The Guild Wars 2 Gamescom Videos You Have To See

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There are a lot of videos coming out and there will be a lot more, but so far today I would say that the following videos were the most interesting to watch.

Here is the first Guild Wars 2 PvP match I ever saw.

The Battle of Kyhlo was mentioned a couple days ago as being the PvP setting for the gamescom demo. Today Arenanet also released a blog post on the subject, which I’ll blog about later, but for me nothing demonstrates PvP better than a video and here we have it.

The video shows off all the things that you can talk about but never really understand until you see it. The environments do in fact destruct. The players are nimbly moving around the battlefield. Tactics are required. The map is more than just some random collection of obstacles. Yes, someone did in fact jump on a roof.

This has the opening charr cinematic, which is fine and everything, but, it also has sylvari character customization. The options are a little limited, I presume due to it being a demo, for instance the female customization had more options than the male. But I love the options we get, the variation in colours, and how the combinations work together. Arenanet has also said we’ll get sliders for various parts of the face so that should help immensely.

In the asura character creation video we see a bit more fiddling with the colours of your armour, but it tends to focus on the male aesthetics. Including the fro. I might just have to go with the fro.

I suppose I could show you the human character customization, which has a bit of body type selection, or the charr customization which has…. ugly ass horns, but I think I’ll show you the new Shatner.

Turn your volume down.

The fight is honestly not entirely different from The Shatner, but the details are different enough that I think it’ll be interesting. Certainly there are different tactics necessary and different attacks and abilities you have to avoid. There’s a few things I’d like to comment on but I don’t want to spoil them. Check it out.



  1. Thank-you for the time and effort spent putting this entry together and collecting the videos in one spot. Outstanding work as usual sir. (Btw, thank-you also for the “headsup” on turning down the volume… very courteous.)

    – The PVP looks fast and fun. (and the asura visuals are awesome imo.)

    – The customization is good (my expectations were moderated on this topic, so I was actually pleased with what was shown, and I’m sure by the time of release I will be quite happy with the options available to us.)

    – The “Soggy Shatner” fight looks just as fun, involved, and interesting as the original Shatner fight to me, and I can’t wait for both of them. I’m sure with time and repetition they will grow old and boring… say, after 50 to 100 runs each? Naw… who am I trying to kid… those are going to be my “dailies” for as long as I play the game!

    • I was really impressed with the pvp video, it looks a lot more fluid than I thought it might be due to all the ground based effects but that seemed to have no effect at all.

      I’m a little disappointed by the lack of customization but i also understand its a demo and there will be more. What was there was impressive, diverse, and showed off the customization a great deal.

      That dragon fight had me as soon as it jumped out of the water. I imagine there must be an invisible wall or something… nobody went to dive in after the corpse anyway.

  2. I’m considering playing an Asuran Hammer wielding Guardian simply for the running animation while his weapon is out.

    • The animations for the asura are definitely well done. Noticed a lot of cool things in the pvp match and the dragon fight.

  3. I liked the look of the PvP a lot, so much more movement and involvement in the individual combat. Can’t wait to see it a few months in when people are actually good.
    The water dragon fight had high points and low points for me. First off, I love that they put that much effort into the mechanics of this fight which seems to basically be just an easy world boss battle. However, I’m once again concerned about the tuning of their scaling system. It reminded me of the Norn video where they killed that giant worm in like 10 seconds. I really feel like they need to look at either HP or damage resistance scaling for their events.
    Furthermore, the demo player contributed very little, spending a good portion of the fight standing around doing nothing and still qualified for the giant chest? I wonder how much that type of leeching players will be able to get away with… do you recall Hunter if the level of reward for an event like that scales with contribution or is that only for things like filling up the quest contribution heart thingies?

    • I admit it was kind of a quick fight considering the scale of the attacks, the defenses, other factors. It might be tuned to the demo though, because remember the demo is on a timer. So they would have to keep it short.

      The demo player particpated and therefore gets a reward but it probably wasn’t very good, it scales on how much you participate.

    • I’m pretty sure they mentioned that they *really* tone down the demo’s for difficulty since 80% of the players have never played.

      • yes, I definitely remember them saying that last year anyway.

  4. Here is a link to a better quality version of that boss fight:

    Still have to turn your audio down. 🙂 has a link to a 40 minute video that also includes a fight against the same boss and they basically get their rear ends kicked, so it clearly depends on the quality of the players. I noticed in the winning video all the various turrets and lasers and such were kept defended and it looked like there was a lot better teamwork.

    I’m actually more interested in the charr after watching a couple of videos of their starting area, as well as some character creation. I also noticed, even with the limited options, many of the sylvari characters went with the more stick-like hair and just overall looked great running into battle. Ditto an asuran guardian with hammer knocking mobs into the distance; was that skill hammer bash or blast or such? Pretty neat!

    • It definitely seems like the more people you have the more coordinated you need to be.

      The stick like hair is fantastic, I hope there are plenty of that type of option because they tempt me more than the flower and leave like options.

      I really loved most of the asura animations.

  5. I was enjoying the videos till I realized that the clothing and salad toppings on the Sylvari were actually casting shadows on the character models then I got excited! AWESOME! WHOOOO!

    One of my pet peeves has always been the painted on style of clothing in games. Giving clothing the ability to cast shadows is just one more subtle flavor that Anet is adding to their game to make it that much more visually engaging

    • There are so many tiny details like that with Guild Wars 2 that it really has become a next level game, something everyone else is going to have to measure up to if everything goes right.

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