Change Is An Understatement

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The Ministry of Purity dudes look like this!

The new content patch for Guild Wars has arrived and so far it’s a lot different than War in Kryta. Well, about as different as any Guild Wars content is ever going to get.

I suppose I should explain.

The vast, vast, vast majority of content in Guild Wars is essnetially “go kill stuff”. In my head I refer to it as “Kill Crush Destroy” but nobody ever seems to get the reference.

There isn’t any variety to the quests really, there are few classical Kill Ten Rats quests and some FedEx quests, but really you are just sent out into an instance to go somewhere and kill things. I suppose the varying situations and mobs that oppose you are the real content, analyzing and adjusting builds instead of collecting so and so amount of drops.

I complained that War In Kryta had too little action at one point. That it had too many dialogues with too little work. I stand by that, and at the start of WiK it was quite true. A lot of talk, no action.

Winds of Change is quite different. In fact, change is an understatement. They put it in full reverse, and instead of too much story, there is too little. Instead of too little action, I’ve just done 15 quests with nothing but action.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not passing judgment yet. I need this thing to stick in my craw for a while. It is a bit of a grind though. Where is the middle ground exactly? Apparently it’s hard to find.

There is a lot to do however, and with so little content having come out since 2007, it is a blessing. I welcome the change.

There are of course costumes, an initial set of weapons that can be acquired, and I’m sure more to come.

And I'm not sure I like this wallpaper but here it is!


  1. I absolutely love the quest with Courier Falken. 1) It’s got different combat in the form of using the brawling skills and 2) due to some of Falken’s lol-tastic lines.

    • It was one of the more interesting quests to be sure, but I’m frowning on the number of kill crush destroy quests.

      • Well I mostly agree with that. But I don’t know if there really was another way to do quests with a storyline that deals with cleaning out the diseased afflicted from Kaineng.

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