Asura Week Begins

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My favourite concept art from the two posts today.

Guild Wars 2 has 5 races. The sylvari, charr, humans, and norn have all had a week of blog posts and features showcasing the lore, art, and game design surrounding those races. Finally we get to see the asura, which is something I’ve been waiting on for a long time.

You can see here what they’ve got in store for the rest of the week.

First today they posted the artistic path they took from goblin-like creatures living on the fringes of society, to the more adorable form we know today.

It’s interesting to look at that first piece of concept art and see where they were coming from and what they kept. From barely dressed barbarians to clothed and civilized people.

The video is also a great resource I’m sure for all the artistic fans of Guild Wars 2. Seeing a long time Arenanet artist, designer of asura, draw one in (apparently?) real time.

Secondly they posted a short story by Jeff Grubb. Written years ago as a concept story to flesh out what the characters and races might be like, it very handily defines sylvari and asura perceptions and attributes.

In particular when Flummox observes human behaviour.

The human blinked in the way humans do when their brains start functioning again.

You can see a lot in the short story, but what makes it interesting to me are the details. Grubb doesn’t have to mention that the necromancer likely got the crypt from charr tomb raiders, or that the necromancer makes people feel uncomfortable, or some of the other details of the caravan, but he does. Those sort of details are what builds a larger world. You make the reader feel like things go on outside the story.

Game fiction doesn’t have to relate only to the game or its mechanics, kept within the parameters of a video game world. Guild Wars 2 is essentially a combat game, as most are, but we don’t even hear about the action until its over and then just in passing.

Overall a good start to asura week.



  1. I definitely think “humanizing” them made a huge difference in making them go from “creepy” to “cute”.

    The video looks a little sped up, but damn, he is still inhumanly fast with his color, brush changes etc, certainly putting me to shame! I’m still learning my way around my Corel Painter. Loved the commentary, I enjoy painting different skin textures too.

    • I’m not really even a fan of them in eye of the north, but some of the art afterwards and from what i’ve seen in gw2 videos etc they just look so cute.

      Was confused by them saying it was in real time but yeah that is definitely sped up.

  2. I loved watching the asura take shape – I might have liked a couple more examples of iterations but that’s just because I’m curious about the way the game has evolved.

    As for the story, I liked it but it was a little predictable (if you’ve read the novels).

    • yeah i also found myself wishing for art closer to gw2, those final pieces look to be from eotn style asura.

  3. I loved the detail he described, it makes it seem stranegly believable, I will enjoy talking with npc’s if they have half this development.

    • It’d be cool if we came across this scenario somewhere in the game, jotun attackign a convoy and you need to collect pieces of material to get a golem running to help you fend them off.

  4. I’m always amazed at those videos. Another talent I wish I had.

    • I can’t say I want that talent but I do admire his ability.

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