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Months ago, in an interview or some such, it was mentioned we would see some of the original Prophecies NPCs as enemies in an Ascalonian dungeon. I probably raved quite a bit at the time, that this was a stroke of genius.

Not only are they paying homage to the original game and the original fans, it’s just a logical conclusion. King Adelbern turned his people into eternal ghosts so of course we can see familiar faces. In ghost form. Awesome.

I think the really awesome part is that they use Guild Wars skills in Guild Wars 2. Not that there aren’t a lot of returning skills, but there are monks in the dungeon and they heal. It’s just a really sweet confluence of lore, gameplay, nostalgia, and fan service.

The latest blog post from Arenanet is yet another look at iteration and the process developers go through to create Guild Wars 2.

Aside from that, let’s look at what else we can learn from their blog post on dungeons. For instance Fairfield mentions Gravelings.

These menacing creatures feed on the essence of the ghosts and are twisted by that power. One of my favorite creatures among these is the graveling breeder; this foul beast will expel another graveling from inside itself onto some poor unfortunate adventurer.

My first thought was of Behemoth Gravebanes but I’m not remembering anything that looked like those from the various videos. Then again I wasn’t looking too closely, not like Conjure Phantasm. In any case this monster sounds obscenely interesting. If the animation is good I’ll be more than happy to kill thousands of them.

As for other dungeons, one seems to be connected to the Guild Wars dungeon Sorrow’s Furnace. It’s called Sorrow’s Embrace and is found on the maps included with the two Guild Wars novels. Here’s a few things Fairfield said about the inside.

Inside the story version of this dungeon, players will battle a large mechanical boss over a pit of lava.

Sounds pretty familiar if you’ve played Guild wars.

The explorable version includes threats from the dredge, the Inquest, and the dreaded destroyers! One of these threats comes in the form of a captured destroyer, forced by the dredge to fight the players.

Pitting us against a captured destroyer sounds a lot like one of the gladiatorial fights from Edge of Destiny, the 2nd Guild Wars novel.

I wonder if we’ll get more lore features on the blog on some of the organizations we’re going to go up against in Guild Wars 2. There is the Inquest, Sons of Svaniir, Nightmare Court, and the Flame Legion. We learned quite a bit about the infighting amongst humans, but didn’t see much of the Flame Legion during charr week.

So yeah. Can’t wait to engage in this dungeon myself. It’ll be like going home.



  1. Was it just me or did you get the feeling we are about to get a run down of each dungeon on a weekly-odd basis? Ruby talked alot about her fan visit and she mentioned playing this dungeon, I suspect I’ll feel a lot like her almost sad, I hope we get to put them to rest and expel the char for ever… The intro to the dungeon was like, sure the humans took it from you, yeah yeah they made that up so that we’d feel for you char. I know the truth, you evil doing char. I just need to work out how to let these ghost humans go free so they can hunt you char people to death….

    • Perhaps, but I doubt it. I don’t think Arenanet would want to spoil their dungeons like that. I certainly don’t want them to.

  2. Wow nice site! It’s kind of funny, my Guild Wars 2 blog is very similar to yours because of our layout. Although my layout is different it still looks similar. Check it out if you’d like!


    Also I noticed that you have a Guild Wars 2 section of links on your site, I’d be willing to add your link to my site if you added mine to yours.

    • I usually wait until someone has been around for a while before adding them to my blog roll. So many people start blogging and end quickly. We’ll see what happens ok?

      • Sure thing! I understand your reasoning for that. I might slip you a reply in a few months, and I’ll obviously be checking back to check out your blog.

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