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Super nerds always want to correct you. Leave the tiniest detail out, use the wrong word, mispronounce something, they’ll be on you like a skritt on shiny. Take for instance the pronunciation of bookah. Now I could not care less about its pronunciation. However, friends in vent insist that I say boo-kah instead of book-ah. Sigh.

The only thing worse I think would have to be an asura advice columnist.

The article provides a litany of advice on how to keep grawl out of your cabbage patch, how to improve your lemonade, how to improve your love life and why you shouldn’t hang out with charr.

I asked the following quetion of Hey Bookah but it wasn’t answered.

Dear Hey Bookah! Should i put my crystals in a parallel pattern or serial format for my array? I’m worried about my enchantment buffers!

In the spirit of things I’ll re-post my two favourite asura jokes.

What did the asura call the human science tome? Bookah Jokes.

What did the asura call the great work of human poetry? Bookah limericks.

The Hey Bookah column is pretty good example of Arenanet’s sense of humour, but the other blog post today is a great example of the depth of detail they go into when designing things.

Matt Barrett talks about how he goes about designing asura environments, another treat for artists.

Our designs for asuran architecture draw heavily from ancient Hindu temples: massive stone columns, intricate, masterful carvings, and a sense of being inside a mountain.

Anyway, that is it for today, tomorrow we get asura background chatter. Should be fun.

An asuran home.



  1. Wrong, bookah, I did answer your question. “Any species of moderate intelligence could tell you to put your crystals in a serial format. Don’t waste my time.”

    • I saw the tweet, just forgot about it shorty.

  2. I must admit, they remind me too much of Goblin from WoW. Only difference is Asuara are grey instead of green.
    What they have in common one might ask? Let me see:
    -big ears
    -cut-throat personality
    – not to mention both came from “under the rock”

    It might be just me, but until now, they tried to make races unique as much as from other races as at least to some degree from similar races from other games. But here, it is 99% similarity.

    • You’re always going to be disappointed if you look for something 100% original. Everything has been done, every joke has been told, every story has been written. Just be satisfied when people come up with something that isn’t entirely familiar.

      • I understand that, but this is entirely fammiliar to anyone who played WoW. You can argue that goblins are a bit whackier but at the end of the day it is the same.
        I’m not looking for something entirely new, but was at least expecting some difference besides the basic looks.

        • They are a little different to me, I don’t find the WOW ones to be ingenius or aiming to put everyone at their feet. I hate wow ones a lot more, and their voices are even worse. They also symbolise in WOW everything mechanical, which makes me outright hate them. Char have taken that mantel I believe in this game, and these guys are the more inventive side, though its a close call I realise.
          I’d rather play these guys anyday, having said that they are a not on my list of want to plays.

        • How dare you compare me to those upright, green, baboons. Their odor is more pungent than a charr’s, and I dare say goblins have a bit of a lower IQ. At any rate, I am offended and appalled that one could even consider asura and goblins part of the same genus. How disgusting.

        • Well i don’t find them to be familiar.

  3. “When life gives you lemons, shoot them back at life at high velocity.”


    • You are not the only one who likes that line, it has been repeated to me a few times. 🙂

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