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One of their best videos yet. I particularly liked the music in the early part, and this video shows off a lot of things we’ve never seen before.

Okay so watch the trailer first, then come back to see what is so awesome about it.

I really liked getting to see Destiny’s Edge with the new Caithe and Zojja appropriately with her golem. I wonder if the functionality of Caithe jumping over that log is actually in game.

That rising undead ship was cool, as were the undead orrian marching ever so zombie-like towards the camera.

We finally get to see the airships. Tons of concept of airships, but no airships until now. Still it would be better if we got to ride them. We’ll see I guess.

That dragon coming out of the sea must be a similar animation to the Shatner coming out of the sky.

After the music shifts there is a lot of video from the skill featurettes but there are a couple of things to look for, like the necromancer elite skill. I hadn’t seen that before, but perhaps it was in the demo before now.

Plus we see an asura with a sword hacking away for the first time I think. Nice to see.

And then of course it’s our old friend, the Iron Forgeman. Somehow I knew we’d meet again.

I particularly like the shot of norn just before transforming into bears, then the pan up, and returning to them in bear form.

I have to admit I could watch a lot of Guild Wars 2 spell effects in slow motion.

I want to fight giants. Not ogres, not trolls, not jotun, big effing giants like that dude. That fight looks like it will be entertaining as hell.

Anyway that is the most impressive Guild Wars 2 release in a while, but as it is gamescom and just the first thing I’ve seen, I’m sure I’ll be posting more later today.



  1. I agree, one of the best videos yet!
    However, just a quick correction: The Norn don’t only turn into bear elite form, each turns into a different form: Bear in the front, snow leopard next, raven behind that and wolf at the back.
    Otherwise, nice little overview.

    • Oh thought I saw bears, should have looked closer. Thanks.

      • Interesting, I was actually less impressed than I expected. For some reason I got the impression that overall the video wasn’t of as high a quality as previous examples. Mostly I think this came from the music, which although very nice was not familiar in terms of the Guild Wars 2 themes. Additionally, the length of the video meant that pacing was disjointed: it didn’t tell a story. It came across more like high-quality a fan trailer than anything else.

        I won’t deny it had a ton of cool and new content though and of course, being Guild Wars 2, everything is gorgeous.
        Maybe I should go watch it again and let it grow on me.

        • I admit the opera doesn’t really fit with the trailer and didn’t seem timed well, to me at least, but I try not to let the little things drag down something that is otherwise impressive.

          • Yea, I suppose given the quality we can expect from ArenaNet those little things can have more impact than they would in other productions.

  2. yeah, it’s nice to see an old friend.

    I really like Sylvari movement animations. I don’t know if it’s the same of different from Human’s and Norn’s, or not. but I just like it.

    It’s so nice to be able to download the trailers 🙂

    • uh. ” i don’t know if it’s the same or different from Human’s and Norn’s. ” , is what i want to say.

    • that portion of the trailer in particularl interested me. could be just for the trailer though.

  3. I could talk a lot about what I just saw but I’ll keep it short and say, Awesome and that video has renewed my excitement!

    • Trailers definitely have a power over excitement that other forms of information release do not.

  4. That’s awesome!

    Love the asura hacking away at the charr’s knees LOL. But in all honesty, I hope the add some new animations to asura. Asura warriors may end up becoming a running job as ankle biters.

    Just my two cents; maybe worth less than that. 😉

    • Whoops, I know it wasn’t a charr, but some sort of badie.

    • Perhaps, I’ll have to see more of the asura to be sure. Not sure how they’d change it however, and if you chop someone up at the knees they will bleed to death, eventually…

      • “it’s merely a flesh wound!”

  5. This is a beautifully put together trailer, and perhaps the most impressive thing about it is how much of it is gameplay footage.
    Don’t get me wrong here, SWTOR’s cinematic trailers are awesome but, they are “cinematic” and not representative of what you’ll actually see in game.
    This GW2 trailer, with it’s inspiring music, and even more inspiring visuals, is showing you what you will actually see while play the game.
    Most impressive…

    • I was looking at screen shots earlier, and one looked like concept art, until i looked closer and realized it was in game. This game is so damn beautiful.

  6. I believe this is the first time we’ve gotten to see all the norn spirit forms. I took a screengrab (and color corrected it).

    Any chance you might do a whole fine-toothed-comb breakdown of this video like you’ve done for the skills?

    • I doubt it tiger. Those breakdowns are hours of work, and there are just not enough brand new details to work through it on the same level as I was doing a year ago.

      Thanks for the screen grab, for some reason the first time i saw it i just thought the snow leopard was a white norn bear.

  7. Wait… what? There was something else other than Caithe in that video? I better watch it again. 🙂

    Very good video and I really liked the water color effects at the very beginning of it, as well as some more sneak peeks at the various starting areas.

    • They’re getting really good with the concept art/animation stuff. It reminds me a lot of some really well done japanese animes or something similar.

  8. Whee giants, and dragons, and raven form!

    I agree it would be interesting to see if vaulting objects is a context sensitive jump. I’m imagining breeching windows in a pvp match or vaulting over objects while fleeing for my life from a horde of hyper intelligent skritt whose mother I may or may not have just insulted.

    • It would be a fun addition to the game but I’m not expecting it over all. Seems like something they’d have to put a lot of work into with little result, like walking.

  9. Is there a HD version somewhere, I want big, otherwise awesome, exciting stuff. but where’s the pvp game i was expecting to have demoed to me before the games this weekend? Gee, is that expecting too much?
    I loved the video though, what a crappy weekend to go away… track this weekend carefully for me Hunter. I am in your hands this weekend.

    • I suppose you could check out the hd one on gametrailers, but good luck navigating that site.

      the pvp game was demo’d today for the first time by the devs.

  10. OK, so i put 5 seconds into tracking the HD down, and found it. Sorry. That photo above should be redone.

  11. Someone have any information if asura will have that golems? There is a class that can craft them?

    • They mentioned at one point that golems can be karma rewards from a vendor or something. They haven’t talked about it much.

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