Jennifer Hale Is Zhaitan! :P

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Okay no, Jennifer Hale is not Zhaitan. For many of us though, we think the idea is intriguing. She is one of the pre-eminent voice actors of animation and video games. Perhaps the most popular voice actress alive.

She plays the female version of Shepard in Mass Effect. Bastila Shan in Knights of the Old Republic. Samus Aran, the badass bounty hunter in Metroid. She has been in literally countless video games. Or at least I’m not counting them.

She also does television work, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Justice League, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies, and a half dozen other cartoons you’d probably love.

Anyway, if you hadn’t already recognized her voice from the original Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer, I was twittering about with some Guild Wars 2 writers (John J Ryan, Bobby Stein) and they mentioned being a bit aflutter over working with her. I would be too.

They also mentioned there would be more on voice overs closer to release, so I hope I’m not spoiling anyone’s fun. With a bunch of really well known voice actors already on board the voice talent seems really strong for the major characters.

So yeah. Jennifer Hale likely doesn’t play Zhaitan, the main villain of Guild Wars 2. Who does she play though? It could be Queen Jennah, or perhaps The Pale Tree, Ember Doomforge or Almorra Soulkeeper, Faolain, or some other character we don’t even know of yet.

One villain she does play, at least to Guild Wars 2 fans, is Satele Shan the Jedi Grand Master in Star Wars: The Old Republic.



  1. Me and my brother were wracking our brains for a LONG time about who was playing Vekk in EotN. We were so happy when we found out it was the voice of Brain (and countless other characters).

    • I love picking up on voices from video games/tv shows and matching to another. It can be pretty fun.

  2. Jennifer Hale is awesome. She’s my boyfriend’s favorite voice actress, I think (me, I’m partial to Tara Strong and Cree Summer) 😛

    I love seeing who voices which characters and linking up all of the other characters they’ve voiced (Bender from Futurama is Tidus from Final Fantasy X! and that sort of thing).

    Also, need more Scott McNeil! He’s my favorite male VA, and while I could say I may be biased because I’ve met and hung out with him in person at a convention, I thought he was badass long before that. Seeing how cool he is in person just cemented that badass-ness.

    • Cree Summer is pretty distinctive and recognizable, not sure I’m a fan of strong though. I only really know her from timmy on fairly odd parents and i hate that voice.
      The only male voice I know of that isn’t on the imdb page is nolan north.

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