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As I was watching the Community panel at PAX that the Arenanet community team gave I noticed something. After noting a bunch of things I’m not very good at, being more social, talking to people, and working together with others, they began to talk a bit about the social features of Guild Wars 2.

An audience member asks a question in the video at 44:18, but I’ll quote.

With the technology that is available with different social media outlets, how much of that is going to be apart, or at least as far as your goals, will that technology be apart of Guild Wars 2?

And of course he goes on to give examples, but the answer is more important.

The thing is I like the idea, I can’t actually tell you if it will be part of the game or not, because I just don’t know. We’re still working on a lot of the social aspects of the game, we’ve talked in the past about our extended experience team. I know other games do it, not just bejeweled but other MMOs out there that actually have Twitter integration and you can share everything, all your achievements on Twitter. I think it’s a good idea if you do it in a non-intrusive way because I’ve seen Twitter streams from people that are just like “I’ve just got this one done in the game and I’ve just got this one done in the game.” And I was just like “that’s great, but I don’t really care.” If you can make the choice as a player to basically share that with your friends then I think it’s actually a nice tool because it gets other people excited as well, but if you do it in a way that is automatically done then that’s not community friendly.

Preaching to the choir.

Obviously community manager Martkin Kerstein doesn’t actually know what will happen with Twitter or Facebook, but he seems to show a clear understanding of one of my biggest pet peeves with Rift and Twitter.

Meaningful interaction is great, but inundating me with your foursquare, Rift achievements, Raptr activity, or which movie and tv shows you’re watching is just spam.

If you only have to take a few seconds to stop, access a menu, and confirm that you want to tweet something, that is so much more meaningful. Tweeting every single thing you do just tells me you don’t give a crap, so why should I? Why should I be following you? Why should I put up with this? Why are you tweeting your achievements if even you don’t really care?

To be frank I’ve tried both the unbelievably subtle approach and the not so polite strategy to try to get people to stop. Sometimes it has worked and sometimes it has not.

Look if I want to know what you’ve been up to, and I haven’t figured that out by reading your blog or seeing you in game, I’ll probably talk to you.

Crazy right?

No, the Arenanet community team probably doesn’t have much control over the social integration of Guild Wars 2 but I wish they did.



  1. I loved when he said that! I do have my Twitter account associated with my Rift account. I loved tweeting the odd screenshot. But I had it on a setting that it didn’t tweet anything without my prior permission and especially none of the achievements.

    I stopped using that feature when I realised that it did tweet my screenshots but it didn’t upload it anywhere I had access to. I don’t remember the website it used. But even after making an account there and signing in with it, I couldn’t find a way to associate my screenshots with it. šŸ˜¦ So I instead took screenshots and uploaded them manually when I had the time.

    • It’s been a while since I’ve played rift but while I was playing the only tweeting I enjoyed doing or seeing from others was when they cared enough to screen shot and tweet something. Couldn’t care less if people got the same achievement everyone else got.

  2. I made a point to not associate my twitter account with my Rift account, simply because I don’t like when I get spammed with stuff like that on my feed, so I sure as hell don’t want to subject anyone else to that sort of thing! I’ve removed people simply because they felt the need to post to 4square every time they took two steps (or so it seemed).

    Some sort of social network interaction with GW2 would be great, but it should be something that’s heavily controlled by the player, instead of “So and so just killed four krait!” any time you do anything. That’s annoying.

    • I don’t get how the people who do it think it isn’t annoying anyone that is following them. 6 months after rift it just seems like common sense.

  3. “We just pwned a team in Khylo 500-81 in GW2.” – Something I’d actually share on Twitter. “I just took down Tequatl the Sunless, BY MYSELF.” You know, stuff that is actually cool and impressive. Even “I broke someone of the Holy Trinity mindset.” would be funny. “We just ran the level 80 Dungeon with no armor on.”

    But NEVER “I hit level 80 the first day GW2 came out. Excuse me while I go kill myself.” or “WTS 100 stacks of crafting shit.” That would be fail.

    • The stuff you would twitter is not the stuff that you would get achievements for is essentially what you’re saying and I agree.

  4. This reminds me of facebook – my newsfeed is so clogged by those insipid people who insist on announcing that they’ve found 2 golden sausage rolls in “emily’s restaurant” or that they need 5 more bales of hay or their cattle will perish. I don’t give a crap.

    Thankfully, on fb you can filter that bumfluff out, twitter is different – it’s follow or don’t follow.

    • I wish twitter had the same functionality really. What I wouldn’t get to filter people who spam a bit much, or turn off auto tweets altogether.

  5. I’d rather other stuff altogether, what’s got to do with having fun in a game? On the guilds site or something perhaps it could post stuff like this. I’d rather have more game, thanks. None of my friends nor I use it; and Hunter, I though you hated it. Don’t give in.
    Meaningful interaction is doing stuff together, bring that on. These post-it-note sites are not interaction of any type. It’s a great big rubish bin for corps to search.

    • No use denying what is going to happen, it’s better to at least add your voice and criticize than ignore the inevitable.

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