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I think asura (incoming feature week soon I hope) are really coming around to being one of the most popular races in Guild Wars 2. Kind of unusual considering most small races don’t typically end up being popular. I’ve been generally hearing a buzz around them in the blogosphere however, and frankly, who wasn’t impressed by the asura emote video I posted a while back?

They just look darn cute and here’s a video of them just being darn cute and running around.

Then I was over on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit and noticed poll results for a poll I must have missed at some point. It surprised me because it showed the asura, at least in that community, are the second most popular.

Creddit to Reddit and ThrityThreeas I assume.

Over at GW2Guru you’d be lucky to find a poll where they aren’t the least popular race. Whether it’s a poll asking which race you like the least or which race you plan to make first.

Personally they’re in my top two.

Anyway I’m just blabbering on when all I really wanted to post about was this video, showing off just about every guardian skill animation, from an asuran point of view of course.

It’s from the same folks who put together the videos from the last post, so pretty thorough.



  1. mind = blown
    I don’t know what else to add to that… so many of those weapon skills just look awesome to me.
    I just officially went back into “hype overload” mode again and it’s actually physically painful to me that this game isn’t already out and playable right this very instant. After I spend a bit of time curled up on the floor somewhere dark and quite I’m sure I’ll recover… shouldn’t take more than a day or two.

    • I think its the tendency of most MMOs to minimize skill effects, and I don’t think gw2 is doing that at all and I love it.

  2. Syp also made a poll:

    What I find curious there is that humans are on the last spot. I always thought that humans were popular because… well, they’re us! And it’s easiest to feel close to your character when it looks so similar to you. 😉 But ArenaNet apparently managed to make all the other races even more popular than humans.

    Now excuse me while I’ll go squeal over the Asura’s animations. ^^

    • That poll is actually linked in the post 😛
      Personally after 4 boxes of guild wars and humans I’m bored with the human race. I’m not sure thats the reasoning other people use but I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • Ah. Blogosphere. Clever. I saw the words but not the link. 😉

        I want one human. They said that our names are most likely reserved for us, so I hope that’s what they’re doing. I want another Tenedra Yeodo. She’ll most likely be a guardian. The great-great-great-great-great-…-niece of the current Tenedra. 🙂

        Then I’ll have Charr Engineer, Sylvari Necromancer, Norn ranger and Asura warrior, elementalist, thief and probably also the unannounced class. 😉 And another warrior but as a charr. And yes, I’m counting on being able to buy all those character slots. ^^

        • I’m just gonna get more than one copy of the game for myself right out the gate… and THEN add more character slots as needed…
          (man… I really have an altaholic problem)

  3. They are just so goddam adorable.

    • Attitude, cleverness, big anime eyes and all the abilities to do things that everyone else has. They’re like pet gerbils in a way.

  4. Geeks have been voting! As soon as the game is released humans will dominate. And pretty races. This is not only my prediction but backed up by data from many other MMOs. Humanoid and pretty >>> non human. I think the bestial charr will get hit the hardest. Cutesy races likes gnomes or asura always seem to have a core followership.

    Take a look at the WoW Census website. The Horde was full of Undead till the Blood Elves appeared. Guess the three most popular races: Human, Blood Elf, Nightelf. Worgen on place 4 only have half as much population as the Nightelves according to this Census. Granted, it only takes data from people who have the mod installed but it’s still probably the best data sample census any game so far.

    • Perhaps, but perhaps not. I wouldn’t be surprised if gw2 had a more even distribution of races than you are suggesting. Arenanet seems to be making races more intricate, more storied, more detailed than other game companies do.

      • I have to disagree, I would be very surprised if things didn’t end up as Longasc said. But it’s all speculation so who knows.
        As for me if I play Warrior it’ll likely be Norn but if I play Guardian it’ll probably be on a Sylvari.
        That said, I most enjoy the cities of the Asura and the Humans so there’s some alt speculation right there.
        Of course, this all assumes that racial skills are properly balanced.

        • I was having a conversation with people the other day discussing how much of an influence the racial skills will have on race choice. Maybe this is worthy of a post.

          • Ya sounds like it could be an interesting post Hunter. BTW I think the golem suit will be racial skill related.
            The trick will be not so much racial skill balancing I don’t think. It’ll be whether certain racials are better for certain classes. I’d hate to have to play a Charr Warrior, for example, only because they have the best racial for tanking or what-have-you.
            I played a Tauren Warrior in WoW for years because the % health increase racial was so incredibly important. Along with the benefits of being larger when playing as a main tank for a raid of 40 or 25 people. Being able to be easily seen and clicked on was indeed beneficial even with all the mods and other gadgets people played with.

            • Most of the racial skills Ive heard of seem to either summon something, heal you, or some other function. I think they might be going for different racial versions of the same thing in a lot of cases.

              This is one of the golems.

  5. Something I don’t think I’ve noticed (or didn’t pay much attention to) before is some of the skills interact with the vegetation as they are used. Pretty impressive! Like Longasc I think humans will dominate early on when the game comes out, but I do think the others will have good populations once players see how good they look, the animations, the home city, etc. I’m still going sylvari, asura, human, charr, and finally norn; think I’m pretty set on that. I think the asuran main city will be my favorite, but after seeing a long video from Gamescom exploring Divinity’s Reach, well, if all the main cities are that big and well crafted I’ll be spending a lot of time in each, just exploring them.

    • I was tempted to call my list of reasons to play gw2 a while back “the grass moves” because of the attention to detail that lets them put in things like plants reacting to people moving through it or skill effects.

      I’m thinking divinitys will likely be my favourite city, even if humans aren’t my favourite race.

  6. Quite interesting people seem to have voted for professions that suit the races characteristics and background, eg very few Asuran and Sylvari Warriors as opposed to the Charr and Norn.

    • True, and on some level I’m a little disappointed, but that just makes me want to play guardian or warrior on an asura that much more.

  7. Well, GW2 is the only MMO that make me think seriouslly to play a human (I never play humans… at EQ I played halflings, dwarves, elves, iksar, flogrok, but never, NEVER< a human). But humans at GW2 "never surrender!"

    But I am too thinking to play a sylvari (plant people!) and asura.

    Asura have cuttie emotes… I like the asura from the novels… and IF I CAN HAVE A GOLEM I WILL PLAY ASURA!

    • Asura can have golems from karma rewards. Not sure exactly how it works, but gain enough karma from a certain vendor and it seems like you should be able to ride around in a golem, probably for a limited time or something.

      • Maybe be a racial skill… anyway, if asura have golems, I will be a mad mage-scientist with a big golem!




        • Check out some of the info here.

          • Well, if that info is correct, asura will have the golem “armor” as racial skill.

            So, I will play an asura… and my toon will be a “genius”!

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