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Just a few things I wanted to note about the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic progression video featuring the Bounty Hunter.

One, I’m glad to see that there seems to be a bit of variety to the Bounty Hunter armour, I was beginning to think they’d all end up looking like the same grimey pile of metal armour.

Two, I’m also glad to see the dual pistols thing going on. Smuggler is more than likely going to be my class, but if I’m going to play something else, I’ll probably steer away from lightsabers and rifles and handle a pistol or two.

Three, we got to see a better variety of enemies in this video. Trandoshans, Gamorreans, and especially those insect creatures I didn’t recognize straight away. They don’t appear to be verpine, geonosian, gand or killik. I can’t even fathom a guess without referring to Darth Hater, which I’m not going to do out of wounded pride.

Finally I like to fight big things and there are a couple big things to look at during the video.

That’s about it really, these videos are old hat by now, still worth watching though.



  1. The insects seen at 00:52 of the video are Killik ( ) and that scene is taking place on the planet of Alderaan.

    I’m curious… why didn’t you think they were Killik? They look exactly like the other representations of the species that I’ve seen. Anyway… mystery solved without referrence to DH website.

    (This is probably just me whinging again but, notice how none of this video showed off the *healing* capabilities of the BH class… it still annoys me to no end that they felt the need to make Bounty Hunters into “trinity healers.”)

  2. I don’t think they look like the other representations of killik at all. Their legs, eyes, and backsides are way off.

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