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I left off my Winds of Change adventure last time after the 3rd quest. Those first 3 ease you into the WoC campaign but aren’t particularly entertaining. The 3rd quest provided a more interesting challenge but I didn’t find enough variety overall.

And that was only in the first 3 quests.

The next 3 are much the same. Go here, kill this and a slightly fun and challenging quest to round it out.

The 6th quest in question, Cleansing Pongmei Valley, only has the one group to defeat, but it has an interesting boss. A monstrously sized afflicted warrior that uses a fairly good wammo build that includes Mending Touch and Shield of Absorption. He takes a while to put down and is a bit of a surprise to fight the first time, but I wouldn’t necessarily say he was a problem.

Reminds me of Juggernaut

After that quest there is a bit of a change up.

Minister Cho’s Estate might actually be a bit difficult. My first time through was just me and some Heroes. A minion master, monk, SS, and my elementalist main. This didn’t really make for a good combination.

The problem was the group size. The majority of difficult content in Guild Wars is set for 8 people. When you suddenly become a group of 4, like in the Hard Mode Titan quest Last Day Dawns, you’re suddenly on unfamiliar ground. Virtually every high level team build I’ve ever played is designed for 8 people.

Rescue at Minister Cho’s Estate is much the same.

The difficulty is compounded by the numerous bad aggro situations, and the quest having zero directional guidance. It’s pretty rare for a Guild Wars quest to not tell you exactly where to go.

Overall this results in both good and bad points.

On the good side the small group size forces people to think about what they’re group makeup should be. They aren’t coddled with exact directions and have to use their brains. It’s a challenge.

On the bad side the small group size means that even though Winds of Change is one of the few times large groups can form, they’ll have to split up for this quest. Blindly wandering around just leads to really bad aggro situations. There will be people whining about what a challenge it is.

My second time through the quest, I had a much easier time of it. A real person healing, with real people doing their jobs correctly, really helped. Part of the challenge may have simply been the unfamiliarity with the content, which can only be a good thing at this point in Guild Wars’ life.

Next time I’ll talk about Haiju Lagoon, one of the best quests in the series so far, and Cleaning Zen Daijun, one of the worst.


  1. I also struggled with minister chos the first time around – I intentionally avoided looking at the wiki (as I have with all of the WoC stuff) and spent a long time wandering around looking for the last survivor. Although it was hard, and I wiped several times – I did see a lot of cho’s estate that I haven’t seen since I vanqed it many moons ago!

    • I had a hunch that the last group was up on that island so didn’t end up exploring too much, and after the first two npcs was on a bit of a roll and stopped wiping. But yeah, definitely wiped a few times. wish i had remembered to use a summoning stone.

  2. My big problem is that my current guild, alliance, and friends list has been empty every time I’ve had time to log on and attempt Minister Cho’s Estate :(. I really don’t want to PUG it, and rather expected to see my friends come online in force, but then again maybe I’m just logging weird hours these days. Or both.

    • Well I’m sorry to hear that. The first few nights my friends list was packed Unfortunately I think that died off kind of quickly because so far there aren’t much in the way of good rewards and the quests themselves are pretty grindy. I think people very quickly went back to waiting for the rest of WoC.

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