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I suppose I should call attention to the upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta. Obviously Arenanet has said over and over that the closed beta will happen sometime in 2011, so it’s not really any surprise that rumours are beginning to spread this late in the year.

In particular jeuxvideo, a french site, caught hold of a Korean gaming convention press release from NCSoft. Now it’s garbled beyond belief being translated from Korean to French to English, but hopefully you can get the gist of it.

From the GW2Guru thread.

Of course, the big players will travel among them NCSoft. And if you talk about this show is that the South Korean press relayed a statement indicating the presence of Guild Wars 2: so far, not surprising. What is more, however, is that the press release mentions his presence there “following the start of the Beta West!” This would mean that the beta of Guild Wars 2 would start by the month of November!

So it’s essentially a press release relayed through the Korean gaming press that indicates beta may begin by early November.

And even then it’s a closed beta as has been mentioned a few times.

The last time a beta rumour leaked it was false, but before anybody could breathe there were already people peeved that any news of it hadn’t come from an official source.

This time Arenanet seems to be taking a firm stance of non-confirmation and non-denial.

Martin Kerstein’s response.

We haven’t changed our stance on this. We will start closed beta before the end of the year like we mentioned in our FAQ.

Oh Martin you Beta-blocker.



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  2. Oooh tasty info, nice catch.

    • Credit to the guru and twitter of course.

  3. People speculated on that thread that the game is already in closed beta. I think this is very unlikly since there are still information that we need to learn about such as the new revamped traits, more on guilds and not to mention the 8th prof. That said i think the rumor of a early nov closed beta is very likly in fact i was thinking oct-nov for a closed beta for awhile now.

    • The fact that closed beta existed would probably be a well known fact. Some of your comments reminded me of what i’ve been thinking, that an 8th profession would have to be released before the beta, well possibly anyway.

      • I was hoping that this weekend would be the final one since they have another show this weekend but I would have expected to have heard something by now.

        Doing a beta without all professions would be a missed oportunity to balance and I doubt they would do it. So yeah, come one final prof.

  4. Closed Beta, meh for that unless by some strangeness I am in it. Since I am not a god walking amongst mortals I assume I wont be – sure played it since GW1 beta, but no xmas card for me! Dam gods.

    The only thing that a closed beta would signal to me is that the game is finally starting to get closer to release which would be a relief but that’s about it.

    Still a great pickup though.

    • Closed betas usually have sign ups and people are usually chosen at random with some weight given to what they’re looking for in a tester. So you never know you might get in.

      They have said that beta would be shortly before release but hard to say if they were talking about open or closed.

  5. Just once let a rumor be true…

    • It seems like a pretty shady rumour but at the same time, they have said the beta will start this year, so, its not so much a rumour but logic at this point.

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