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Quoted For Truth is a series of blog posts I write that quote major interviews and articles about Guild Wars 2 that contain things I find interesting, exciting, or noteworthy. Or maybe I just want to blabber on.

Guild Wars 2 released a ton of information after inviting a bunch of people to their studio a few days ago and I guess it is now my forlorn duty to compile that into a post.

Here we go.


First thing is first, I have a score to settle with Tigerfeet over Engineer oil slicks.

Dual Pistol:

Explosive Shot – Shot that explodes on impact
Dart Volley – Shoots a poisonous dart
Static Shot – Discharges lighting and blinds enemies
Glue Shot – Coats a target with sticky glue, immobilizing them
Flame Thrower – Burns enemies, and the closer they are, the more damage it does

Flamethrower Kit:

Flame Jet – Sprays multiple enemies with fire while on the move
Flame Blast – Fires a napalm ball that rolls towards enemies then explodes
Air Blast – Knocks back and interrupts enemies
Napalm – Burns and blinds foe with a wall of napalm
Backdraft – Causes a back draft that pulls foes towards you

Bomb Satchel:

Bomb – Sets a timed charge that damages enemies around it
Fire Bomb – Sets fire to nearby enemies
Concussion Bomb – Dazes foes
Smoke Bomb – Blinds foes with a smoke cloud
Glue Bomb – Immobilizes foes in sticky glue

Grenade Satchel:

Grenade – Throws a grenade that explodes on impact
Shrapnel Grenade – Throws a grenade that explodes into shrapnel causing bleeding
Flash Grenade – Causes a flash that blinds foes
Freeze Grenade – Chills foes
Poison Grenade – Throws a grenade that explodes into poison

Aside from the great rundown of skills we see here, things like darts from the dual pistols, napalm, static shot (did we see that before) and other variations on the weapons, I do not see any mention of an oil slick grenade Tiger. Don’t worry though, apology accepted.

It’s a pretty good article from G4TV overall but there isn’t much else to speak of.

But I guess that isn’t what people are interested in.

It’s all about the water right?



I was playing as an Engineer, and the only weapon available to that profession is the speargun

Slightly disappointing, we all want as many different options as possible, but being realistic, we can’t have billions upon billions of skills.

Here’s a nice selection of skills for engineers underwater.

My basic attack shot a small torpedo that tracked my target. I could also launch a timed charge at my target that would attach to them and detonate after a little while, shoot out a giant net that would catch and stop anything it hit, hurl out three floating mines that detonate after a shot delay, and shoot a grappling line at point blank range to launch myself backwards and pull target with me.

Okay I don’t want to get into the whole ‘digital beeps’ on mines thing by pointing out homing torpedoes so I’m just going to let it slide. I’m a fan of the engineer having tech, although I think Arenanet goes slightly, just slightly, too far.

I am impressed that the skills relate to the engineer, they don’t depart drastically from what you do on land. A net, some mines, a bomb, these are just variations that make sense in water.

More skills. Tiger, I just read this one. 😛

For example, one underwater utility skill I did have was Oil Slick, which, when used on land, left a trail of oil as I ran to blind enemies chasing me. Underwater, the oil drifts out and creates a cloud around me that has the same blinding effect on anyone that enters it. One non-Engineer highlight that I saw was an Elementalist trapping a shark in an air bubble, floating it helplessly to the surface.

Wow that doesn’t sound like a grenade at all. OWNED. I like that, again, the oil slick just makes an obvious natural leap, from being slipper on land, to a blinding skill in water.

I would assume an air elementalist is creating the air bubbles. Again, it makes sense.


Just a note on some early level mobs.

Out in the woods, I found nests that could be threatened, poked at, shaken to get a creature to spawn. There were even over grown grubs whose tails stuck out of the ground; pulling their tails irritated them enough to emerge.

I just hope the whole game has things like this. Not just beginner areas with low level mobs but higher level areas where I have to interact with my environment to get things to happen.

I wonder what this means.

At higher levels, the Elementalist can summon a pet, though not command it.

Perhaps the author is referring to a racial skill, but it could be that there is some form of summoned elemental. Tyria isn’t exactly devoid of such creatures, and with guardians summoning spirit weapons, engineers having turrets, necromancers having minions, rangers having pets, asura somehow being able to call upon golems, it doesn’t seem impossible.

Mini games.

The Norn had Barrel Brawl, a rugby-like game where you carried a cask of ale through a goal. You had two different throws: A shorter direct one and a longer arcing, less accurate one. You could spill a little ale on the ice to make it more slippery for your opponents and you could beat someone with the barrel to stun them and get them out of your way. Skills while not holding the barrel are different and include skills that are tailored toward making the other person drop their barrel.

That sounds like an interesting and intricate game to play. Complex enough to keep people coming back for more, especially when they’re bored of other play styles.

Massive Online Gamer

I’m sure there is plenty of information about the air element on Guru or elsewhere but I don’t remember reading much about it myself.

I clicked on my air-attunement ability and got a whole new set of abilities. This one seemed to be focused more on control, blinding enemies with lightning, or knocking them back with wind. Every profession is a capable damage dealer, and air-attuned elementalists have access to powerful chain lightning and lightning storm abilities.

Very similar to the old Guild Wars then, but not a disappointment. Can’t wait to see what this person meant by lightning storm abilities.

Some dynamic events.

They can then choose to come and participate in a task – in this case, fighting through a cave of demonic cultists and returning stolen food to the camp outside.

I set off a dynamic event that triggered a pirate invasion of a farm. I received an objective to destroy the cannons, but was unable to do so on my own in the 15-minute time limit. I failed the dynamic event, and the pirates took over the farm.

I am going to love this feature so much. As much as people talked about Rifts having the ability to take places over, the most I ever encountered were groups that had taken over quest hubs. I rarely had much trouble getting rid of them unless I was too low level. In Guild Wars 2 it’s a whole other bag. It isn’t one tiny hub, it’s a town, a farm, it’s large parts of the map being taken over. It just seems more involved to me than a Rift opening up overhead and staying there until you close it.


I wonder how this is going to work exactly.

You remember King Adelbern? It turns out the past 200 years haven’t been so kind, reducing the good king and his subjects to an army of angry ghosts–the most powerful of which were former skill trainers. Its layout was a (mostly) linear pathway through numerous packs of ghosts, a trio of boss encounters, and the final battle against King Adelbern.

If the maps are mostly linear how do you work dynamic events into these things? It seems to me like you need big open spaces for this to work. I admit it’s possible the map changes from story to explorable mode, or perhaps the dynamic events are well thought out to work in these areas, but it does make me worry.

It’s a trap!

After dealing with the ghosts and disabling a few traps

Disabling traps is awesome but I hope they’re better and more prevalent than the traps in Eye of the North for instance. Those could be pathetically easy to avoid or conversely a pain in the ass to deal with, especially if you’d never been there. I despised all the traps in Guild Wars, for instance in Urgoz’s Warren, that permanently meant doom. I suppose these dungeons probably just have closed off areas to suit the needs of each mode, much as in EotN.

I skipped some dungeon details for spoiler issues, but this underwater combat detail was cool.

In addition, our character gained a whole new set of skills while underwater. He could fire torpedoes as a standard attack, as well as deploy mines, timed charges, a giant net, and a grappling hook to drag enemies closer.

Grappling hook! Mortal Kombaaaaat and then music and I’m a nerd.

Wartower which is embedded below.

Will enemies work together with cross profession combos like players?

They can be extremely intelligent, we’ve got foes where one will get killed and drop their weapon on the ground and another who didn’t have that weapon will come over and pick it up and start using it.

He goes on to say they probably won’t use cross profession combos which is disappointing but would also be just about impossible to properly program to a point where players didn’t mercilessly mock it.

Do weapon sizes scale with race? Is a sword the same size for a norn and an asura?

Right now our weapons scale a little bit in size for the race so that they’ll be in proportion, you’ll still be able to get the feeling of being a little guy with a big weapon but it’s not going to be as big as it was…

Good I guess. Certainly more realistic, and it seems like a compromise to keep that portion of people who like gigantic weapons on small characters happy.

How are you making Guild Wars 2 feel lived in?

If you go into an Ogre village you will see them run around and go do things you would expect them to do even if players aren’t there, you see them feeding their pets, or walking around into and out of their houses. In a town you’ll see groups of people talking to each other.

This is great, you don’t normally find this in MMOs. Usually everyone is just standing around, can’t remember the last time I found any npc or monster actually doing something.

What is your favourite part of Guild Wars 2?

It could be as simple as something like you come over a hill and there’s a rabbit and it sees you and it runs away from you. Or there’s a lady at a picnic table and there is a bear who’s chasing, who’s trying to ruin her picnic, and if you manage to drive the bear off, she stands up and thanks you.

Nothing like that has happened to me in Rift. The most that has happened in this vein for me has been running into invasion groups as they charge at you. It gives me a start but all I have to do is just stand to the side of the road and let them pass. Rabbits should effing fear me!

Ok done.



  1. All you’re gonna get are raspberries!

    Still, it’s a nice list and I really appreciate you reposting it 😀

    I wonder if he got that oil slick skill right? He said on land it would cause blindness… In water I can understand, it makes perfect sense to be blinded by a cloud of oil, but on land wouldn’t it cause knock-down?

    For lightning storm abilities: I remember an early early video, pre-Gamescom I think, that showed some battles in an icy area, I want to say it was norn and centaurs. There were huts surrounding a fire and over the middle of everything swirled dark grey clouds with lightning erupting out the bottom of them to strike the ground.

    This QFT was great, thanks 🙂

    • The way he worded it was weird but it sounded to me like he laid down the oil slick and then moved in on them to blind them. Not that he blinded them with the oil slick.

      I can remember a few small examples of lightning being seen but nothing on the scale of a storm. I’m sure its out there in a demo somewhere.

  2. *chuckle*

    I love your reactions to the info… especially to the grappling hook (because I had the EXACT same response… lol)

    The article on G4 was especially well written imo, and I enjoyed how much detail Leah went into… it really allowed me to “live vicariously” through her experience at ArenaNet, and significantly added to the community’s understanding of the engineer class as well.

    BTW, there are two additional articles up on that site which were just posted today…
    one on the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon;
    one looking at the Dynamic Events and Underwater info we got over the weekend;

  3. *chuckle*

    I really enjoyed your reactions to the flood of info… especially the “grappling hook” (since I had the EXACT same reaction… lol)

    The article on G4 was very well written I thought… Leah gave us a great amount of detail (much of it new) on the engineer class, and her enthusiasm really came through clearly. She added quite a bit to the community’s knowledge of the class. Nice journalism there.

    • Oh, btw, there are two new articles up today (27 June) on G4 which are also covering the new info bomb we were hit with this last weekend. Can’t link em in the comments here, but you can find them under previews in the GW2 section of the website.

      • I went ahead and approved the comment that got caught by the spam filter, you can usually add one link but not two, but its cool, i usually catch them otherwise.

        I figure there will be more than a few coming out today and tomorrow from various sites, but i will be checking out those articles.

        • ack! Sorry about that Hunter… obviously, I wasn’t aware of how the spam filter operated and I just saw that the first post I had attempted didn’t show up, so I just tried to retype the jist but without the links.

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