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Recently Ryan of the Relics of Orr podcast announced that he wouldn’t be taking the show any further. I’ve gotten to know Ryan a little bit, spoken with him, he’s a good person. I can’t help but feel disappointed with the show ending of course, it was my favourite, and the best Guild Wars 2 podcast.

Don’t get me wrong, GuildCast and GuildMag have their strong points and are good shows, it was just my preference.

You could tell for a while Ryan was losing interest in doing the podcast. At various times he noted that he’d been doing the show for quite some time without even a release date for Guild Wars 2. I’m sure that can be annoying for some.

There was also the episode where he, Chaz, and Kattar, complained bitterly about the lack of movement and the things they were unhappy with.

That doesn’t even begin to get into the fact that the man has a job, a wife, a child, and a life outside of podcasting. I won’t begrudge anyone the right to discontinue something they’re just not happy with or don’t have time for. Common sense.

However I do notice that Ryan seems to be going out on a sour note. There is just a hint of bitterness from someone who otherwise was normally a quite positive person. I can’t help but think it’s the wrong perspective.

Being a fan is its own reward.

I’m not unhappy that Guild Wars 2 hasn’t come out yet, I never had any expectations about when it would, nor should anyone. I’m not unhappy that I wasn’t invited to Fanday, it would have been great, but Arenanet has no obligation to invite me. Ultimately I’m not unhappy with anything regarding Guild Wars 2 or Arenanet since I’m a reasonable and responsible adult who holds no one accountable for a game I have not spent money on.

I hope that that is the right perspective to have, and I hope you, Ryan, reconsider. My sincerest apologies if you find this post offensive. Good luck on your future projects.

As for other podcasts, there isn’t much to choose from.

GuildMag suffered from Sabre leaving to do other projects while Izari no longer had the time to participate. I always felt they might be able to more efficiently use their time recording an episode instead of trying to do it live which was often, and I mean no offence, a fiasco.

Dutch seems intent on getting it started back up again and good luck to him with that.

In the mean time I guess we’re all listening to GuildCast eh? Until members of GuildMag or Relics are able to drop a res scroll anyway.



  1. I will miss the Relics of Orr podcast quite a bit. The regular participants were all very pleasant and intelligent folks imo, and I enjoyed listening to their friendly banter and informed discussions on GW lore and GW2 news and speculation.

    The brilliant stroke of luck that brought all of those different personalities together was the core reason for the success of the podcast – different perspectives, different opinions, yet all of them given a voice and each of them respectful and courteous of one another. (As a rude s.o.b. I have a deep appreaciation for folks who are able to express their views without stomping all over other folks’ viewpoints… since it’s quite difficult for me to pull off consistently.)

    And the “international flavor” of the group had a definite appeal as well… you could regularly hear from Australia, England, and Canada, as well as America. Before my current state of aged decrepitude I was fortunate enough to travel most of this world (much of it as a member of the U.S. Navy) and hearing all of those accents was a wonderful bit of nostalgia for me.

    Yes… I will miss them quite a bit.

    • They really did bring a wider spectrum of opinions and a much more comfortable to listen to podcast, it was more like hanging with friends than listening to something people wanted to tell you about.

  2. I’m sad to see Relics of Orr come to an end like that as well. But I’m hoping that when Guild Wars 2 comes out we’ll be hearing from more of the other hosts on new (or existing/revived) podcasts.

    • Tasha has her SI radio show and squirrel seems interested in audio type hijinx, so hopefully something can be put together.

  3. I appreciate the tone, compliments, and even critcisms Hunter. I realize that because it all happened after Fanday, it is easy to tie a lot of motivation for it all to Fanday. It was a festering wound that popped because of things involving Fanday, that would be correct. But the problems that existed before the fact (Some were my problem, not going to lie), should not be ignored.
    If Fanday didn’t cause it, something else was going to. I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. And no, it’s not because I wasn’t invited. I had a vacation scheduled for that same time frame.

    • Also, no, you were not offensive at all in this. It is well written, well thought out, and easy to appreciate.

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