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This visual is pretty cool.

We’ve known about the asura battlesuit in some form for quite a while, it has been mentioned in various interviews for something like a year. However we’ve never really seen it until this PCGamer interview.

It’s a pretty short article and worth checking out.

Essentially it’s an asura racial skill that summons a battlesuit, but anyone can interact with it.

Favourite part.

PCG: Can friends join you in the battle suit?
JP: It’s designed for one player, but one person summons the battle suit, then anyone can interact with it to get into it and use it.


PCG: What kinds of skills does the battle suit open up?
JP: We haven’t finalized those skills yet, but you will be able to spin around, punch guys, etc. Cool stuff like that.

Cool stuff. It’s this outside the box thinking that permeates each part of the development of Guild Wars 2.



  1. All i care about at this point is seeing a norn in one of those lol

    • Are you kidding? The battlesuit rides on the norn’s shoulders. 😉

      • Other way around.

      • In soviet tyria battlesuit ride you… 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing only charr.

  2. Hunter and what about that red battle suit we all saw in the old trailer? The one the little asura elementalist jumps out from and just after hits a charr (who previously shooted deactivating the armor) ?

    That looked exactly like a battlesuit 🙂 but was totally uncapable of carrying anything but an asura!


    I propose a change in this blog’s background!!!! 😉 It doesn’t match the quality of the posts!!!

    • Good point, and considering there has been some confusion over the details of the battlesuit either they’re going through iterations or there is more than one version of an asura battlesuit. So chew on that for a second.

      If I had more freedom to change around stuff I would, but I have no artistic talent and wordpress is limiting for customization. Couple those things together and we get a pale blue background.

  3. nice!! that suit is awesome! I’m excited for beta coming out soon! exclamation point!

    • Imaginica!

  4. i.. want… one…

    And no norn will use it! They drive bad and I don’t want my asura’s battlesuit destroyed!

    Only geniuses (like me) can use it!

    • You’ll have to be quick to jump in before norn hijack it then.

  5. […] Hunter’s Insight: Asura battlesuit. “We’ve known about the asura battlesuit in some form for quite a while, it has been mentioned in various interviews for something like a year.” […]

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