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So skipping past what they’ve done before and what could perhaps be in the CE, I’d like to talk about what I want to see. The Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition is probably going to be more impressive than previous versions since Arenanet has a bigger budget, and the following items would be great additions.


    Okay fine! There aren’t going to be any mounts in Guild Wars 2. I give up. With fast travel it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have them. I still say it would be awesome, and that mounts are about more than just traveling quickly. They’re pets and companions you can get attached to. Would I like a mount? Hell yes. Unfortunately it’s just not going to happen.

Transmutation Stones

    Pretty sure this would make up for a lot of the drama surrounding T-stones, to those who cared anyway. Since they’ve said that they can be acquired through the cash shop and through in-game play, and since they simply change the aesthetic look of your armour, I never had a problem with them. T-stones that can immediately get people looking like they want to look would be an excellent addition to the CE.

There’s an App for that

    Guild Wars 2 will have an app for chatting and interacting with the game from your phone. They’ve said it will have a minimal price, but what if they put it in the CE? Seems like an obvious addition if the app is done in time for release.


    I expect emotes are also pretty obvious. With the addition of z-axis for jumping, I expect ever more interesting emotes for Guild Wars 2, and any emote in the CE will likely be spectacular. As for specifics, who knows, it’s impossible to predict what a CE emote might portray. What I’d like to see is emotes pull out some form of prop and interact with it. Instead of air guitar, an actual guitar, or something to that effect.

Town Clothes

    As there will be the ability to wear cosmetic clothing, we could perhaps expect some in the CE. The original Guild Wars is very big on costumes, so it wouldn’t be a struggle to come up with something nifty for the CE. A fun set of clothes to celebrate the release of Guild Wars 2 sounds great. On another note Arenanet, why are they called Town Clothes and not Street Clothes?


    This is not very likely but if done well a plushie Rytlock or Zojja would be just about the cutest little thing ever. Ahem. So yeah I’d probably give that to a little kid because grown men would not want that sort of thing.

Guild Wars superstar Gwen in plush form.


    I can’t say I’m completely against statues, my Spider-man bust is a prized possession, but I don’t know if I’d be interested in one for Guild Wars 2. Certainly the iconic cast of Destiny’s Edge could provide inspiration for some form of figurines, or other sculpted piece. This would be the only interesting thing they could do, in my opinion. Actually I just thought of another possibility. The Shatner.


    Several people in the comments of the last post mentioned cloth maps. I’m not sure what the draw is of cloth, but certainly a map that can be hung would be interesting. For explorers maps are a reminder of just how large and interesting a world can be. For others its a mark of pride, and for still others it’s actually useful because we all know someone who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag.

Character Slot

    I suppose we don’t even know %100 that slots will be limited but, it seems likely, and if that’s so the CE would be a great place to put an extra slot for loyal fans. Killing two birds with one stone, handing out a code for a slot, would also get players involved in the in-game store, making them more comfortable with using it. The same goes for virtually anything they plan on putting in the store. Storage panes, t-stones, name changes, or whatever else.


    I think we all know that a book and music are a strong possibility but what about posters? There are a tremendous number of excellent art pieces that would be perfect for a place on my wall.

Posters would not be unprecedented.

NPC Vendor

    I have to admit this idea from SWTORs CE is growing on me. Depending on what it offered it would be the gift that keeps on giving. Offering a small selection of anything from Town Clothes to other types of cosmetic offerings, it would be a nice way to give something to people who never had many points in the Hall of Monuments.

Home Instance Decorations

    If Arenanet really wants us to feel like our Home Instance is ours, they’ll find ways of customizing them. A first step might be sticking some form of decorations (or perhaps an NPC vendor?) for it in the CE.

Comic Book

    Maybe this is more something I’d like to see as a licensed product, spread out over 12 issues published by Dark Horse or something, but a one-shot comic book drawn by Arenanet artists and written by Arenanet writers would be freaking incredible. This is probably the longest of the long shots in this post of course, but can you imagine the nerdgasm?

I guess that’s all the things I actually want to see. There are plenty of obvious possibilities I skipped over, but they don’t top my list of desires. Stickers, pins, music, art, usb drives, shirts, all sound fine, but as long as I’m dreaming, these will do.

Interesting how many items up there are digital. Perhaps I put too much emphasis on that without thinking a little further outside the box. Nerds do so love at times the tactile sensation and visual cues of their nerd idolatry. I suppose I shouldn’t count that stuff out.

What do you guys want to see? Not what you expect to see.



  1. There’s a lot of things I’d like to see, but honestly, a soundtrack probably tops the list. I love video game music, and GW’s music has always been incredibly epic. If a game I’m interested in will have a copy of the soundtrack with the CE, then hands down I WILL get it.

    • Soundtracks aren’t really all that compelling to me. I listen to game music for a while and then turn it off, having an extra copy doesn’t do anything for me. don’t get me wrong I like the music but I’m not compelled to listen to it.

  2. For me, transmutation stones are a problem because it’s THE essential part of Guild Wars for me. I do not play and worry about having outdated gear. I play for fun! And that includes opening a website with all the different armour looks and choosing the one I like best and working towards it. But because I like its look and not because I like its stats. So I’d hate for it to become expensive just because I like switching my character’s look. But we’ll see. I’d definitely love if they added a few to the CE! I’m also curious how exactly town clothing will work.

    A statue would be nice. But only if that didn’t mean the CE costs 150€ all of a sudden. 😉

    Cloth map would be great! We currently have one of LotRO and Ultima Online on our wall. A third one would be very nice. 😉

    I wouldn’t want an NPC vendor, though. It’s okay to have a “one time” exclusive item. But having more and more and more items that are exclusive to those with a CE? I’d rather they added those items to the store and let everybody be able to get it that way. Or maybe free of charge for CE owners and others have to pay (in game currency or real). Only for cosmetic things, of course!

    All in all, I’d be happy with a CE that has an artbook, the soundtrack, a cloth map, transmutation stones and maybe an exclusive mini pet. So pretty general stuff. But that’s okay. 🙂

    • To me it sounds like you’ll appreciate tstones more than you realize, i know a lot of people who got hooked on this sort of functionality in another game.

      As far as the npc vendor goes I doubt they would add more and more to it. Just several things at launch and thats it. If that’s what you mean. Otherwise I have no problem with exclusive things, i mean look at all the exclusive stuff just from the guild wars hom.

  3. Illusionary dancing Elementalist! XD

    • that could be one possibility

  4. I agree on getting rid of most physical items in the CE, my Aion statue sits in her box avoiding the dust. BTW, keep in mind NCSoft said the Aion CE wings would only be available if you bought the physical box, then they turned around and sold them to anyone for $10 a month later. Wouldn’t be surprised if they pull the same stunt with GW2. They should NOT have things only select people can use, like phone apps or such.

    As long as we’re wishing:

    The CE edition could have a special mount(s) if ArenaNet adopted my mounts idea. Mounts in GW2 could be done quite simply without messing up the game. Make mini-pets double as mounts. No, not like normal sized chars on mini-pets, shrink down the player character and let them ride the mini-pet, but the actual speed wouldn’t be faster, or maybe just a little faster, than the normal run speed. Let us fly around, but have strong winds that won’t let people go into places they shouldn’t. Seahorse mounts and such for under water, not to mention shark riding. There could also be mounted arena fights (for the PvP crowd) and/or mounted mini-games: obstacle course, races? Would be fun watching the mini-players fight as the normal sized characters could hang around the arenas and vote on releasing monsters into the arena to liven things up now and then. The CE would come with one land, one water and one flying mini-pet mount. Other editions might have just one, the land one. They could be given as birthday presents and some could be rare random drops from just playing the game, exploring and even a crafting drop mini-pet.

    Emotes with musical instruments? Like this:

    That would be okay if they had an actual music note system like LotRO so people could get together and have bands, not just some pre-done sounds like Aion did. Seriously, you do not want to hear my Chanter singing! I really wish I had given the mic to one of my female characters on that server. Musical instruments work great in LotRO, and good ideas should be borrowed.

    How about the CE edition lets you tame any non-boss monster (one only) to have in your house? Might have to limit that to smaller monsters. Or skritt… no.. a pack of skritt. 🙂 I better stop now and take my meds.

    • Enh, your mini-pet idea just sounds like it would take me right out of immersion. fun maybe, but, kind of odd to see.

      Discussed the whole band system a long time ago when they mentioned music from an activity in DR.

      • I think I need to put more 🙂 in my posts before someone takes them too seriously. 😉

  5. Ok… I hate to admit it but, The Shatner (Shatterer) statue definitely hit a “nerd nerve” for me… I would love to have one.

    The only “digital” things I would like to see included in the CE are stuff like an additional character slot although, I certainly have no objections to other cosmetic stuff (emotes, pets, etc) none of them would push my particular buttons hard enough to force a purchase, however, said purchase is already a foregone conclusion at this point.

    • shatner definitely has some possibilities.
      character slot seems to be a popular suggestion.
      nothing is for certain if they overprice thing for me.

  6. Yeah almost doesn’t matter what they put in it. I want it just so I can feel like I supported Anet. Its why I buy their clothes now and then, I don’t particuarly care for them, but I loved the game. I probably bought the game 6 times over the past how ever many years since beta but even then with the game time I’ve put in its been like 7 cents an hour. Where can you get that today eh? No where but Anet.
    I do want a music cd, i still play that every couple days (they sold the higher res music which I bought too) give that to me on cd.
    I want a cd with their movie they made for the concert, and a dvd of the making, and a dvd of all the movies in one place, a 30 day head start, a beta invite (30 invites for my friends), cards for the ccg, a small novel, a comic book, a few posters (i only have 5 on the wall, need more), a gw2 sticker for my car, and a bib for my baby, a team chat voucher, 3d glasses, skill pins, special god emotes, more awesome dances than normal, a ring of +100% exp, but nothing ive already bought. If they put the calendar or the art work book in there i going to spew.
    Oh and a cloth map to put next to my ultima 4 map might be good too.
    family tree poster of how all my GW friends family came to GW2, god I hope cyn got married in the end. poor girl.
    dont need stuff for my home instance, i want earned stuff in there only – thanks.
    All that for under 200 please, or else I well have to pay more, which I probably would please be nice to me Anet.

    • +5 Interweb points for this post!!!
      (seriously… this tickled… thanx)

    • You don’t have enough suggestions, there are clearly too few items in your dream CE.

  7. there won’t be mounts at all in GW2? where will I put all my hard earned cash towards?

    • Inorite!?

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