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One thing that has come out about asura that makes them one of my top choices for a race in Guild Wars 2 is their animations.

When they have a hammer they lug it over their shoulder, because their hammer is almost as big as they are. When they’re rolling or fighting, or anything really they just seem adorably well animated.

Through their animations, not the game mechanics, Arenanet acknowledge the asuran problem of size.

I especially like their emotes.



  1. The animation is the main thing which attracts me to them too. It just looks like you get a lot more LIFE out of the non-humanoid characters because of the unusual way in which they move.

    • Agreed, I guess you can’t make a pint sized avatar all that ferocious compared to a charr, so you make them more animated and well… cute.

  2. For some reason, I think the asura emotes are correct with relation to the lore… at least with relation to what I read at the books.

    It is me or you too can see Zojja doing ROFL? Let’s hope there is an emote where asura can make tantrums…

    • I can’t wait to see more asura emotes, and emotes of all kinds. I’m told there will be much audio and happiness.

  3. Three words…so. damn. cute. Yes, it’s why I want to play an Asura.

    • I haven’t played small races before, except a dwarf in LOTRO, but there just seems to be personality in asura beyond your basic MMO character.

  4. I’ve been back and forth on it and I think I’m going to make my main an asura afterall. After getting to see all the video last week, I like them the most of all the races.

    • I think I will suffer from heavy alt disease: I want play humans because their lore is good, but I too want play sylvari (platn people) and asura (mad mage-scientist with some little problems with… mmmm…. height…. nothing that an oversized golem not solve or smash).

    • I’m still sticking with sylvari, I like their looks and the customization if taken further is right up my alley.

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  6. My Asura thief is going to be all kinds of awesome. Can’t wait to see leaping death blossom animations for Asura! : P Yoda Asura FTW! Asuran Melee classes must be more proportionally buff than other races, judging by how much work they do in their animations!

    • Yoda backflips, yeah I would imagine some inspiration being taken from there, nice call. I’m pretty itnerested to see physique options for races other than human, most of all asura.

  7. I could hug you for including that video. Shared it with a friend and she broke out laughing almost immediately.

    Everything I’ve seen from GamesCom has confirmed my choice of 2 sylvari and 2 asura as my main characters… if it’s true that we end up with 5 character slots initially then the 5th will most likely be a norn, or another sylvari.

    The humor in the animations simply confirms everything I’ve come to hope for from ANet… awesomesauce.

    • So are you thinking one male and one female? I’ll probably have one of each race before I start with the same race again.

      • I know it’s an aberration in MMOs but, I generally don’t “cross-dress” in multiplayer games, so all my avatars will be male… I enjoy RPing… just not “that” type of RPing… heh.

        The fact that we can explore other racial areas without having to create a member of that race kind of took the pressure off of that decision for me personally. I have very little interest in playing as a Charr (I already did my service in the military with the USN.) The two most appealing races (in terms of appearance as well as lore) for me are the sylvari and asura and it’s a pretty decent size gap back to 3rd place, so the vast majority of my characters will be drawn from those two no matter how many character slots we have access to.

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