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Some of the items available in the NCSoft store.

Character slots will likely be on sale in the item shop of Guild Wars 2. If it has not been confirmed specifically (I can’t recall) it is a likely scenario. Arenanet has said in the past that much of what they offer in the NCSoft Store will make the transition to the sequel.

Bearing that in mind, the question for many has been how many character slots will Guild Wars 2 provide to players?

I’ve always thought that since the business model for the sequel is similar to the original there would have to be a similar amount of character slots. With the original Guild Wars we got 4 character slots with 2 added for both Factions and Nightfall, and I believe 1 for pre-ordering Nightfall.

You can supplement your 8 or 9 slots by purchasing new ones through the store for about 10 bucks.

It’s funny actually, because I’ve played many games and few restrict the number of character slots. A lot of people I’m sure might even feel revolted that they can’t make as many character slots as they wish. We’ve been spoiled by other games to expect loads of character slots.

It’s kind of a unique problem to this specific game. On the one hand Arenanet needs to make money, on the other hand most games give you plenty of room to experiment.

Here is what I figure. I think that there will likely be 5 character slots. One for each race. Guild Wars opened with 4 slots and 6 professions, so it isn’t an unprecedented move by Arenanet. They also seem a bit fixated on 5, as there are 5 races and 5 man groups.

Many might suggest that with 5 races and 8 profession there are 40 combinations, so of course we need more than 5 but I think to an extent that is just wishful thinking. Arenanet might be generous and offer us more than 5, but I doubt they will offer us 8.

Simply put that eliminates the need to buy extra character slots. With their main business plan being “buy the box, play forever”, they really need to ensure that their supplementary income, especially long term, has a solid foundation. Therefore putting a limit on character slots seems a likely scenario.

Don’t get me wrong I’d love it if we got more, I’m just not counting on it.

So to sum up, how many character slots do I want? Infinite. How many character slots do I expect? 5 or 6.



  1. I would say anything less than 1 slot per character class would be unfair. At 5 we are given the choice of deleting a character to try another class or spend money, neither are really worthwhile choices to many people.

    • I don’t see that as a problem. With 5 slots you have plenty to make a nice variety (4 slots) plus 1 slot you can use to test out other professions with before you decide you want to buy another slot. Remember that you don’t have to play thru to max level to get all the skills, etc. to test the profession out with. From level one you could go to the PvP area in the Mists to test things out and determine if you like it or not.

      • actually that brings up another point. do you want a pvp slot? for a character that only lives in pvp? I’m sure many people do.

        • There are no PvP slots. Do you mean reserving a slot for PvE characters to play in PvP?

          • Yes, that’s what I mean.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily say unfair, but I do understand the disappointment if we do get less than 8.

      One thing I’d wished I’d adressed in the post is that, how many people will have… i don’t know, more than 3 or 4 max level characters? If you look at it from the perspective of the majority of people won’t need a full 8 slots then it seems more reasonable of arenanet.

      But again, i’d really like more than 5 or 6. just not expecting it.

      • I can see the casual, every-once-in-awhile gamers needing only a few slots. But I plan on taking all 8 classes to max level. Plus unlike games like WoW and Rift leveling won’t be quite as monotonous in GW2 and possibly make that an easy goal.

        However I do see, from the business aspect, why they would want to limit the number of slots. I would much rather not have to pay a subscription fee to getting all the characters I want for free.

  2. I hope that at the very least we get one for each race (not that I’ll have time to play them all). They’ve never given us enough for all the professions, so while I’d like it, it’s just not something I expect.

    • Yeah I would definitely have to say that if they don’t give us one for each race, that would be crossing a line somehow. There would be so much rage.

  3. I know some games give you a lot of slots, but it seems more and more common to limit what is given. As to what Arena Net would give I say 6 based on Guild Wars offering us 6 starting professions and 4 character slots. So being offered 8 professions and 6 slots makes sense

    • True, especially in free-to-play games that make money off of selling extra slots. 6 is a big possiblity, i’m pretty much half way between thinking 5 or 6.

  4. Personally I think 5 slots is probably what they’ll end up giving us (with maybe and extra slot in collectors edition or as a pre-order perk). I think that strikes a nice balance.

    • Yeah that would be nice, certainly a good incentive to preorder. I know it was for nightfall, when I had never pre-ordered a gw box before that.

  5. I want at least 8, satisfied with 40, and will probably cry tears of joy if we get 50.

    Oh! Oh! How many character slots you have in GW2 equals how many HoM points you have, there ya go. 😀

    • Prepare to be disappointed, I guess. There’s no way we’re getting more than 8 imo.

  6. I can see character slots being a major source of revenue for ArenaNet. So having 5 or 6 character slots seems to be the sweet spot. Gives players enough slot to experience the different races and anything after that people will have to invest more money into. I’m cool with that.

    • Yeah I really have to agree. It’s just basic economic sense for them to limit slots if they’re selling character slots. I’m sure they still want to be generous but I doubt we’d get as many as 8.

  7. I think that even if ANet Only offer a few slots at release, depending on how they do the realms you can just have a few characters on each realm. Downside being they might not all be able to be in the same guild.

    • That’s another question. How the server structure is going to work? It doesn’t sound like its going to be much like other games if we can switch servers a lot. that suggests to me, the same characters for whichever server you want to be on.

  8. How many do I want? Infinite would be nice, but depending on the storage situation I’m not sure I would need them.

    Excluding my LDoA I am edging closer and closer to 7k hours in Guild Wars and more than half of that is split between my monk (old primary) and warrior (current primary) although I have one of each profession. With the move to archtypes instead of roles for professions I wonder more and more if I will actually play every profession more than for experimentation. In Guild Wars I know which professions I like best and some get left behind on new content until I run out of stuff to do. I have yet to be so bored that I infused my assassin so he could fight the War in Kryta.

    Add to that dynamic content and I might be able to spend another six years focused on a couple of characters. Guardian and warrior are easy picks, the engineer looks like it would be fun to play around with but the thief and ranger don’t appeal to me that much and while I like casters I’m not sure I play defensively enough to get back into playing them.

    I do have trouble deleting characters and would love to have enough slots to experiment with each profession and leave them sitting abandoned for months at a time. However, while it would be somewhat upsetting, I think I could deal with as few as 4 slots if that is all they gave us.

    • Thats another reason arenanet will limit character slots, should’ve mentioned it but didn’t think of it while writing. if you have lots of character slots, you’ll have lots of storage.

      I think 4 would be too limiting and too obvious a push into the cash shop for character slots personally, and 4 is about the area where i’d be pretty annoyed that they didn’t give us more.

  9. I’ll only need 2 slots personally… one for my main and one for a character I use for trading with, etc., if that sort of thing is necessary in GW2.

    Then again, what’s $10 for an extra character slot. Hardly a purchase I’d put much consideration into if I felt I wanted it. I spend ridiculous hours each week playing these games…, an expense or 3 is easily justified.

    Just think of all the money I’m saving not doing just about anything else. One night out at the bars is apt to cost more than an entire year spent on a free-to-play MMO. Hell, I eat less when I’m playing a game 8 hours a day… the food savings make up for the cost of the occasional micro-transaction!

    • Yeah you’ll definitely save enough money from not paying a subscription price after two months to have enough for a slot and 5 bucks left over.

  10. I’m going to have to jump on the bandwagon and say 5 is a decent number. It gives space for people to have a nice mix of race/prof and to have 1 pvp slot (after 6 years on GW, I’ve got 8 pve slots, 1 permanent pvp slot and 1 rotating pvp slot) but also balances that with leaving the desire to buy more.

    • Yeah it just seems like the reasonable number for arenanet is somewhere in the 5 or 6 range. Although it’s also possible they would be more generous than that.

  11. The bonus (in my view) of limiting character classes is that you become a little more unique unless you choose badly. It would be good to limit the player in terms of trades that they can do themselves so as to force some interaction in gw market place.
    If you want strong pvp though you sort of want to allow people to play each profession so they can understand how each works.
    One of the things I am looking forward to is leveling only inside pvp; if they pull this off and have it being fun that would be awesome right there. So I’d like two pvp slots, one to level and one max ready to play.
    If this is a normal mmo, unlike GW, then I suspect I’ll only need another 3 slots max for my pve characters. I aint grinding out more than that.
    The thing with slots, I believe, is that its a direct indication of the amount of play time you can do. So I have no issue with making it pay to create. In the hard parts of my life, 1 slot would have done me (indeed been wasted on me at times), and during my teens 8 seems hardly enough.
    So to go with what everyone else says, 5 is max. I’d be happy with one, that ground has already been broken by someone out there, 4 would enough and 5 would be max. So anything above that for me would be just the yearly present farms.
    At least this time around I’ll know to make all my characters on day dot…. (there’s a hint for first timers that would be welcome later)

    • You mean limit auction house trades so people have to talk to one another to get rid of excess stuff? I really can’t agree with that. There is no guarantee that would work or create any kind of social activity.

      That’s one of the reasons I’m open to the idea there could be 6 slots. 5 for each race, plus one pvp slot that you can change around a lot.

  12. WHen prophecies came out my thinking was this:
    I want one open PvP slot (which was a very smart decision since I really used it) and then want to cover the 6 professions with my remaining 3 slots (in order to cap all of the elites in the game for PvP and so on [in the very beginning the only way to unlock things for PvP was through PvE]).
    So I spend quite some time testing out the different profession combinations (and deleting “suboptimal” chars) in the first 1-2 months.

    For GW2 I wanna do it kinda similarily: I definitely want to reserve a slot for easy creation and deletion.

    Now the main thing that seems to drive the story in PvE doesn’t seem to be your choice of profession but rather your race. So in order to play thru all of GW2 one wants to create one char of each race (at elast once). And deleting those PvE chars doesn’t seem like a very appealing idea.
    So for me I’d like very much to have 6 slots at least. More always welcome.

    • Yeah I’m really coming around to 6 rather than 5 now. I’m not much of a PvP player but for arenanet, its one of their big focus’ so having one for each race, and a pvp slot, would balance the need to have people buying slots and creating a need for buying storage panes instead of having unlimited storage on alts. So yeah, I agree with you.

  13. I completely agree, I’ve been basically saying this on guru as well. I expect either 5 or 6 slots for the same reasons you gave- either 5 because of their emphasis on the number (dragons, races, group size, etc), or 6 because it follows the GW1 model of Max Professions – 2. Not only is this a lot of slots, but it also is a good amount for the large number of players that want one of each profession. Assuming they charge $10 per slot again, it is slightly UNreasonable to expect players to shell out $40+ to have 8 characters (i.e. 4 or fewer). $20 to have every profession seems a pretty good price point for almost instantaneous cash flow- I know that I want to make all my characters right away.

    • That’s another good point, one I should have brought up. A lot of people will be shelling out money just so they can play each class, you have to look at what you’re going to charge those people. You’re right when you say shelling out 40 is unreasonable.

  14. I think it was different in GW1, where you had only 1 race and nothing like personal story. Then 4 slots for 6 professions was good. But now, they are on thin ice. If they don’t give enaugh character slots it will backfire back, because, they are not charity but people could see that move as them wanting to squeeze money out of players through extra char slots.
    Given the fact that Anet devs are emphasizig on replayability and diversity of personal story for each race and how they are encouraging alts it would realy be poor choice to give only 5 slots and then say; “Well, if you want more you can always buy them in out store.”
    I think they will give from 8 to 10 slots. This number gives players enaugh space to feel unlimited but still it does not press them to buy slots asap. Gives them a sense of security and feeling that they want another slot and it is worth its money.

    • Some good points and i don’t entirely disagree with you, like I’ve said in other comments, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Arenanet was more generous.

      I still think that 4 slot restriction in Guild Wars is the best evidence we’ve got at what they’ll hold us to but you make a good argument.

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