For Those Without Wings

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Not everyone follows Twitter or wants to. This I know. To promote my blog from a place that didn’t have any followers to a place that did, I jumped on the bandwagon half-heartedly. I’ve grown to like it. It’s more of a chat function than a social networking thing for me, though I’m sure some would argue with my definitions.

Anyway, Guild Wars 2 Fan Day, an event where Arenanet flew in a dozen or more fans and the winners of the Guild Wars 2 Video Contest, is well underway and a lot of people are tweeting about it. Thought I’d share the more interesting and important tweets here on my blog, for those without wings.

WordPress doesn’t allow links to be included on imported tweets, so I’ve included them below their original tweet.

Try refreshing if the tweets don’t come through the first time.

I may or may not continue to update this, as this post is getting a little large.

I have to ask, just to break up the monotony, were you well and truly rapt?


Oh no you did not.


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