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I talked a bit about customization when I posted the Videos You Have To See post last week. I just wanted to throw up this video of a much more extensive look at customization for all races.

You’ll get to see virtually every option for every race completed so far. The game is still in friends & family beta, so keep in mind many options are missing.

It starts off with the human character creator, and the player painstakingly examines each option. There appears to be around 22 hair styles, 11 choices in skin colour, 10 faces, 6 facial hair options, 6 eye sliders, 5 nose, 3 mouth, and 2 chin/jaw sliders. In addition to the initial body slider of course.

Not shown is the physique types you can choose from. Basically you can choose anywhere between skinny and football player, with 7 basic body types.

At around the 5 minute mark the video switches over to female human customization. The options seem to be comparable, but less finished hair and more finished faces. I did notice you could change the colour of a hairband that comes with any of the particular hair styles.

At the 8 minute mark they start in on the female norn. There are some particularly cool stuff going on here but I liked the valkyrie tiara thing the most. I guess I just love vikings.

At about 9:50 we turn to male norn and the extent of the tattoos are incredible. There are only about 10 or so options but they are full body and massive.

Around 13:15 we start to see the charr female customization. The one thing of note I’d like to point out is the range of fur options. I mean just look at the charr at 15:08. That is a bright yellow cat with spots. Too bad no time is spent on male charr.

At 15:10 we move into male sylvari customization. Not a whole lot to say here as I’ve discussed it before. The mohawks are still the coolest mohawks in MMOs despite what some people think. Beginning to see the lack of customization here though because the sylvari are clearly not finished at this stage. We do get a short peak at some early armour customization. Was I dreaming when I saw/heard someone saying that colour choice translates to new armour when you equip it? I can’t find a source.

16:50 shows us the female sylvari. Again we can see a lack of options with only 3 faces and 4 ear options. We do see the wide range of skin colour however (about 21 shades) and I can’t wait to start picking something out.

Near 19:10 we start in on male asura. I have to say I’m not a fan of the afro. More power to you if you like it, but it isn’t for me. In particular this video outlines why I don’t like it. An ugly hair colour, coupled with a giant fro is ugly as hell. That white fro is ridiculous.

And at 21:35 we finally see female asura. You can make your female asura pretty fricking cute, or ugly, if you so desire. One thing I noticed was a severe lack of awesome goggles for my asura. Hopefully Arenanet can put together a selection of wicked ocular equipment for the release.

Hopefully that was not as long and boring as it felt to write. Overall I really liked the shades you could make sylvari, I’m not a big fan of asura hair, norn and human are looking good, but I wish we could have seen more of the charr in the video. There are other videos for that of course.


  1. I also heard that the armour colour follows on from your original dye choice, I believe it was on one of the videos (possibly the totalbiscuit one). That’s pretty sweet, the whole acquiring dye was a bit of an administrative exercise and led to me hoarding every dye colour in the game so that I could have whatever combo I liked whenever I liked.

    • Biscuit would make sense I did watch a couple of his videos. I am going to abuse the heck out of the dye system in gw2.

  2. <- the female norn hairstyle you mentioned reminded me of Valeria at 03:06. Would be most appropriate for a shield maiden / guardian.

    • The norn really do look like norse warrior women so I’m not surprised to find various valkyrie type imagery.

  3. […] off I’d like to say that Hunter, from has put up a great post that includes some nice videos on character customization.  These charts are made from off-screen […]

  4. Why does the male human have a star on his forehead?

    • I was thinking it could be a headpiece but I don’t honestly know.

    • Remember they were checking the customization out on an ele character. What do ele’s usually have on their forehead?

      • is that a rhetorical question? j/k seriously though how many people just disabled the ele’s diadems, I know I did.

  5. I’m kinda sad to see that all humans are white again. 😦

    One of the things I really like about GW when taken as a set is the diversity of facial features/bone structure which, more than any other MMO imo, reflects the richness of human faces.

    …oh well, Factions and Nightfall came later, when they knew that GW would live, and live well. Maybe we can hope for more human racial diversity later on from GW2, if it too, lives and lives well.

    • The 11 shades of skin colour should make up for a lack of bone structure options. There are sliders and other options as well. Hopefully people can put something together that they can live with.

  6. i thought (from previous entries) that you didn’t like the Norn? or you’re still capable of appreciating good art direction? 😉 😉
    Sounds like your heart’s set on the asura still!

    • Basically yeah, I can appreciate good norn stuff, and some parts of the norn are intriguing like the viking aspects, but overall I’m not called to play them.

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