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For a long time now I’ve been convinced PvP would be playable at gamescom, and althought I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned that on the blog, I’ve repeatedly spoken about it with Tigerfeet (told you so! :P) and others.

Arenanet just put up on their blog a list of things available for play during the gamescom demo and amongst other things PvP has made the list.

PvP – Last but certainly not least, we’re premiering Guild Wars 2 Player vs Player (PvP) at gamescom! Swing by the ESL booth and head to the Guild Wars 2 area to get your exclusive hands-on PvP experience. Also check out our periodic exhibition matches that pit our valiant team of ArenaNet developers against the European guild BOON Control on the ESL center stage!

While the exhibition matches sound exciting I’ll be hoping to see a thorough demonstration rather than an actual exhibition match. There also doesn’t seem to be any mention of World vs World vs World so I’ll assume that due to the size and number of people required that won’t necessarily be apart of the demo.

Other features new at gamescom include the following.

Charr starter experience – For the first time, you can forge your destiny as a member of the Iron, Ash, or Blood Legion in our charr starter area. You can also choose to play the human and norn starting experience as well.

Sylvari and asura – Did I mention that you’ll be playing sylvari and asura characters for this high level content? Yes, for the first time, players will be able to get their hands on these unique races – believe me, they are impressive!

Character appearance customization – Also for the first time, you’ll be able to play around with our character appearance customization feature and control the way your character looks.

It was known that sylvari would be playable at gamescom but I was honestly beginning to wonder when the asura would. Gamescom and PAX mark the end of the convention season, aside from a few stray possibilities, until next March or so.

Also important to note they don’t seem to indicate that sylvari and asura starter areas will be available, while pointing out that the charr starter area is playable. Something that will need further confirmation I’m sure.

Can’t wait to see the wide ranger of customization for the first time. Probably something I’m looking forward to even more than PvP.

As for the final profession, who can say. It sounds at times as though it’s nearly finished and they’ve recently described it as being “controversial”, whatever that might mean. I’m currently running with the theory that it’s a mesmer but different from what we’re all expecting.

With no mention of it in the blog post, I wonder if it might be released a bit later, at PAX or even further along.

So yeah, with Sylvari week sometime soon, PvP finally showing its face, a new Guild Wars 2 book possibly out in march, it looks like we may finally be on the last legs of this hype behemoth.



  1. I’m wondering more and more if Mesmer isn’t a non-playable profession, leaving us with something totally different.

    But yeah, with all that in the gamescom/PAX demo, the beta announcement will be waited for very impatiently.

    • I’m currently not doubting that the mesmer exists just what it does exactly. It’ll be the mesmer just in some slightly controversial form.

      Beta announcement would be the other likely announcement at some point but not sure they’ll announce it until they know for sure when they’re having it so it might not happen at the conventions.

  2. I am probably one of the few who hope it’s not gonna be mesmer. Don’t get me wrong, I love the mesmer and if it was in the game it would be one of the prime contenders for my main. BUT if arena net is not going for a mesmer that would just open up so many new and awesome possibilities, of course it could also mean something that’s not as cool but that’s pretty unlikely. But then again if they don’t add it a lot of people would complain since the original mesmer is so unique to GW.

    Also it would be kind of boring if the scholar professions would be limited only to casters, which would mean they would all be using mostly the same weapons an considering how the armors and weapons aren’t profession specific it would make them all look pretty much the same.

    And so I’m really hoping for a physical weapons caster, magically enhancing their bow/gun/anything else with “arcane” magic, which could add some pretty neat effects. That would be an instant pick for me, but all things considered I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.

    As for the PvP at gamescom i have one word – Awesome. Also i can’t wait to see the asura in action as well as their customization options since that’s what my main is going to be (I always had a thing for small races). 😀

    • A lot of people seem to be thinking about it being a melee caster, and I can’t say I have a better idea.

      I will note that many of those arguments stem from the idea that warrior and thief are the only melee, but considering ranger can use melee weapons even though it isn’t thought of melee, and engineer has some close range functionality, I’m not particularly convinced.

      i’m keeping my mind open though.

  3. I too am scared my probable main isn’t going to make the cut… geez for the first time ever I may have to sit back and make a boring old ele. Since I played healer in all other games and I’ve seen nothing to do with healing anywhere I guess my next best was mind controlling, screaming, interupts, and interesting debuffs which i enjoy second most (bah to boring degens and joy to Backfire – the only debuff anyone paid attention to like it was going to cost you your life). How many pvp monks, as they started learning, died to backfire and sit there thinking wtf!? I know I did, thats a sign of a great skill. Empathy on the tank anyone? Its the core of GW, smart play, and the mesmer was it, smart play required. anyway..

    Good to see we really get to see some more stuff coming out, looking forward to the matches, I really want to see how real players play real pvp in GW2. This is make or break time for the game in terms of pro playing. If I was Anet i’d be nervous about this, and I am excited.

    And as for the end of the hype machine? Did this post come from March next year or are you deleting the next 6-8 months? Your a very postiive man sometimes My Hunter. To the press I say.

    • I’m confident it will be a mesmer. We already know its a scholar and that mesmers are known to exist via the books. Controversial doesn’t mean they won’t be there.

  4. I am probably one of the few that is most excited about seeing all character creation options, with showcase of how Sylvari look now, close second.

    • Well I have to say that the sneak peek they gave of the Sylvari in the comic-con video looks exactly the same as the older style (IMO).
      For reference – 5:30-5:35 in this video.

      • The comic-con demo was still the “old” version… the “new, re-designed” version won’t be seen for the first time until GamesCon.

        • Oh, thanks!

    • Yeah, I’m definitely interested in finding out just how diverse I can make my asura from everyone elses asura, etc.

  5. I’m getting psychologically prepared for the torrent of information that will be streaming out of GamesCon… The con might be over for a week before I manage to get through all of the write-ups and videos.

    – PVP will look crazy fluid and fast moving.
    – There will be some form of silly controversy concerning the customization tools
    – “Squeee” will be heard repeatedly as folks get their hands on asura and sylvari characters.

    – Final class reveal will take place at PAX Prime.

  6. Glad to see the PvP crowd is finally getting some hands on play at the game conventions, although I’m only interested in the World vs World vs World (can we start calling that 3W or something) part of it, which, as you say, probably won’t be shown, which is okay.

    Sylvari AND asura! Yay, I will be looking forward to seeing the vids from that, along with the character creation system. Looks like I’ll be hanging out on YouTube during the convention, doing Guild Wars 2 video searches every little bit. 🙂

    • 3W maybe or WvWvW. Either would be better.

      There will probably be a livestream, or I bet will have a fair amount of coverage.

      • Would 3xW make sense? Or Wx3?

        • I like the idea of 3v: 3 worlds versus each-other.

  7. I saw this post title before ArenaNet’s update, so I was initially left thinking “what crazy thing is Hunter predicting about Gamescom?” Glad to see your predictions were correct and confirmed by ArenaNet! PvP was, frankly, something I only dared to hope for this convention season.

    Although, how I am going to decide what to do with my 40 minute demo? There are altogether too many options at this point!

    • ah ha, i saw the blog update before they tweeted it. there was a big delay between tweet and post so yeah.

      I was totally counting on it personally. Last big conventions before next year so I figured.

      Apparently the pvp is only available via some Electronic Sporting League thing so not sure if its in the demo.

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