Touring Divinity’s Reach

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A fan video has surfaced reviewing everything we’ve learned about the human city of Divinity’s Reach in Guild Wars 2. It’s extensive, long, and not a bad watch. It was originally in spanish, but I’ve embeded a translated and subtitled version below.

The first few minutes are a basic breakdown of the city and what it is.

Around the 3 minute mark it begins to show a lot of related concept art, and at the 4 minute mark shows many of the screenshots of the city.

Around 6 minutes in a subtitled Spanish voice-over begins with video of a player running around the city. At around the 11 minute mark the video switches to show things from a night view, and begins talking more about lore and other things we’ve learned.

16 minutes in our narrator starts to discuss the inspirations for Divinity’s Reach using fictional and real world examples and at around 20 minutes, begins to focus on the architecture.

Finally around the 22 minute mark another player walkthrough, without voice over begins.

In all honesty there is no new information but the analysis and compilation of information is impressive. It’s a bit long and I wouldn’t necessarily watch unless I was a huge Guild Wars 2 fan, but of course I am, and I assume a lot of people who read this blog are.

If you want to play a human, this is probably the video you want to watch.



  1. Is the embed still uploading? Sorry, I’m a complete noob when it comes to this sort of thing… no clue but, I’ve got nothing to click on to see the video, and it does sound very interesting…

    Please delete this comment if I’m just being impatient or otherwise and idiot.

  2. i really hope that there is something interesting in each part of the city, that many parts aren’t dead zones.

    • Well it seems like at least multiple areas have something to them, whether or not all of them have something is hard to say at this point.

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