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August 3, 2011 at 12:29 am | Posted in Guild Wars 2, mmorpg | 6 Comments
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For those of us who like those little insights into the behind the scenes goings-on at game studios, Arenanet put up a great little video on its blog showcasing the audio department.

What I like about this video is that it mostly does away with a boring technical take, and focuses on having a sense of humour while still getting across their goals and achievements in sound.



  1. I was very impressed by todays little video; that so much effort goes into making it not the same sound each time is awesome.
    I hope they talk about how they use the music sound tracks at some point.

    • And there is another one on the Anet blog which, I am not going to bother blogging about, but it is equally a fun watch.

  2. The ability to set up your own sound tracks should result in awesomeness thats a great idea. I of course probably wont add to it unless the original gw music isnt there! still cant get enough of that.

    • More innovation from arenanet. good show.

  3. What really impressed me about the GW2 audio team was their attention to detail. Simple sounds that we take for granted, barely giving them a second thought, have been carefully crafted to fit the soundscape of the individual player. One example being the footstep, where consideration is given to the type of shoe, the terrain and the armor being worn by the character, and then appropriate sound “layers” being merged to form a footstep sound that’s “YOU”. I really do think I’ll find myself stopping at various stages in the game just to soak up the visual and audio pleasures that are so easily missed. 🙂

    • yeah thats a lot of work put into something most people will never notice and i bet they kind of like it that way.

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