Guild Wars 2 PvP Map Possibly Leaked

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Guild Wars 2 will have a 3 faction open PvP format called World vs World in which 3 servers fight for control of keeps, resources, and a central location. You’ll be able to jump in at any level, and the numbers of people involved have been quoted as being as many as perhaps 500 or more.

This is aside from the more familiar PvP formats as well.

Here is a map that Ares of posted on Guild Wars 2 Guru last night.

Portions seem to be missing from the right and particularly the top of the map.

The map could be fake, obviously. However it does appear to be in line with previous game maps we’ve seen.

Normally I’d feel kind of guilty for posting leaked information, it feels like cheating, but there is little in the map we did not already know about.

Ares later posted some details his source is supposedly privy to.

There are three teams; Blue, Red and Green.

The castle is in the centre of the map. To the north of the castle, but not visible on the released screenshot, is the Red team’s base.

In order to see the darkened areas on the map, you must explore those areas.

Each team has access to a waypoint to their home base and to other significant areas of the map when you take control of them. For example the keep and castle should provide a waypoint once captured.

Supplies are used to make siege weapons. Helping out the NPCs at the Lumber and Mine camps will provide your team with these supplies.

There are small NPC towns located on the map. Helping them will enable them to aid your team. For example they will attack the enemy keeps, mines etc.

They’ve said there will be 4 maps, 3 starting areas and a central map. It’s difficult to reconcile that statement with the map above, because the map above appears to be quite large. If locations like West Portal Hill lead to yet 3 more maps, I find that quite impressive.

Normally I would have considered WPH to be some form of rally point that a team couldn’t be further pushed from. Certainly the areas around the keeps are large enough.

One thing I don’t think known (or I didn’t know anyway) was the waypoints. With such a large map, waypoints are pretty damn useful.

We knew about NPCs and protecting supply lines from various interviews, but gaining help from NPCs in the form of attacks is new to me. Though I wonder how much help they’ll really be.

One thing I noticed was the extensive use of water, and I wonder how important that will end up being in a match.

Another thing of note is the siege weapons. Awesome. However, since they’ve said we can’t or won’t be driving things, I presume these siege weapons will be automated? Or perhaps we can make them follow us around? Either way there is going to be a lot of escort missions in WvW.

It’s funny that not much of this is new to Guild Wars players, or frankly, Dark Age of Camelot players. Much of what is to be in World versus World has come before in the form of Alliance Battles from the Factions expansion.

AB are 12 versus 12 faction battles. 3 groups of 4 team up against the opposing faction to control locations on the map. Some locations provide tactically important resurrection shrines, others NPC defenders, and the more locations you control the more points you get per kill until you win.

There are locations that spawn devices that open doors, some NPC defenders can be brought with your group to help attack, and some locations will occasionally give you a buff.

World versus World appears to be a giant improvement over Alliance Battles. The maps appear much larger, the mechanics much more complicated, the teams much larger.

Hopefully they’ll be a lot more fun as well.



  1. The tactics seem to remined me of HON or LOL but thats fine, simple to the point, the size seems to be big for the map and I assume the 3 gate castle is the center, I can see alot of dead spy thieves in the future.=D

    • I’m sure that the design reflects a lot of games really. The scope and intricacy of the details should make for a fun time.

  2. Personaly, reminds me on a nice mix of Arathi Basin and Grim Batol. Btu that might be WoW player in me talking.

    • I’ve never played, but as in my comment to endo, I’m sure the design comes from a lot of different places. Originally and most influentially it would probably be inspired by dark age of camelot.

  3. Concerning the 4 maps of WvW, I believe we are looking at all 4 in this pic (well 3 since the top part is blackened out.) A better way to describe WvW is as a large map with 4 subsections…3 server bases and 1 central area. For example, everything on the left titled as “West…” is part of that server’s submap/base.

    Definitely an enjoyable read and great pic. I’m quite excited about WvW!

    • My instincts want to agree with you, but in a couple of interviews they go through great lengths to specifically say that there are 4 separate maps, and those just aren’t 4 separate maps.

      check out this interview for clarification.

      • Holy crap WvW is gonna be huge! Yes, after reading that interview I would have to agree that this is just the center map…But the home maps may be relatively small. The article did say that home maps were for the purpose of showing people how to cap locations. So they might be like small tutorial maps.

        • Yeah I can’t imagine they’d be as large as the center map, but since you will have to defend them at times from other teams, i’m sure they aren’t tiny either.

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