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The Guild Wars 2 Guru is the finest source for Guild Wars 2 information, even if it isn’t my favourite. I’ve grown surprisingly attached to my Google Reader, and Twitter feeds.

Nevertheless if I want to stay up to date on art being released I have to read the Guild Wars 2 Art Update thread. Thanks to all the contributors there.

The other day a bunch of 3d models from varying artists was posted. xxx87 kept tabs on several Arenanet employee blogs on blogspot and posted what he found, but kudos to aspectacle for crediting and linking the blogs.

Up first Jake Weberg posted this statue presumably located in Lion’s Arch, as many of the images seem to be centered there. What is of note to me is the fish tail. An interesting hybrid. Very reminiscent of a mermaid of course, which I suppose makes sense as LA has been submerged and taken over by pirates. A logical aquatic theme emerges. Sort of.

I told you I was freaky baby

What I liked most about Andy Kreutzer‘s work were the shots of shanty towns in the Lion’s Arch area.

Despite being called shanty towns, they don't look particularly awful.

This maquette is awesome.

And now people want it.

And of course Carlon Addison has some nice in game renderings of previously seen concept art.

I hope little details like the names of small rivers are included in Guild Wars 2.

Points to Amannelle for pointing out the similarities between game renders and specific concept art in this post.

As always you can find plenty more images on those specific blogs, however there were a few images in the original thread I didn’t see in the cited sources that I thought were worth noting.

This… object, if it can be called that, might resemble a submarine? It would make sense if much of the game takes place under water. I doubt however we’ll be able to steer or move it if we find it. Arenanet devs have stated we won’t get to drive around in some of the charr tanks we saw in the charr race featurette, which to me means we won’t be getting in many other vehicles either.

Interesting defensive strategy, stick a sword on it!

Of course if we won’t be riding around in tanks, siege machines, or submarines, we probably won’t be getting into any airships. We’ve seen a lot of airship design in Guild Wars 2 concept despite Arenanet consistently saying that their focus is on land and underwater. It really does raise the question however, what are you planning on doing with all the airships?

Hmmm needs balloons, a 20th century house, a chinese kid and a dog that yells squirrel!

There is no definite connection between the airship images in the thread and in Guild Wars 2, none that I could find, but it does resemble their work. Note to all OP’s, citation needed. However there is this screen shot I took off an official Arenanet youtube video (Thanks again amannelle) of various airship designs. No exact copies but some similar designs.

Why U no explain airship Arenanet!?


  1. I also recall an airship being tied to a monster spawn at some point in one of those videos. I am guessing they are not explaining it since its going to be one of those shocks thatll make me spew like the engineer so they’re holding it back (tech). Along with the alternate ending where we all evacuate Tyria in rocketships.

    • If we’re evacuating tyria it better be in archeology buildings from simcity 2000

  2. Well, if you think about it, in a world with giant underwater monsters that could swallow a submersible whole putting a bunch of swords on it kinda makes sense. It’s cheap protection. My neighbors (when I lived in Africa) used to take glass shards from broken bottles and cement them to the tops of the walls around their homes as a form of cheap razor wire.

    • Yeah I had had that thought, but i think it was funnier this way.

  3. Airship + Engineer with grenades = win? 😉

  4. Better idea! Crafting airships! All crafting takes place on these airships that slowly fly from city to city. That would be fantastic, assuming crafting stuff takes awhile like most other games, you’d be able to enjoy the incredible landscapes below as you craft! Okay, yeah, I’m probably one of the few that would enjoy something like that. 😦

    • This isn’t going to be anything close to vanguard. but i’m sure more people than you think would love it.

  5. Whoa cool! That first image reminds me of the merlion statues that are the symbol of Singapore!

    Like the new soft blue theme btw!

    • Yeah i checked that out, no way they’re not linked. Way too similar. nice catch.

      Thought it was about time for a change in theme. the orange links always bothered me, but by the time i found “Neat!” it would have been too little a change to bother with.

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