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If it’s one thing that draws me to the asura, and others I know think I should choose the asura, it’s the snark. I may not be the wisest person, or the strongest, but I can bring the snark.

Today Arenanet posted several audio snippets that are absolutely replete with snark. Whether it be competing asura sniping at each other, expounding on their sensometric inspeculation research, or you know, pirates.

Here’s a paragraph I really liked from the post.

This verbal abuse may seem mean-spirited, but the asura don’t see it that way. They don’t take it personally. Their competitive natures drive them to greater heights of achievement. Remember, asura have survived against terrible odds, including their tiny statures. They’ve earned their attitudes, and a certain amount of bravado keeps them from being victims. With their jibes, they’re telling it like they see it, and if you can’t take the heat, get out of the laboratory.

They’re just telling it like it is. Nothing wrong with that.

I think I liked the voices in this particular blog post, compared to the other 4, the most. Squeaky, highly intelligent, dripping with attitude.

Asura and golem.



  1. I’d like to see them mouth to charr, norn probably wouldn’t get it but charr seem inteligent enaugh and quick to draw weapons.

    • I’m sure this will come up, but I also think charr are smart enough to be impressed by the asuras unwillingness to be intimidated.

      • Or charrs might just think that it is time to teach them a lesson. Could go both ways.
        One thing is not to get intimidated, other thing is to openly downgrade anyone around you as asuras demonstrate.

  2. I do love hearing lovely asuran banter.

    • The asura banter is pretty great and these are just background conversations.

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