Make Your Own Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack

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The big news this week is that Guild Wars 2 will allow you to tie music of your choosing to specific types of events in game.

We’re giving players the option of choosing external music playlists that the game’s audio engine will use as a replacement for the default in-game music. Players can choose different playlists for background ambience and battle music, for instance. Additionally, when appropriate, such as during cinematics, the game can revert back to in-game music temporarily to give the best possible cinematic experience, then resume the custom playlist when it’s done.

This is a development that has been a long time in coming and I’m surprised more games don’t have it. Everyone turns off their music eventually to listen to their favourite genre, providing a way for players to tie it to their game is just ingenious.

Guild Wars 2 has been talking a lot about sound lately. They put two videos on their blog chronicling what goes into creating the sounds and designing them. Yesterday they put up two blog posts going over just how complex sound in a video game can be and a more broad outlook on just what they wanted to do with audio.

I do so enjoy seeing these intensely detailed blog posts that go over what programs they’re using, what obstacles they have to overcome, the technical aspects, and how that all comes together to give the final product. It can be a bit boring for someone not interested in audio certainly, but most super fans will read this sort of thing anyway.



  1. I’m a muso who has spent a bit of time in a recording studio, and that blog post on complexity made my brain hurt. Great stuff though.

    • Yeah if you’re into those technical details though I doubt you’d find a more thorough detailing of the steps involved from any other studio.

  2. I’m really excited about this.
    I’m not a big music buff, but I am a total geek and I have definitely made up “soundtracks” to play when gaming.

    I really love the fact that we can designate styles, too, like for battle or peaceful.
    Oh man. so excite.

    • Being able to designate for specific scenarios is the best part. It would be excellent fun to start inserting music files that might have a more comical effect. Or some other type of effect all together. Lots of possibilities.

  3. Haha we think eerily alike sometimes, I guess ;).

    • indeed madam.

  4. I’m gonna play Dragonforce for combat, TSO for the Norn areas, Tron for the Asura areas, Jpop for the Sylvari, Brutal Legend for the Charr, and let the humans keep their original in-game music, at least until I hear more.

    • racial sound tracks could be pretty cool.

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