mechanic one. I suppose it’s possible that airships will somehow be involved in a dynamic event or the final battle with Zhaitan himself, but I doubt we’ll have much control over the airships themselves.

Anyway, I’ve seen some pretty wild speculation on them, and I thought my own speculation was a bit more reasonable. Thought I’d throw up a post about it.



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  2. I do like this idea, actually. Especially since we’ve been told we don’t go to the Crystal desert (or at least, I think that’s what we were told). It’s probably also how people will/do trade with the Tengu City.

    And of course, later on, Canthan expansion anyone? We don’t even need to have defeated Bubbles before we set off. (Just thought I’d add some logs to the tidy little fire you have there :P)

    • Yeah theres definitely a few ways they could incorporate airships, can’t wait to see, hopefully, large parts of tyria from the sky.

  3. My long-standing theory is that airships will serve as both personal & guild housing, post-release. That doesn’t preclude them playing a role in the story of course, but housing is my prediction.

    • I hope that Anet makes an amorphous city in the mists for guild and personal housing. However I suspect that you are right and they will be making Airships into the Guild Wars 2 Guild Hall/Housing system. This would still be a cool system and allow for everyone to have an instanced house/guild hall without making it too obviously instanced.

      • It would make a bit of sense to have some location in the mists, good point. I think there is the posibility that there will be guild halls themed after each race city however, to give a variety of feels. Whether that means they’re located in the city or in the mists is up in the air.

        • Variability of tile sets is another reason UI think the mists would be a great place for such a city. Where else could you have a house with a old Ascalonean theme sitting next to one with a ring of fire theme. Both of which could then abut a guild hall with a jungle and Asuran themed architecture. The really awesome part in this is that it would result in each server having a unique city layout.

    • A pretty good theory, although if they go with an airship guild hall I doubt all the guild halls will be airships. It would be quite a fitting steam punk element to have our guild halls as airships.

  4. I’m hoping we might have a couple of instanced encounters on airships – it might be interesting to be stuck in a small area with waves of enemies boarding from either side.

    • That would be pretty cool, like a pirate airship boarding your airship or something. Difficult to say just how much effort they’re putting to the air, but airships definitely hold a lot of potential.

      • Thing is with an instanced encounter it wouldn’t take much more resources than a standard dungeon. Just replace the cave walls with open air and the floor with a deck area.

  5. I wonder if they will be used/seen in pvp sorta like the dragon that they mentioned. Personally im hoping its like the heli gunner killstreak from
    Black ops where one person controls the gun while the heli automaticly goes around the map. it would be kool to c a turrent or something shooting at stuff below while the airship circles above… Only problem is how wpuld u take it down hmmm.. Oh well just some speculation

    • Throw a few exposed anti-air turrets on top of hills. That way the air ship has to keep track of capture points and the turrets.

    • Airships could be used in PvP but I doubt we’d get to man them. Some sort of automated thing that swoops in maybe. I just don’t think if they’re used they will be used a lot or flippantly, the more I think about it, the invasion of orr should be a rare and monumental memory, make airships a rare sight and you help achieve that.

  6. I love me some airships. it’s one of the most creative vehicles in fantasy worlds. plus they are awesome!!

    • Airships are very cool, minecraft makes for some excellent examples. Wish minecraft had moving parts though.

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