Will Guild Wars 2 Get An Authenticator?

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Guildmag tweeted some interviews they had worked on during gamescom and immediately upon reading this one I noticed the following.

After having discovered the NCsoft and ArenaNet logos at the Vasco booth (a company offering secure login services) I grabbed my chance to get some confirmation. Randy confirmed that they have ‘lined up’ with Vasco to explore the various security options they have to offer. If and what kind of security measures they will eventually implement though are not yet determined.

Vasco? Don’t they make authenticators for Blizzard?

Now obviously that doesn’t answer anything and what they eventually end up doing is up to them, however, Vasco touts its “solution” for online gaming security in the following words.

DIGIPASS GO 6 in combination with VACMAN Controller is a strong two-factor authentication allowing secure remote access without the need of installing additional software. The DIGIPASS device is an extremely user-friendly and portable solution. DIGIPASS GO 6 can be used as a marketing tool as the casing of the DIGIPASS is fully customizable.

They seem to have two products here. VACMAN appears to be some form of API-based authentication platform for large numbers of people. Digipass go 6, appears to be, well, an authenticator. The World of Warcraft authenticator.

The digipass go 6

A not entirely dissimilar Blizzard authenticator.

It’s probably just an option, maybe something you can pick up in the Collector’s Edition or something for people willing to spend a little extra dough on security. Personally I’m glad we have the option but I hope they don’t necessarily stop there, I liked Rift’s coin lock system, which tracks which IPs you play from and prevents you from trading anything if you’re playing from say oh I don’t know China.



  1. User responsibility and better protection on NCsoft/ArenaNet’s part would go a long way, as would hopefully better account restoration for GW2.

    I would prefer something like IP based coin lock. I didn’t get hacked but seriously: I play so many MMOs that having to use my smartphone or physical authenticators for all of them would be quite a burden.

    • I’m sure they’ll have better restoration, I mean it couldn’t get any worse. Hopefully there will be some added layer of security we don’t have to pay extra for. I see security as their responsibility since they’re the ones holding on to my account.

      • I logged in to my NCsoft Master Account using my name/pw during the Aion launch and suddenly found myself in the account of someone else. This guy had Guild Wars Prophecies only, Dungeon Runners and some other games I didn’t play but no Aion. I was confused, logged out and in again.

        This experience told me a lesson how secure NCsoft’s Master Account is.

        I would definitely approve of the option to add an Authenticator but NCsoft has to do more than that. Not much point in GW2 being secured by Authenticator when my “Master Account” gets hacked.

        The IP check question they added recently is a first step. Seems they are working on it.

  2. I think if they offered one as an extra security measure I’d certainly shell out. I have a horrible feeling I’m going to get extremely attached to my account in GW2 and I’d hate for it to be hacked and lost.

    • I’d probably only get one if it happened to come in the CE. Otherwise my passwords are usually strong enough.

  3. In addition to security, I hope Arenanet (really NCSoft) puts in place reasonable policies for restoring accounts AFTER you have been hacked.

    • Even some basic security questions should be reasonable, but I understand your complaint. There just wasn’t enough measures in place for guild wars.

  4. NCSoft is terrible at account restoration, as they simply won’t restore accounts most of the time. I really don’t understand how they can get away with it. That is one area ArenaNet really needs to step up and vastly improve on, not the current “it isn’t our fault” line they take with Guild Wars 1. It would help all the GW players if someone that seems to have access / get interviews with them, say at Massively, Kill Ten Rats, or Tap-Repeatedly, would point out how inferior ArenaNet has been in this area compared to other major companies and get them to go on record about putting a reasonable system for account and character restoration, rather than just blame the players and do nothing, which seems to be NCSoft’s way of dealing with it.

    After watching how NCSoft handled things in Aion (they didn’t for the most part), watching player after player get hacked, accounts banned and then finally restored when NCSoft finally admitted the players didn’t do anything wrong (too late, they understandably cancelled their accounts after that kind of treatment, and I’m sure won’t be playing GW2 or any other NCSoft game), well, I’d have loved to see some kind of class action lawsuit against them for the way they treated their customers. With NCSoft handling that end of things for GW2 I can only hope someone at ArenaNet will stand up to NCSoft and make sure they understand how amateur support just won’t cut it anymore.

    • We should probably keep in mind that gw isn’t really comparable to other online games because they don’t have your CC information a lot of the time, they don’t have anything other than the original key code to verify you. They should but they don’t. And as for aion accounts getting hacked, I don’t really know, but aion is far from the only game that has had hacking troubles over the years.

  5. I hope they have the smart phone app atleast anyway, that’s easy enough for most. Not entirely sure why there isn’t a computer based one too… sure maybe having them on the same computers not so great, but who has only one pc in the house now days? Nerdy houses like us have massive networks of PCs. Of course that would mean loading drivers and such – maybe they think its’ too hard.
    Of course, normal people laugh that I protect my gold more than I do my money…

    • I suppose that is the other possibility, that they’ve got some form of smartphone verification software for security, but I doubt that would be something they’d push because the number of people without smartphones would make it pretty limited.

      • WoW has a non-smart phone based calling system where you would set a pin and call the specified number then enter your pin and it would verify that you are the owner of the account then give you access. It is a pain in the ass and doesn’t work well on touch screen phone but it a nice alternative if you don’t have an iphone.

        • That sounds so retro, there is a definite need for a web based system.

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