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September 20, 2011 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 4 Comments
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One thing a lot of people seem to have missed that I came across is what Martin Kerstein said in a forum post on GW2Guru.

This is his response to someone who seemed confused about your characters being tied to an account.

You can have characters in different guilds, what makes you think otherwise? We will talk more in detail about it at a later stage, but i think there is some misunderstanding here about “account tied to guild”. When you create a new character, and you already are in a guild, you can decide if your new character wants to join the same guild or not.

Sounds like we’ll have quite the number of options for our alternate characters belonging to any variation of guilds.

Now I’m not sure how many people were actually confused by this, if any, but I thought it was worth noting.



  1. My interpretation of it was that when you joined a guild it was an account-wide thing, but that each character could choose which was the “active” guild for that character. Sounds like that is not correct?

    • I suppose there is a fair amount of room for interpretation, but it was my impression that individual characters do not have to be attached to any guild you don’t want it to.

      • The latter would make more sense, rather than having to log into the game, and the log out of the guild you don’t want to be in.

        I can see this speculation and confusion continuing past even an official blog on the subject though. It’s one of those things that only the launch will put to rest, because some people are too used to a different system, and are going to be wilfully blind to ANet’s intentions. You know, the same crowd who “can’t” understand B2P and think the whole game is instanced.

        Any subject that isn’t a race week or profession reveal has this kind of confusion surrounding it (and even some professions which “rock the boat” are subject to it a little). Given the lengths to which ArenaNet go to try and explain what they are doing and why, the fact that people still don’t understand key elements of the game show that, in my opinion at least, it’s going to come down to launch, and people actually seeing the systems in action.

        • It really does make some amount of logical sense given what they’ve been telling us. A lot of things just wont be cleared up until release as you say, including whether or not there is jumping.

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