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The collectors edition box for the original Guild Wars.

I suppose I’ll never be happy. Star Wars: The Old Republic is offering a fairly extensive collectors edition but I doubt everyone would agree when I say that I find it overpriced, lacking in usefulness, containing filler, and not particularly impressive.

Which leaves me to wonder about what is going to be in the Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition and am I going to like it? Will I buy it? How much will it cost?

I’m pretty rigid when it comes to making predictions. I always go back to the evidence, and rely on previous behaviour. I try not to make wild assumptions. So to help me figure out what Arenanet might put in the Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition, I go back to what they’ve done with previous products.

The original Guild Wars CE had the following.

Collector’s Exclusive: Divine Aura
Logitech Internet Chat Headset
Teamspeak Software (custom version)
Teamspeak Installation Guide information sheet
Hardcover Guild Wars Art Book; 128 Pages
Guild Wars Soundtrack CD

I wasn’t even aware this existed but apparently there was a special edition as well.

Guild Wars Soundtrack CD
Guild Wars Manual: The Manuscripts: 144 pages of information (Different from Collector’s Edition)
Softcover Guild Wars Art Book: The Art of Guild Wars Book 2; 72 Pages (Different from Collector’s Edition)
Unlock code for 7 normal skills, 1 Elite skill and 2 weapon or armor upgrades
Bonus Music Key: Free access to additional in-game music from DirectSong; includes 4 exclusive tracks
Map of Tyria; 600mm by 360mm, folded

Factions had the following in its CE.

Special In-Game Dance Emote for the Assassin and Ritualist
Double-sided poster: Map of Cantha and Assassin and Ritualist Poster
Guild Wars Factions Art Book
Bonus Music Key
Guild Wars Factions Soundtrack CD
Guild Wars Factions Mouse Pad
2006-2007 Desk Calendar
18x25cm Ritualist Cloth Picture
Assassin Sticker Pack
Miniature Kuunavang

And of course Nightfall had these items.

Nightfall Collector’s Edition Key, providing access to the Nightfall campaign, an in-game Miniature Varesh pet, and Nightfall signature dances for your characters
Nightfall Bonus Music Key, providing exclusive in-game music from Guild Wars composer Jeremy Soule
“Making of Guild Wars Nightfall” DVD, with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the designers, writers, illustrators, and animators
“The Art of Nightfall” Art Book, a 124-page book depicting amazing images from the world of Elona
Nightfall Soundtrack CD with 36 tracks of music from the game
Nightfall Collector’s Skill Pins, a pair of metallic pins showing icons for one Dervish and one Paragon skill (Vow of Silence and “It’s just a flesh wound.”)
Nightfall Collector’s Standee, a foldout standee of Warmarshal Varesh to place on your desk
Nightfall Map Poster, a 16×24-inch map depicting the lands of Elona
Nightfall Buddy Key, a 14-day/10-hour free trial you can give to a friend
Guild Wars Epic Trial Key, a 14-day/10-hour free trial of Guild Wars Prophecies and Guild Wars Factions

What we see are several examples of typical items many studios put in their CEs. Particularly over the past few years more and more companies make their items digital, and we see that above with the Divine Aura, dance emotes and mini-pets.

Digital content is pretty much the rage as far as PC games go and I only have to go as far as SWTOR or Rift to find examples. Arenanet have already promised a fair amount of bonus items from the Hall of Monuments. Achievements in the original Guild Wars unlock weapons, mini-pets, armours, and other aesthetic content. While there is already so much, I firmly expect even more with the GW2 CE.

I’ll also quickly note that Arenanet provided a free character slot to those pre-ordering Nightfall. Numerous items from their in game cash shop could be easily provided in a CE. Doing this might also help introduce the cash shop to new players, and make them more comfortable with using it. It might actually be a smart move on their part.

What we also find in the above examples is a consistent amount of pride in both their music and artwork. There is a book, poster and soundtrack included in each version.

This is a given. Although “The Art of Guild Wars 2” has been available for some time now, and it’s conceivable that because of that it wouldn’t be included in the CE, I can’t see them not including some form of extensive acknowledgment of their incredible art department.

The music as well is a sure thing. Jeremy Soule is one of the most acclaimed composers in games and has many fans. At this point I think fans would be outraged if music or art weren’t included in the CE.

Both factions and Nightfall come with small bonuses that I can’t help but describe as ‘goodies’. Small skill pins based on the artwork of in game skills. A cardboard standee of a Nightfall character. An assassin sticker pack. All little badges of nerd pride.

The original CE showed some willingness to work with partners. A logitech headset was included along with Teamspeak software.

At one point there was a Guild Wars mouse from Razer, and they show off their game on Alienware systems at Alienware booths at conventions. I mostly doubt any sort of hardware would be included in a GW2 CE but I can’t rule it out either.

As far as things we can rely upon to be in the CE, music, art, and digital products are virtually guarenteed. How these elements are presented seems to be the only unknown. Prices of the old collectors editions seem to be around $80 but if Arenanet were to include a statue or something similar, the price would rise accordingly.

That leaves a lot of uncovered ground of course, because while I think there are a lot of likely candidates for CE components, it doesn’t cover what I actually want to see.

Next post: Collective Dreams.



  1. The question is, What are you willing to pay for a GW2 CE? A game you want so bad what would you draw the line at?

    • The GW2 CE, I’d happily pay $150, depending on whether or not it had a stupid figurine in it. My Bioshock figurine is sitting, still in it’s box, at the top of my bookshelf, gathering dust.

      • I am open to figurines, but they had better be something I’m in to. Darth Malgus I am not in to.

    • I almost have to get the CE for gw2 whether I like it or not, I feel that sort of pressure at this point. I don’t think I’d pay 150 for it though, it’s ridiculous at that point.

  2. I enjoyed this article because it brought another perspective around, for me, for the SWTOR CE. I was of the opinion the that CE for TOR was a total waste of money for a bunch of crap.


    But I think the difference is that I’m actually excited about the release of GW2 and am feverish to play it. I wouldn’t hesitate to drop down $150 for the CE of GW2 so I can understand now why SWTOR players are willing to as well.


    That said, I don’t give a hoot about maps, art books and figures and the like. I will most definitely be buying the digital collectors edition, preferably through Steam. I love in-game goodies and those are what I’m willing to pay for. 5 years down the line I’ll still have that CE minipet or armor texture or whatever… and I’ll have long since thrown away any maps or bobble heads.

    • I will happily pay $150 for that crap. To me it is worth every penny. On the other hand, I would not pay that for GW2. Oh I’ll buy and love GW2, but it is not a part of my childhood like Star Wars is. I even paid £60 for SWG when it came out. It is just what I think is a treasure.

      That and my kids will love that figurine more than the $150 pricetag. That is priceless to see their smiles. Of course, this is just my opinion.

    • I like maps, the art of gw2 though having seen it all at this point I wouldn’t be terribly impressed,

      As much as I sort of admire having the divine aura at this point, I wouldn’t have paid more for it at the time of gw’s release. Too inconsequential. Hopefully I’ll want to pay the extra money for something I think i’ll be using for years this time.

  3. I’d definitely buy the CE if it included a GW2 Razer mouse! (Those things are like £80+ anyway!).

    Seriously though, I’ve seen the SW:TOR Collectors Edition stuff and I agree that it would be a waste of money for a game which I don’t think will stand the test of time.

    Guild Wars 2, however, is another matter. If it came with cloth maps, in game auras, unique armour dyes, in game clothing, the music CDs etc. I might consider £150 (yes, I know $150 =/= £150, but still!)

    • Basically what I’m expecting is a variety of the things they’ve told us about. t-stones, town clothes, unlockable dye sets, a character slot. so we’re not far off from one another.

  4. Art book + music CD + cloth map (large… at least 24×36 inches) + some digital goodies like an aura or pet or armor/weapon cosmetic…
    Hellya a CE copy will definitely be purchased… possibly two.
    I simply couldn’t care less about figurines but, who knows… if it was cool enough I might change my mind… what if it’s Destiny’s Edge on their own little stand?
    Price-wise… name it
    You want that paid in blood, or offspring, or just good old fashioned greenbacks…?
    Seriously… I’m all in on this game already
    The CE purchase was green lit when I saw the Manifesto video.
    Everything since then has simply re-confirmed that feeling.

    • Archer you are fast becoming my favourite incorporeal guild wars poster. If only because you correctly used the phrase “couldn’t care less”.

      What if it’s a Rytlock piercing the side of Kralkatorrik statuette?

      • Gotta admit… I’m a fan of Rytlock (even if I’m not interested in playing a character of his race very much.) I think the statuette you describe is one I would definitely like Distilled.

    • Second person to mention a cloth map, not sure why thats so popular an idea.

      I don’t think i’d pay anything for it, it needs to be worth it. Not feel like a rip off to me.

      • I think the cloth map is a “nostalgia” thing for me… I have a location on the wall in my computer room where a map of the current game I’m focusing on usually hangs… and I have several such maps from previous games.

        It’s definitely NOT a deal breaker if that sort of thing isn’t included in the CE however, and I think the ideas for “digital” items I’ve seen from other commenters here sound really, really good. T-stones, and town clothes aren’t my particular triggers but, an extra character slot? Sign me up for that for sure.

  5. I am all for digital CEs that provide extra ingame items and fluff by now. I no longer care for boxes and frankly the ONLY thing I like about most CEs nowadays is the artbook. Don’t care for soundtracks that much. Cloth maps? Usually just shabby…
    The DeathAdder GW edition is very nice. A friend still uses it and the DA is one of the best mouse designs ever made. I got use to the Logitech MX518/G400 shape but the DA is definitely nice. I am not sure but apparently it is/was completely “rubberized”, not even the latest “black” edition is completely made of this kind of material.

    How would I do MMO CEs?
    1.) Digital CE – only ingame stuff, like “glowing hands”
    2.) Physical CE – same as digital CE + focus on fewer but quality items

    Instead of throwing it all into a CE and in the face of ever increasing shopification why not offer people more of the typical merchandise in the online shop?
    I could imagine Guild Wars 2 editions of many Razer mice, mousepads, coffee mugs, shirts, hoodies, art prints, figurines, etc.

    • Yeah I really think if you’re putting any emphasis at all on the box, you’re being a bit old fashioned. It’s really all about the digital content, but I wouldn’t knock them for having little goodies in there. Its just stuff like a box or cases that annoy me to no end.

      • I couldn’t agree more. ^_^

        I do have a soft spot for art books, and I don’t mind fun little trinkets like badges & standees, but when CEs are bound to expensive novelties – such as statues or wooden crates – it does ward me off.

        I’d love to see digital CEs with the full & complete in-game components – emphasis on the “full & complete”, because the Old Republic premium vs CE distinction is not a model that please me.

        • In this day and age if you’re not offering something to that effect there is something wrong. We’re playing online games here, our ce items should probably be online. that said it does take some development time away and physical items can be fun.

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