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Arenanet released both a blog post outlining their conquest matches, and an overview on GuildWars2.com that filled us in on a few things concerning PvP.

Obviously I covered a bunch of things in my Prep post from a few days ago but there are a few things I want to talk about.

Like this image of the PvP lobby menu.

Choose from a selection of PvP matches.

You can a lot just from this image. You’ve got match size, naming your own match, filtering based on preference, I’m assuming adjustable time limits otherwise why note them, adjustable scores perhaps, a note about map rotation. Don’t quote me on some of these but it seems like some of this stuff is highly changeable.

Being able to choose teams you’ve played with before ensures familiarity and the chance to get rivalries and a good group of friends going. It builds a community, or at the very least, gives you somewhere you like to go so you can play with people you know.

Couple that with player run tournaments as they mention in the overview, and now we’re cooking with fire. The way they mention player run tournaments to me sounds like they’re planning on having infrastructure perhaps? It could be as simple as hosting your own matches but it would be excellent to have in game help with this.

We also get to see the finishing move, a final blow to send someone in the downed state back to spawn, but I wasn’t particularly impressed. I like that it’s there, and I like the finality of it, but the animation seems to be just your character rising up and then stomping on the downed player. A curb stomp some might call it. I was hoping for something a little more Mortal Kombat but it’ll do.

One of the best things in my eyes are the audio cues to what is going on. They got effing Duke Nukem himself to voice things like “Clocktower Captured!” to let you know who has what, or give tips to newbies to the map.

Let’s take a closer look at Kyhlo specifically. Here’s the overhead map.

Various strategic points on the map of Battle of Kyhlo.

I am at a loss as to where to start.

The trebuchet mechanic looks amazing. In 5vs5 I can’t imagine it being too useful to stay on those for very long but in larger games I can imagine some people staying back solely to use the trebuchet over and over again.

Also, buildings blow up go boom!

Roof Jumping.

I liked that the layout of the areas didn’t just seem like, “here is an open field to fight on, go nuts”. It is a complex map with line of sight issues, choke points, obstacles, and multiple avenues of traffic. In one video I saw a team using stealth to advance on their enemies, while others ran straight into battle, and still others stayed behind to man the trebuchet.

The environments also look just as pretty as anywhere else in the game with attention to detail and beauty. The structures are distinctive, with thought given to visual markers and a sense of direction.

The clocktower, the windmill, and marmaduke.

Overall Guild Wars 2 PvP looks to be a vast improvement over not just Guild Wars but all MMO combat. I have never seen PvP in an MMO look this promising or this fluid. When Arenanet spoke about some of their inspiration coming from FPS games they weren’t kidding. It’s like they ripped the inner guts out of one and in their mad scientist lair reconstructed their bionic vision. We can rebuild Guild Wars. We can make it stronger. We have the technology.

There are a few other things to check out. The BoK blog post has a run down of pro tips for each profession that can be pretty interesting and gives you an idea of what they can do in battle. The overviewoverview isn’t a long read and should just be read in general if you’re into PvP. If you’re still with me, they even posted a Making Of blog post about the BoK showcasing all the people that put work into the map.

Here is a higher quality PvP video than the one I posted yesterday, even if the player runs around a little too much.



  1. Nice I noticed how fluid the PvP was too. It looks fast and fun without dying every 5 seconds. That tells me it is about strategy not strength. I’m very excited for this game now. Looks to be a great in and out type game like CoD.

    • and you don’t have to stop moving to cast something, which is a big mistake a lot of games make. I guess that is one of the reason it seems so fluid, that and the dodging.

      CoD seems to come up a lot in comparison, but unfortunately I’m not too familiar with it.

  2. Good news for you, Hunter. Someone on Guru who tried PvP was talking to a dev, who said that the final blow animation is a placeholder for now. He said ideally either every race or every profession would get a unique animation.

    • Oh fantastic, glad to hear it. A different animation for each profession is pretty much exactly what i was expecting.

  3. I’m noticing a lot of elements that go into FPS multiplayer seem to be added to this and let me say that is an excellent idea. Games like Call of Duty and Halo are huge sellers for their online multiplayer alone and the fact that Arenanet realizes this and is implementing some of these features is huge. Not only will it improve the experience for everyone it will also likely attract a lot of people who would never have tried out an MMO otherwise.

    • Try out not just an MMO but a fantasy MMO perhaps. It is pretty ingenious when you put it in those terms. I hadn’t thought of them tapping into the halo market but in a way i guess they are.

  4. Although I’m not a big PvPer, I thought this looked really interesting. The fight looked fluid and very mobile. And I liked how survivable the characters were. I can’t believe that the player got out of a couple situations where he was so close to going down.

    And to respond to a tweet you posted earlier, I think some people are professional worriers. One blogger who I won’t mention freaked out about the lack of World v World being shown, even though he pasted Regina’s response right in his post. I don’t even know what to thing sometimes.

    • From what I know of that particular video, this was someone playing PvP for the very first time as well, so if he was able to survive that much, I can’t imagine how hard it would be to put down a veteran. Of course someone more familiar with the game might know how to put someone down better. In any case it looks very interesting.

      I saw the same post and thought the same thing, but I’ve become accustomed to that behaviour from them.

  5. It’s torture that we still have to wait for quite some time!

    • I’m hoping we’re going to see the game within the next 8 months. But thats pure wishful thinking.

  6. It might be just me, but what is the final objective in this map?
    They talk about capturing something, about repairng catapults and about killing enemies. But I want to know what type of game is this. Is it Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Resource Race or what?

    • There are 3 control points on the map and every 2 seconds for each control point you own you score, and the first team to 500 wins.

  7. Just a note: the curb stomp animation is placeholder for now.

    • yes, someone mentioned in an above comment, but thanks.

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