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And so ends asura week with a bit of prose and a ton of information on the various colleges you can choose from when creating an asura character.

It strikes me that in most games you’d get a short paragraph with little depth as to what you’d be potentially role playing as. A series of similar traits like, light hearted, fun, and bright coupled together to show off a personality type but little else.

I think some of the college choices actually provide something different than simple charming attributes. It’s a more solid foundation for people thinking about their characters background. I hope this information is in the character creator, maybe a ‘more information’ button or something for those who really like to get a better idea of their choices. For people unfamiliar with Guild Wars 2 but giving it a try, I think this would be extremely helpful.

The short story was well written and I liked it. One thing that came to my attention was that asura technology keeps impressing me with just how advanced it is. Spoilers. The golem in the story can analyze DNA (or some magical gobbledygook equivalent) and speaks. And check out this screen shot from the Rata Sum video.

I am reminded of Mass Effect.

Although I find this wonderful, I’m sure there is no shortage of people crying out at the injustice of seeing awesome looking stuff in Guild Wars 2.

Back in the story, I found the following passage quite humourous.

“A force bubble will surround us, the distillery will go off, and we’ll be shot straight up to the surface without so much as a scuffle on your broad…” another step, “cosmonetic…” another step, and now her lips were inches from his, “…toolbox.”


The only other thing I liked hearing about especially was the mention of the other asura cities and Quora Sum in particular. Their grandeur and then destruction makes the asura feel like they actually came from somewhere, and I’m sure, will eventually lead to some underground adventuring.



  1. When I first saw the mesmeric displays (note the purple thought magic color) was how technological they looked. Then I remembered the saying “sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” this seems to be that in reverse. It’s pretty cool to live in a time where as a society we are becoming technomages.

    • Interesting point, I do sort of feel like I’m being brought along on the progression with guild wars 2, that the tech evolved naturally, that the steampunk fits in. Lots of people don’t, but i do.

  2. The ‘ratasumdisplay’ pic makes me think of the stock exchange, ‘Sell, Sell’.(jokeing its beautiful but not better then the other races, ArenaNet have done amayzing work in making all the main cities unique, atleast thats how I see it)

    • I agree, the cities seem quite different to me. Something you don’t see in every game.

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