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GameTrailers got a walkthrough with Colin Johanson of Arenanet. We get to see the engineer in a little bit more depth here. In particular we get a good look at slick shoes, which I had mentioned before several times was the skill that provided the oil slick in the engineer grenade kit video. However several times, certain people shut me down saying nuh unh, that was a grenade. So I’m taking this opportunity to say I told you so and FU.



  1. That was no engineer demo.
    That was another “downed state / I missed or mis-used a skill again” demo.
    Would it really be too much to ask for someone COMPETENT to be at the helm during a freakin demo?!? Unless they are “demoing” characters in the downed state on purpose… Is the game really so difficult that the people making it are incapable of demonstrating how to play a character class successfully?

    I must be too tired or something… It just “seems like” all of the demos we see have a lot of folks failing to use healing, failing to correctly target skills, and just plain old failing in general.
    Please understand… I’m not criticizing the game itself (unless that really is as well as it can be played in which case, “HOLY SHIT!”) It would just be really nice to see skills demonstrated in a competent fashion that makes you actually think they would be good to use…
    “Let’s demonstrate the bomb kit.” or rather “Let’s demonstrate how to incorrectly use the bomb kit while getting our butts handed to us… AGAIN… and having to swap back out to the rifle to try to save ourselves.”
    Rampant WTFery loose on the interwebs!
    I can read the reviews already…
    “Guild Wars 2 is a beautifully constructed game, both in appearance and mechanics, which is unfortunately doomed to abject failure because although ArenaNet thoughtfully provided all character classes with a healing skill it is apparently too much to ask for players TO HIT THE FREAKIN #6 BUTTON!”

    • First of all, they want to make these demo’s with the mistakes the player is making so that they can talk about what you do to remedy those mistakes. Someone who gets hit a lot so they can talk about dodging those hits, or healing themselves, or the downed state, or what have you.

      These demos aren’t really even targeted at dudes like us, they’re targeted at people who’ve never seen the game before, so there isn’t much use to getting riled up about it.

      • I was definitely over-tired last night when I wrote that, and you’re completely correct.

  2. I think you were a little rough there ArcherAvatar. Whoever it was showed a few skills. Showed how much its going to suck to bleed to downed states, and actually got up from a downed state.

    Anyway thanks for the vids, its been a little quiet this weekend so far.

    I noticed the leveling bar at the very bottom, seemed to move noticably with each kill. I bet getting to 80s still going to be very fast, joy.

    • Yeah I agree, getting to 80 probably won’t be too hard, but as always it isn’t about leveling with Guild Wars.

      Can’t believe there isn’t a whole lot more info out of comiccon but i suppose going to comiccon is about getting the game to people who’ve never heard of it. target audience of nerds who might be interested in gamging but have never heard of gw2.

  3. The Mobs seems to just standing there doing nothing (not even walking around?) while they respond when attacked.

    Maybe it’s just the demo or maybe there’s more in to it. i don’t know.

    But from this video it doesn’t seem much different from other MMOs these past few years. (except the stunning graphic, Cool professions, the Dyes and…. those 108 more of GW2 good points, of course.)

    somehow while I watch this video i have a little feeling of disappointment. Maybe it’s because it’s just a demo? or The player is kind of goofy? or something else. i’m not really sure.

    • I agree with your points, I expect at minimum that in the more advanced areas of the game you’ll get mobs on patrols, and look outs and some hiding. He was level 30 though…

      The event system should give a lot of the non filler creatures more real life i expect. I assume the event systems going to give more life than just changing stuffs patrol routes.

      I am sort of over the profession show offs, want to see more of the game in action as a whole now days the PVP followers have every right now days I thinks to be a little upset with the lack of info – is it really that shallow or bad that they can’t start showing it off a bit?

      • Well it looks like the game won’t even be out until next year, so it doesn’t seem all that bad to me. with 6 months to go that seems pretty normal.

    • I agree to an extent but noticed that he aggro’d the pirates while trying to get rid of something else he attacked. Some of the creatures appeared to be lower level or passive mobs which might’ve added to your impression.

  4. After watching the most recent SWTOR gameplay animations, which are clunky to say the least, it is refreshing to be reminded of a new game (GW2) that will actually be using lots of frames to properly animate the characters, along with some just plain stunning character and world graphics. With Rift taking a definite step down in animation quality compared to Aion (or AoC, for that matter; not that Rift is terrible or anything, I think it actually is nice but needing better animations) and SWTOR taking several steps in reverse (probably because they are using HeroEngine to run things, which is comparable to the 3D engine in EQ2 with some slight improvements, if even that), thank goodness GW2 will be using a greatly improved version of GW1’s engine (which was pretty darn good when released and still looks nice today), with some bits and pieces of ideas from Aion’s excellent (if poorly optimized, which says something that a poorly optimized Aion ‘CryEngine 1’ 3D subsystem still runs rings around the ‘highly optimized’ according to BioWare HeroEngine version) animations. Interesting that BioWare went with a 3D engine widely considered to be far inferior to those used in other recent games: Rift/Gamebryo, DCUO/Unreal 3, Aion/CryEngine 1, and TERA/Unreal 3. As well as other upcoming games: Blade & Soul/Unreal 3, ArcheAge/CryEngine 3, etc.

    Honestly, when BioWare announced they were using the HeroEngine I thought they were joking. Sadly, they weren’t. I will say that at least the HeroEngine can have fairly nice, if not great, areas with some very nice detail, without eating resources too badly. From what I’ve seen the SWTOR devs have put a lot of effort into some areas (which look really good), although others looked rather empty and sparse, but that might actually be an art design choice I guess, future being all clean and empty in the cities? But having been involved in choosing a 3D engine for the project I’m on, the HeroEngine was quickly discarded after looking at it. It is easy to use and fast to get something up and running with it, which could very well be why BioWare went with it? If time to release was the major factor in choosing it, that could explain things.

    Back on topic, I enjoyed the engineer video and actually am starting to think playing a Charr might not be as bad as I thought, although they are still bad guys to me and probably always will be. Never forget the Searing!

    I really need to put in some GW1 play time, I’ve barely played in weeks. 😦

    • I honestly wasn’t all that bothered by the swtor graphics, I mean, it looks like a bioware game, perhaps with a touch more cartooniness a la WoW.

      Also, using a poor engine means that pretty much *everybody* can run swtor, which is kind of a tactic blizzard is known for.

      Plus any game is going to look inferior to gw2.

      • its always the imaginiation that makes it look awesome to me, and though wow makes it hard for the designers GW1 people had no trouble. Given the better graphics I have very high expectations for what I’ll see in GW2 and though it may not be the best engine in the world itll have the best “graphics” despite not having the leading edge shooter tech in it. Thats the advantage of MMOs and stories and exploring (maybe even better people).

  5. I already mentioned it in the class/race combo posting, the whole Charr+Rifle thing had such a strong Tauren Hunter feel to me that I wonder how much Guild Wars will be left in Guild Wars 2.

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