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I was cruising around the Guild Wars 2 Guru forums to see if I had missed anything major at gamescom or PAX so far. In one thread I came across a user, Rehnahvah Gahro, who had watched this video and seen this pop up on screen.

Image taken by Daelin Dwin of the same forums.

As Rehnahvah noted, you can see the following text.

Guilds are a great way to connect to a community. Members have many ways to communicate in the game, website, and from mobile devices.

Guilds can also earn influence to purchase upgrades such as leveling bonuses, shared item vaults, and the ability to throw parties.

So much awesomeness to examine here.

We have ways to communicate via the website? Is this the browser chat function to speak with players in game we’ve heard about? Or some kind of email or other feature we don’t?

Who will we be earning influence from? My immediate thoughts are of the orders, the Vigil, Durmand’s Priory, or Order of Whispers.

Bonuses to earning experience points are pretty standard for most MMO guild features. Glad to see it here and I hope there is a lot of stuff like this.

No guild vault would have been a giant miss on the part of Arenanet, glad to see it here.

The ability to throw parties. Now in Guild Wars you can set off fireworks in your guild hall, but throwing a party sounds more intricate than that. Can’t wait to see the features they’ve got planned for throwing a party.

If you look at the graphic you can also see a couple things.

There is a Tag tab. In Guild Wars each player’s name is adorned by a few letters afterward. These are a guild tag giving people a clue as to your full guild name. A lot of guilds tend to think up clever tags to add to their guild name. Relics of Orr has RO while one of its sister guilds, Hamstorm Nation has PIG.

You can also see a nice guild emblem in the image. It appears to closely resemble one of the many emblems available in the original Guild Wars. A dragon head about to either chomp down on a falling human or more likely flame breath.

A few of these things, to me, indicate that we’ll be seeing guild halls, capes and banners, and many things we’ve yet to see.

I’m hoping this means we see more guild information soon.



  1. I squee’d at Jim when I read this. Poor Jim.

    PARTIES!!!! I’ve been looking forward to hearing about guilds for so long! Hopefully we’ll get to hear something solid sooner rather than later. But even little bits like this will do. 😀 /excited

    • It’s not much but I’ll take it. It’s starting to give form if not mass yet.

      • Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t they hint at a lot more than just guild chat via a web browser or mobile device a while back? I thought I had heard inventory management and/or crafting would be available. This would be phenomenal, and worth a few extra bucks as a one time fee in my opinion. Of course, if it comes standard I won’t complain!

        • That’s all true, I just didn’t see a need to bring it up since I was focusing on the ‘guild communication via the website’ part.

          Still can’t wait to see that stuff though.

          • I wasn’t criticizing. I just remembered the other mobile/web features they mentioned and how I would love an update on them from PAX.

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