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There is something I want all the people not normally a big fan of Guild Wars 2 to see. It’s something I’ve posted before but wanted to put extra emphasis on it.

Guild Wars 2 has a cinematic system of a different sort. Some games use all CGI cut scenes, some use in game renders, and over the years I’m sure we’ve all played that game that put up a piece of concept art with text over it to explain what was going on.

Guild Wars 2, as with many things, is different. They’ve taken their concept art, animated it, used in game renders to narrate it, and it all turned out better than expected.

In fact I’d go so far as to say it’s damn impressive.

This is the intro cinematic for the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon.



  1. I like the way they’ve taken the overused computer generated cut scenes of old and put a new, unique spin on it. It is a great example of the innovation ANet brags about.

    • You know i nearly deleted you from the blog roll, you hadn’t blogged in a while.

      I love the style of them personally. You’d be nuts not to.

  2. I absolutely love the dungeon cinematic. In general I’ve loved the art style of GW for a long time now. But that thing is just amazing. I’ve watched it many many times now and it has yet to get boring. Other companies might poor hundreds of thousands into making game cinematics, but I have yet to see anything as unique and true to the source material as this.

    • That is such a good way to describe it, true to the source material. Very much so.

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