Why I’ll Play SWTOR

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It’s Star Wars. It’s Bioware. It’s online.



  1. It’s worth a look

    • Master of understatement.

  2. Hmm. I might still play TOR – release date scheduling being the prime determinant – but that video soundly captures the big 3 reasons I might not; the character design, the stilted gameplay, the nonsensical interpretation of the Force…
    Star Wars, Bioware & online are pretty much the only counterbalance I have at the moment (though, to be fair, I did see a glimmer of character design hope in a video with an imperial agent who wasn’t shaped so like a caricature).
    If I do play at some point, I know it won’t it won’t be as a TOR-Force user – nor any advanced class that shoots allies with a healing gun.

    • There is a wide variety of character design so I don’t see your problem. The voice work, graphics, and aesthetics all look good to me.

      As for a nonsensical interpretation of the force, i see little problem with it, as much of what is seen has been demonstrated in previous games, books, comics. And lets not forget this is a video game and an MMO,. It would not exactly be fun if you couldn’t do anything with the force.

      You do know GW2 has a healing turret right? Some amount of suspension of disbelief is required.

  3. I’ll be playing Skyrim and KOTOR (still; started over recently with new character). ;-P Hm, wonder what would happen if BioWare and Bethesda worked together on a game? Story, playable NPCs and 3rd person combat by BioWare, with Bethesda doing the vast fully explorable open world, loot, weapons, armor, and 1st person combat.

    • SWTOR sounds as though its going to have quite an open world, though I doubt many of the other mechanics are similar.

  4. I knew I recognised the music from somewhere, knowing it wasn’t Star Wars music and after some searching remembered that I’d heard it before in a Guild Wars 2 fan-made trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhFylw4LYjQ which uses it better IMO.

    • I thought the music in the swtor video sounded great. The gw2 video is good too and I commented as much when I blogged it a few months ago.

  5. I think this brings up an interesting point as to why are most GW2 fans I run into very anti- SWTOR? Wouldn’t they want another MMO to compete with WoW? Doesn’t the story emphasis buy SWTOR some points since GW2 is going along a similar route? Or is it that all subscription based MMO’s are evil and need to treated as such?

    Personally, I am looking forward to SWTOR and GW2.

    • It’s pretty natural to tear down your competitors when you’re a big fan of something, so I try not to comment on it, but I have noticed the same thing. The story aspect of swtor looks incredible so when I hear people criticizing it I just try to state my opinion and move on.

  6. They saved the best trailer for last, imo. I think that Jedi Consular trailer, though not the most exciting portrayal of the class, was the most dramatic one of them all.

    • I personally really like the way the music was used to accentuate the dramatic take on it. The smuggler video was fun, some of the other videos were badass, this video was much more noble and jedi like.

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